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The Jungle

Yes, there are jaguars, and panthers, in this reserve – but they really only come out at night (they say) to hunt and drink at the watering holes.

October 25, 1650

On this date in Mexico City Fernando Alva Ixtlilxóchitl, historical illustrator, died. He graduated from the Santa Cruz college in Tlatelolco and transcribed indigenous works and historical accounts of Mexico.

Movies Playing Oct. 24 – 30

Our resident film critic Ken Albanese reviews this week’s movie selections including The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall.

Ford Drops Plans for Ontario Plant – Moves to México

An expansion would have created 1,000 jobs in Windsor.

Nine More Graves Discovered in Guerrero

Some bodies had been burned.

Pemex Earnings Fall during First 9 Months

Pemex attributed the larger net loss to a 1.4 percent drop in hydrocarbon production.

A Place to Donate those Broken Electronics

You can now donate them to information students at the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa.

Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday

Since México did not go along with the changes that the United States made to established daylight saving time in 2007, the shift to standard time in México will take place a week earlier than in the U.S.

Hogar Ghandi for Adolescent Drug Addicts Closes

It was only the second such center in Mexico and a model program in Sinaloa.

Owners of Gasoline Stations Talking to Foreign Firms

Under the energy reforms passed in December of last year, new gasoline operators may begin retail sales on January 1 of 2018.

México Expects $25 Billion in FDI this Year

Of all Latin American and Caribbean countries, México’s FDI has dropped the most.

Guerrero Governor Resigns under Pressure

His replacement will be chosen by the Guerrero state congress.

Dengue in Sinaloa Exceeds 2,000 Cases this Year

Last week 210 new cases of dengue were reported in the state of Sinaloa.

October 24, 1945

On this date the United Nations was founded with its permanent location in New York.

Student Dancers Demonstrate for Ayotzinapa Missing Students

The protest will continue today the Plazuela República and will include students and teachers of other disciplines from the Centro Municipal de Artes de Mazatlán.