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Cosmic Dancers at Machado

Prehispanic dance and music performance at Plazuela Machado to welcome all the visitors in town, by: Ehekatlaka* (man of the wind) from Jalisco Oxtlahum* (13 number in maya) from Mazatlan… Read more »

Mexican Black Friday

Buen Fin (Mexican Black Friday) is approaching and most retailers are bombarding special discounts to consumers. November 18  is the start of the so-called “cheapest weekend of the year”, the truth… Read more »

Sinaloa’s Luxury Cemetery

The Humaya Gardens cemetery in Culiacan is famous for the  extravagance of its tombs and mausoleums that resemble miniature cathedrals. Construction of the tombs  cost between $400,000 and $8 million pesos…. Read more »

Warning about new banking phone scams….

MEXICO (UNIV) ._ The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF)is warning of a telephone scam that seeks to defraud customers of BBVA Bancomer, and… Read more »

Spanish as a Second Language: Are you kidding Me?

Mazatlán resident Maxim takes a lighthearted look at Mexico as seen through the eyes of an extranjero.