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Pet of the Week – Erika

Meet Erika Erika came to the shelter a few weeks ago.  She was found tied up outside the building with a plastic cone around her head – obviously someone’s pet… Read more »

Gloria Trevi, Angel or demon?

Born Gloria de Los Angeles Trevino Ruiz, on February 15, 1968, in Monterrey, Mexico, she was the oldest of five siblings. Her dreams of being an entertainer began when she… Read more »

Shooting at Culiacan Bar

An argument between patrons at the Bar “El Pirata” in Culiacan ended up in gunfire and three dead with 9 wounded yesterday. Raul Otero, known as “El Cubano” died at… Read more »

Movies in Mazatlan Feb 24 – March 2

Movies coming out this week Trailers below are for the latest movies. Click on the links below the videos to check out the rest of the movies playing in Mazatlan…. Read more »

Carnaval Program

Mazatlan  is ready to welcome more than 600,000 visitors for the 2017 Carnaval celebrations from February 23 to 28. Mazatlan’s Carnival is labelled the most important in Mexico and the 3rd… Read more »

Violence in Navolato

February 21, 2017 Fear and uncertainty runs rampant in Villa Juárez, Navolato, after a bus used by farm workers was set ablaze by an armed group. Navolato is one of the most fertile regions… Read more »

Mexico’s Diaz gets exemption into WGC-Mexico

Roberto Diaz  has secured a spot in next week’s WGC-Mexico Championship.  The Official World Golf Ranking lists him as  highest-ranked player from Mexico. Diaz, who played college golf at the… Read more »

Another train tragedy….

Another train-related accident took place in Villa Union last Saturday. According to witnesses a Nissan Frontier driving towards “El Walamo” and a Grand Torton Truck  both both sped up at the railway… Read more »

Sinaloa’s Development Secretary apologizes to LGBT community

“I’m human and I made a mistake and I apologize from my heart” Said Javier Lizarraga, Sinaloa’s Economic Development Secretary. Last Friday at a meeting with businessmen, the Secretary highlighted the… Read more »

Good News for Coffee Drinkers?

A new study from Stanford University suggests that coffee consumption is linked to a reduction in chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been associated with many diseases related to aging, including… Read more »

Pet of the Week – Millie and Mattie

Meet Millie and Mattie The puppy and kitty season is gearing up early this year.  This week we received two additional pairs of puppies. Millie (a little larger) and Mattie… Read more »

Water treatment

JUMAPAM is promoting the reuse of hundreds of liters of water that are treated daily at Mazatlan’s seven treatment plants with a lower operational cost than potable water. José Ramírez… Read more »

Detention of “El Chimal” responsible for Military ambush

The Mexican army detained Francisco Zazueta, also known as “El Chimal”,  last Saturday. He is the leader of a gang known as Los Chimales and was the main suspect of… Read more »

More kids crossing US border

From October to December of 2016 more than  21, 000 underage youths, without any adults accompanying them – and most  from Central America – crossed undocumented the border between Mexico and… Read more »

Mazaltan’s Carnaval history

Carnival has been celebrated in Mazatlan since Colonial times. During the 19th Century, prior to Easter Mazatlecos indulged in excesses that were prohibited the rest of the year and most were considered… Read more »