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Celebrate Día de los Muertos Not Halloween, says School Superintendant

The department of education’s reminder to teachers not to celebrate Halloween is issued every year.

SAT to Have Info Access to Mexicans’ Foreign Bank Accounts

This access follows the signing of a multilateral agreement to exchange financial and fiscal information with over 50 countries.

Mexican President Meets with Families of Missing Students

After the meeting family members told reporters they were losing faith in the authorities’ ability to solve the case.

México Tunnel Leads to Teotihuacán Ruins

The ruins have long been shrouded in mystery because its inhabitants did not leave behind written records.

Mayor Felton’s 2015 Wish List

The mayor plans on making Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) into a colonial town.

PAN to Continue Fight for Increase in Minimum Wage

Subjects that are constitutionally excluded from referendums are those having to do with income and expenditures.

October 30, 1975

On this date the 36 year dictatorship of General Franco of Spain ended with the announcement that Prince Juan Carlos would assume interim leadership of the country due to Franco’s illness.

Ruedas Fest 2014 Begins Friday in Mazatlán

The 2014 Ruedas Fest (Wheels Party) will open in the vacant lot beside Sam’s Club on Friday, October 31

Golden Deer Awards at Fiesta Amigos de Mazatlán

The highlight of the evening was the Golden Deer Awards given to major Mazatlán promoters.

Citizen Association Petitions for Open Cabinet Meetings

The Mayor and cabinet members have 72 hours to respond to the petition.

Therapy Horses Found and Returned

The horses were located yesterday morning in the town of Puerta de Canoas.

México City is running out of Cemetery Space

The city government will educate people about cremation as an option and build more crematoriums.

14 Kidnapped Migrants Freed

The Coordination Group received an anonymous tip that several migrants were being held against their will in the town of Tampico.

50% of Zacatecas Police Force to be Discharged

Local police forces must remove officers who have failed the government designed confidence and control test.

Rehabilitation of Malecón Begins Amid Criticism

Councilman Becerra Batista noted that some council members never saw any plans for the rehabilitation of the Malecón; only when the final plan was shared with reporters.