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Movies Playing July 03 – 09

Check out this weeks movies playing in Mazatlan including Inside Out starring Amy Poehler and Lewis Black.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

If your blood pressure is high (over 140/90) or borderline, there are lifestyle changes you can make to effectively lower it.

Councilman Calls for Investigation of Director of Planning

The last time the Director was questioned was this week when a telephone antenna appeared on Zaragoza Street.

Traffic Police to Crack Down on Passenger Overload

If they carry 8-12, they will be fined, more than 12 the vehicle will be seized.

Police Prohibited from Carrying Cellphones

Municipal police and traffic police in Mazatlán are prohibited from carrying cellphones while on duty.

Sinaloa and Chihuahua Attempt to Block Independents from Governorships

It was the first time in México’s history that an independent was elected to lead a state.

June Car Sales up 27%

The June sales were the highest ever recorded for the month of June.

Section 22 CNTE Teachers Earn More than Governor of Oaxaca

The members of CNTE control a large part of the state’s 17.788 billion pesos ($1.186 billion) budget.

Pemex: Theft of Fuel up 0ver 57%

The thefts occurred at 767 separate locations during the January-March time period.

Mazatlán Teachers March Against Education Reforms

As they marched along Avenida Rafael Buelna, more teachers joined the protest coming from 95 union groups.

July 2, 1915

On this date in Paris, France, died banished dictator General Porfirio Díaz, president of Mexico for over thirty years.

Owners of Land Fear Expropriation for New Museum

Owners of Land Fear Expropriation for New Museum

Controversial Overpass Begins Construction

The overpass is tentatively scheduled to be complete at the end of this year.

Supreme Court Judge Urges States to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Until state legislatures change their statutes, couples must still petition courts case by case.

Burned Bodies Discovered Near Culiacán

Bullet casings from a .45-caliber weapon, an AK-47 assault rifle and a .38-caliber “super” pistol were found.