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July 24, 1893

On this date Mexico renounced its rights to Belize.

Mazatlán 1 of 4 Most Attractive Cities for Investment

Mazatlán was included with Tijuana, Tampico, and Veracruz in the top four.

Fight for 80 Million Pesos Begins

The money had been obtained from the government for the refurbishing of the Mercado.

KIA in Talks to Open $1.5 Billion Plant in México

The plant will have an annual capacity of some 300,000 cars.

Aurigas to Get Passenger Door

The installation of the safety doors would be completed by the end of this month.

July 23, 1958

On this date the American submarine “Nautilus,” the first nuclear propelled submarine in the world, left Pearl Harbour to become the first submersible to navigate below the ice of the North Pole which it accomplished on August 3.

Film Stars Take a Break in Mazatlán

Actors Brendan Fraser and Ray Liotta are filming the western series “Texas Rising” in Durango.

Problems Continue to Plague Aquarium’s Shark Tank

As of yesterday the aquarium did not have a plan outlining the number of shark species for the tank.

New Oral Trials for Public Defenders Only

Private attorneys have not had the necessary training because funds for their training have not been budgeted.

10 Vacationers Rescued from Rip Currents

Large ocean swells have resulted in an uneven distribution of water onshore and the creation of rip currents.

Mexican Teenagers Need Better Sex Education

20 percent of newborns in México have mothers younger than 20 years old.

80 Million Pesos for Mercado Pino Suárez Slipping Away

The failure of the Mercado tenants to reach an agreement as to the utilization of the funds has prompted Mazatlán’s mayor to look elsewhere for a place to spend the money before it slips away.

Bus Fare to Increase

The fare for air conditioned buses will remain unchanged.

PROFECO Attacks Price Gouging by Hotels and Taxis

Some hotels were doubling and tripling their published rates.

5 Bodies Uncovered in El Fuerte Clandestine Graves

Investigators began searching for the clandestine graves on Saturday and found the first body the same day.