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Government nixing visas for Mexicans, despite warnings

The Canadian government is going to lift the visa requirement for Mexican travellers.

In Mexico, no war but many internally displaced

In Mexico, and neighboring Central America, gang violence is what’s forcing thousands from their homes.

Mexico buries victims of deadly teachers strike

Eight people died during clashes with riot police and striking teachers in the southern state of Oaxaca.

Journalist says Mexican gov’t guilty of 5 massacres in 2 yrs (video)

Mexican Federal Police responded with military force to a peaceful teachers’ protest of neoliberal education reforms, leading to at least eight deaths.

Ally Of “El Chapo” Re-Arrested Following Prison Time

The accomplice, Hector ‘El Guero’ Palma was a former partner of Guzman’s.

Mexico City fights pollution with hybrids and electric cars

Mexico City was named “the most polluted city in the world” in 1992.

Mexico’s new smart jewelry helps improve women’s safety

Pepper spray and stun guns are not the only tools women can use to protect themselves from violence.

Hand crafted football struggles to stay in game

A small mexican town Chichihualco is struggling to sustain the art of hand crafted footballs.

Restoring the San Diego-Mexico Rail

The proposal promises to alleviate traffic and health concerns.

Mexican gov’t, cartels accused of systemic crimes against humanity

A damning report accuses Mexican officials and organized crime rings of committing crimes against humanity.

Mexican Soccer Player Pulido Found and Rescued

A state official said on Monday that Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido was rescued within a day of his kidnapping.

Forced Disappearances Target Social Activists

Protests continue in Mexico against state abuses of human rights and, in particular, forced disappearance.

Mexico launches national transparency website to combat corruption

Mexico has long been a hotbed of corruption, but it is trying to change that by launching a national transparency website.

Lessened vehicle standards returns dangerous smog to Mexico City

Until recently, Mexico City was considered a world leader in reducing smog.

President Enrique Peña Nieto Fights For Gay Rights in Mexico

President Enrique Peña Nieto Fights For Gay Rights in Mexico