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June 30, 1520

On this date the forces of Hernán Cortés were attacked by Mexicas. Cortés suffered huge losses of his men, both Spanish and Tlaxcaltecas allies.

Hospitalized American Mazatlán Resident Needs Help

Mazatlán resident, 71-year-old American Ogilby Michael Cloud, is in need of some assistance.

Jellyfish Season Off to a Painful Start

Between 200 and 300 weekend swimmers and bathers have reported being stung by the small blue bottle jellyfish.

Supplies running out due to CNTE Strike

The Interior Department said there were severe shortages of food and medicine, especially in remote villages.

“El Chapo’s” Extradition Put on Hold

One of the appeals argues that the statute of limitations has run out on some crimes Guzmán is accused of.

Amnesty International: Sexual Violence Routine with Security Forces

Amnesty International (AI) says sexual violence is a routine practice in the detention of women by Mexican security forces.

México Bans Imports of U.S. Potatoes

According to official data, last year’s total shipment of fresh potatoes from the United States totaled 122,796 tons.

USA Agriculture Inspects Municipal Slaughterhouse

When the Mazatlán facility lost its accreditation last year, the USDA listed 22 areas that had to be improved upon to be rectified.

June 29, 1520

On this date as a result of being stoned by his followers for having favoured Spanish conquistadores, emperor Moctezuma Xocoyotzin died.

Gasoline Prices to Increase Next Month

Premium gasoline will be 34 centavos more expensive in July.

Passengers Uninjured When Train Hits Car at Railway Crossing

The driver of a Volkswagen Jetta with Estado de México plates did not see the train approaching.

Sinaloa Congress Clarifies Breathalyzer Regulations

According to the new regulations, breathalyser roadblocks must conform to a minimum of five requisites.

Canada and México Reach Agreement on Visa and Beef Imports

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters that Canada is dropping its visa requirement for Mexican visitors.

Union Leaders Meet with Osorio Chong

Osorio Chong asked the CNTE to lift the blockades, particularly in Chiapas and Oaxaca.

México has 61,000 Acres of Opium Poppies

Production is concentrated in nine states along México’s Pacific coast, including Guerrero, Sinaloa and Nayarit.