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101 Claussen

The restaurant opened its doors for business over three months ago without any fanfare whatsoever, so reviewer Bill Demmer went to investigate.

March 27, 1847

On this date Veracruz was defended by civilians who resisted an attack from the United States, without help from the federal government.

Air Transat May Return to Mazatlán

Air Transat may return to Mazatlán this year with at least two flights per week.

Holiday Inn to Open Two New Locations in Maz

Total investment for the two hotels amounts to between 30 and 35 million dollars.

Annual Fish Fair Opens April 1st

Mazatlán’s annual Fish Fair opens on April 1 and runs through until April 5.

Jumapam Cuts Water to Non-Payers

In January and February this year, Jumapam received 94 reports of collapsed water and drainage pipes.

Oyster Fishermen Protest Fines

Approximately 30 oyster fishermen protested yesterday in front of a bar.

The fall of City of Teotihuacan

The governing class ruled like a “corporate organization.”

Elephant Moved to Zoo Dies

The elephant, named Mary, became ill and died from pneumonia.

México’s Farmworkers Reject Growers’ Proposal

Yesterday farmworkers in the San Quintin area of Baja California rejected a proposed six percent increase in wages.

39 Migrants Rescued from Human Traffickers

The rescued came after a six-month investigation.

Work on Saltwater Swimming Pool Advances

Although it will not be ready for Semana Santa holidays, work on the Carpa Olivera saltwater swimming pool in Olas Altas has advanced approximately 60 percent.

March 26, 1513

On this date Captain Ponce de León, a Spanish explorer looking for the fountain of youth, descovered a large extension of land in New Spain which he named “La Florida” for the abundance of flowers.

México’s Economic Activity up 2.6% in January

México’s economic activity index rose 2.6 percent in January.

Cancer Kills 12 Women Every Day

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death among women.