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Council Spends $10,000 Dollars to Visit Calgary, Vancouver

The visit is in part to increase WestJet airline connections and initiate commercial collaboration between Calgary and Vancouver and Mazatlán.

Citizen’s Parliament Opposes Third Party Vehicle Insurance Law

Due to the third party insurance requisite, demand for vehicle permits has dropped 15 to 20 percent.

Police Injured, One Dead from Grenade Explosion

One man is dead and two Sinaloa Ministerial police agents wounded as a result of grenades thrown by a man resisting arrest.

Architects, Engineers Criticize Redesign of Roundabout

Approximately 16,000 vehicles pass through the roundabout daily.

Dinosaur Animatronics Display at the Convention Center

An animated dinosaur exhibition at the Convention Center is capturing the imagination of hundreds of Mazatlecans.

Council Member Wants Audit of Park Remodeling Funds

The contractor for the project is a Culiacán business which was awarded the 14 million peso contract funded by federal monies.

Condusef to Monitor Insurance Agencies and Third Party Insurance Costs

Mandatory third party vehicle accident insurance went into effect in Sinaloa on October 1.

Plazuela República Shoe Shine Vendors Receive New Chairs

Shoe shine vendors in the Plazuela República in front of Municipal Hall are waiting patiently to receive new chairs.

Only 11.9% of Crimes Reported in Sinaloa

During 2014 in Sinaloa, 582,957 crimes were committed, mainly extortion, but only 69,547 were reported or 11.9 percent.

October 5, 1910

On this date the Mexican public refused to elect Porfirio for the seventh time and Madero publicized the Plan of San Luis to invite citizens to rebel on November 20.

Remnants of “Marty” Deluge Mazatlán, Temperatures Drop

Approximately 67.7 millimeters of rain fell during the storms on Saturday night and most of Sunday.

Mexico: No country for journalists (video)

Caught between drug cartels and widespread corruption among police and government officials, violence against journalists goes largely unpunished.

Elon Musk Just Added Mexico to His Solar Power Map

SolarCity is the largest single installer of residential solar power systems in the U.S.

Mexico working with US to send criminals across border

Mexico’s government has extradited 13 prisoners to the United States.

Mexico’s sea turtles falling prey to egg poachers

Their eggs are prized locally, and poachers are increasingly capitalising.