Pet of the Week – Lola

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett August 21, 2020 18:54

Pet of the Week – Lola

Meet Lola

Our featured pet this week is Lola, a medium-sized, female doggy – about 4 years old.  Lola is tri-colored – a white and black body with a light-brown head.  She has some white hairs around her muzzle.  Lola was rescued from the parking lot of Café el Marino – the local coffee manufacturing company – near busy Highway 15.  Lola was brought to the shelter along with another dog named Noa.  They both lived in the parking lot of Café el Marino – wandering among the many cars, trucks and trailers that came and went all day.

When Lola was dropped at the shelter, the staff was told that she is blind.  After medical treatment it was discovered that she had an ulcer on one eye and an accumulation of fluid in the other which prevented her from seeing.  After a few days of treatment, Lola already sees more clearly.  She no longer bumps into things and can find her food and water bowls easily.  We hope that her eyesight continues to improve.  Lola arrived malnourished and receives extra food and nutritional supplements to help her gain weight.

Lola is a calm doggy.  During the day she stays in the shelter office and greets staff and visitors.  Lola is housebroken and well behaved.  When she needs a bathroom break, she stands by the door – waiting to be taken outside.  Lola walks well on leash, enjoys getting attention and being petted.  She is indifferent to cats and does not pester them.  Miss Lola is spayed and ready for adoption into a quiet, loving Forever Home.

Adoption – Kitten Kori


This was another slow week for adoptions – just one kitty cat found her Forever Home.

Kori was adopted by a local family with two small children.  The little girl chose one of the younger kittens from a cage in the office area.  Kori is very affectionate, purrs a lot and allows herself to be petted.  The little girl and her younger brother are very patient with their new pet.  They love and respect animals.  Both their mother and their grandmother promised to ensure that the children continued to treat Kori lovingly.



Donations of food and supplies continue to trickle into the shelter.  Many thanks to Fatima, Melissa, Fernanda and Paola for recent donations.  Melissa gives yoga classes and uses the class fees she collects to purchase pet food for the shelter.



Do Your Pets Fight Like Cats and Dogs??

According to a recent study from the University of Lincoln in England, diffusing your home with products that contain certain synthetic pheromones can reduce tension and help promote positive interactions between your favorite cat and dog living in the same household.  Researchers tested the use of Adaptil for dogs and Feliway Friends for cats.

Adaptil contains a synthetic copy of D.A.P. – Dog Appeasing Pheromone – sometimes known as apasine – that is naturally released by a nursing mama doggy to reassure and comfort her puppies and to help them bond.  Similarly, Feliway Friends contains a synthetic copy of C.A.P. – Cat Appeasing Pheromone – that is produced by lactating mama cats to ensure harmony and help her kittens feel safe and secure.

During the six-week, double-blind study, households that included both cats and dogs were split into two groups and given product in unlabeled packaging.  One group used Adaptil (dog pheromone) and the other used Feliway Friends (cat pheromone).  Pet owners were asked to observe and report weekly on the frequency of 10 specific UNDESIRABLE behaviors and 7 specific DESIRABLE behaviors between their cats and dogs.

The results showed that the use of both products, Adaptil and Feliway Friends, had a positive impact on the interactions between cats and dogs living in the same household.  The use of the pheromone products led to a notable decrease in undesirable behaviors – such as the dog chasing the cat, the cat hiding from the dog, the cat and dog staring at each other and the dog barking at the cat.  The households using Adaptil (dog pheromone) even observed a significant increase in some desirable behaviors – friendly greetings between the pets an increased amount of time spent calmly relaxing in the same room.

The researchers and pet owners were aware that in many households the comfort level of the cats seemed to have a stronger influence on a positive relationship between the animals.  It was suggested that the behavior of the dog in the home was a major factor in the cat’s desire to interact positively with the dog.  A more relaxed dog resulted in a less stressed cat, who was more willing to have a social relationship with its canine sibling.

Many households worldwide own both cats and dogs – resulting in the possibility of stressful cat-dog interactions on a daily basis.  A poor relationship between cats and dogs in the same home might result in negative consequences for the welfare of each pet in terms of restricting access to food, water and toilet areas.  Animals in conflict within the same household increase the potential for injury.  Animal rescue organizations report that a main reason that cats and dogs are brought to shelters is because the animals are unable to coexist in harmony.  This is often true when a new pet and an existing pet develop a problematic relationship – resulting in undue stress for both humans and animals.  If the diffusion of cat or dog pheromones reduces the number of conflicts, more animals could be placed safely and happily in adoptive homes resulting in far fewer pets being euthanized.

The scientific paper outlining the details of this study is available online via the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science The research was led by Professor Daniel Mills and Dr. Miriam Prior.

Both Adaptil and Feliway Friends and similar products are readily available from online retailers and are promoted to help your pets feel safe and reduce anxious behaviors such as problem barking, chewing, destroying furniture, separation anxiety, scratching, spraying and fighting. As always, do your own research on these products and discuss your plans with your veterinarian.

What We Need Most Urgently – Cleaning Products, Cat Kibble and Cat Supplies, Please

Our wish list remains the same nearly every week as the needs for our pets remain the same.  We are requesting donations of bleach, laundry soap and floor cleaning products –  Pinol and Fabuloso – used to keep the shelter clean and virus free.  With our large population of growing kittens, we also need packets of wet food and kitty litter for the cat boxes.  Our ba-zillion cats and kittens also need Purina Cat Chow (Gatos) and Cat Chow (Gatitos), which is specially formulated for kittens.  During these uncertain times, both donations and adoptions are less than in previous years.  We are extremely grateful for every bag of kibble or bottle of bleach delivered to the shelter.  Please help if you can.

Thank you for your support of Amigos de los Animales animal shelter.

Please contact the animal shelter during business hours:

Amigos de los Animales
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Shelter Hours:
Monday – Friday – 11 am-2 pm and 4-7 pm
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Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett August 21, 2020 18:54