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July 27, 1586

On this date Sir Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco smoked by American Indians to England which caused great admiration to see smoke coming out of mouths and which was touted in Europe as aiding in the health of lungs and thus increased its consumption by Europeans

Road Rage Leaves Teacher Dead in Olas Altas

After a chase and with the help of video surveillance equipment, the assailant was caught.

Five Parasailing Accidents to Date as Holidays Continue

One of the popular beach activities for tourists is a parasail ride off the coastline.

Driving Drunk? Expect Jail Time

Anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol will no longer be fined but will be detained for up to 36 hours.

Call for Stepped up Security after the Murder of Two Mayors

In addition to López González, four others were shot and killed, including the city’s vice mayor.

Striking CNTE Teachers Shut Down Chiapas Airport

Starting Tuesday, the CNTE vows to institute a “permanent blockade” of Tuxtla Gutierrez.

June Unemployment Down Slightly from May

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate returned to be below 4.0 percent.

Kidnappings Down, Homicides up in First Half of 2016

The crime of extortion decreased 12 percent during the first six months of this year.

Oysters, Tequila, Toilets And Time-Outs

I too had found peace and tranquility in that Mexican village that day and had tossed the problems of my world over the fence to the chickens – at least for a little while.

Council Members Want Investigation of Municipal Car Leases

In 2014, the Mazatlán municipal government approved the payment of 120,241,429 pesos to acquire 77 vehicles under a leasing agreement, 43 million over market value say council members.

July 19, 1969

On this date Apolo XI with astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins went into orbit around the moon for the first time.

High Waves Slowly Devouring Malecón Infrastructure

The area most in jeopardy is in front of BanEjército where large pavement fractures are clearly visible.

Driver Education Soon to be Introduced in Local Schools

Last week the Sinaloa Congress introduced a bill to guaranty driver education programs in State schools.

INEGI Criticized for Poverty Survey Changes

INEGI said it merely “improved” the way it measures income because it suspected people were underreporting what they earn.

Investigation of Missing Students did not confirm Incineration

The report from international fire experts convened by the Mexican government was obtained by The Associated Press.