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500 clowns invade Mexico city centre for Laughathon

More than 500 clowns from across Latin America staged a laughter session in Mexico City promoting world peace.

Governor resigns amid probe for 43 missing students

Angel Aguirre Riverohe has stepped down after weeks of protests calling for his resignation.

Gangsters paradise: Mexico’s Guerrero state

For years drug cartels have been waging bloody turf wars in Mexico’s southern Guerrero state.

Journalist says corruption at the heart of Mexico’s drug war

Annabel Hernandez writes about Mexico’s drug cartels and the government-business nexus that enables them.

Mexico City centre invaded by thousands of students accusing police of massacre

Thousands of students are up in arms in the Mexican capital following the latest evidence from the mass graves in Iguala that are being examined in Guerrero state.

Mexico captures alleged gang leader

Mexico detains a suspected gang leader and dozens of police, who are accused of working together to kill 43 missing students.

Protesters occupy town halls in 3 southern towns of Mexico

Groups of students and teachers have occupied three town halls in southern Mexico.

Harvard Student Stuck in Mexico to Return to US

A Harvard University student has been stuck for months in Mexico after crossing the border without permission.

Nieto calls for justice as mass grave points to student massacre

Nieto calls for justice after the discovery of mass graves raises fears they may belong to 43 missing students

Thousands march demanding return of missing students

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in a number of cities, demanding the safe return of 43 students who went missing.

Mexico arrests notorious Juarez drug lord

Vicente Carillo Fuentes has been the Kingpin of Juarez cartel since 1997.

Mexico’s Jalisco state to legalize medical marijuana

Jalisco will most likely have a plan in place by the end of the year.

President Peña Nieto on drug legalization

President Peña Nieto says legalizing pot opens a “door of access” to more harmful drugs & more violence.

Mexico hunts for missing students

Families of dozens of students who allegedly went missing at the hands of the police have joined the search to try and find them.

Expats defend paradise in hurricane-hit Los Cabos (video)

Armed with nothing more than an air horn and walkie-talkie, expats protect their piece of paradise from thieves after Hurricane Odile.