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Five More Cruise Ship Lines Put Maz on their Itineraries

Mazatlán will welcome 85 cruise ship visits to the port next year beginning January 12th through October 18th.

September 6, 1847

On this date México refused conditions for peace put forth by the United States. The invasion continued with America attempting to annex the 3 Californias, New Mexico, Texas, Sonora, Chihuhua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas in exchange for indemnity.

The New World’s First Feminist

Who would have thought that the first feminist in the New World would come from México, and especially in the 1600s?

Four Bodies Left in Shopping Center Parking Lot

Unofficial reports state the four men were between 22 and 25 years of age.

Port Shuts Down for Hurricane Newton

As forecasted, early this morning Newton´s peripheral high winds and rain pounded Mazatlán churning up two meter waves that overran beaches and flooded streets.

Former Ambassador to Mexico discusses Importance Of US-Mexico Relationship. (video)

Former Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne discusses the latest statements from Donald Trump stating that Mexico will pay for a wall.

México Discovers Cross-Border Tunnel

The 800-meter tunnel from Tijuana connected with Otay Mesa, part of the California city of San Diego.

Head of Section 22 of CNTE to Resign

Masters of Section 22 of the CNTE agreed that its leader, Núñez should remain in office until September 25.

Future Meeting with CNTE will be Public

The Interior Minister said that future meetings with members of the CNTE will include observers from the National Commission of Human Rights.

435 Business in Chiapas filed for Bankruptcy

Businessmen from other states in the country have started the legal process for the damages caused by CNTE.

Donald Trump to meet with Peña Nieto

Trump announced the visit late Tuesday via Twitter, saying he had accepted Peña Nieto’s invitation to visit México and looked forward to the meeting.

México Hedges ’17 Oil Exports

Due to the government’s dependence on oil income, México hedges its crude every year

Human Rights Organizations Question Prison Certifications by ACA

Faced with serious problems affecting México’s penitentiary system, one response of the state has been to promote the privatization and “accreditation” of prisons.

Oaxacan Mayors want their Schools to Open

Some mayors in Oaxaca are telling their teachers to return to school or they will be replaced.

Gender Bender

Most of the gender language rules make no sense at all. Many of you, obviously, already know this.