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Families protest in Mexico following students’ disappearance

Seven months after the disappearance of 43 Mexican students the families are still demanding answers.

Mexico’s fruit pickers demand an end to “modern slavery” (video)

Around 80,000 fruit pickers in northwest Mexico, who work in slave-like conditions for a pittance, are starting to stand up for their rights.

Mexican students invent eco-friendly motorbike

Mexican students in Oaxaca City design a motorbike that runs on its own generated energy, without using any combustion.

Mexican police accused of massacre in Michoacan

According to an investigation by a Mexican journalist, police opened fire on members of vigilante groups on January 6. T

Toyota moving Corolla production to Mexico from Ontario

Toyota is moving production of the Corolla from Ontario, to Mexico.

Arrest of 4 Drug Lords Sparks Wave of Violence

The arrest of four drug lords from the notorious Gulf Cartel has sparked a wave of violence in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

No sign of ISIS at the U.S.-Mexico border

People in one Mexican border town shot down reports from ‘Judicial Watch’ that the terrorist group the Islamic State has set up training camps along the border.

Transparency Law Approved in Mexico

The lower house of Congress approved a transparency law requiring institutions receiving public funding to disclose how such resources were used.

Mexican Cartels Corrupting U.S. Border Agents Growing

Mexican drug cartels are having a growing influence on US border agents.

New Generation Jalisco drug cartel spreads through Mexico

As drug-related violence claims lives in Mexico, the governments of the United States and Mexico are keeping an eye on emerging drug trafficking organizations.

Tensions run high in Mexico as migrants face off with authorities in annual march

Scuffles in Mexico’s Oaxaca state as migrants marching for their annual human rights protest clash with riot police.

Mexico’s purchases of US weapons are at a record high

The country is stepping up its war against drug traffickers and that is leading to record purchases of US made weapons.

Mexico to cut greenhouse gas emissions per UN plan

Mexico has become the first nation to meet the United Nations’ challenge to publish a plan for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Drug Cartel Kingpin Arrested in Mexico

Mexican authorities arrested another drug kingpin, this time from the powerful Gulf Cartel.

Mexican law allows transgender people to change their names

A Mexico City law is giving transgender people a chance to change their names and gender in public records.