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Pet blood donation welcomed in Mexico

Mexico’s first veterinary blood bank is in the sight-seeing city of Merida on the southern peninsula Yucatan.

Landslides Threaten High-End Real Estate

Mexico City’s high-end neighborhood of Santa Fe is nervously awaiting the results of an investigation promised by authorities into last month’s landslides.

1 Million Mexicans Returned from 2009 to 2014

In a historic shift, the flow of Mexicans leaving the United States has surpassed that of Mexicans arriving, and it’s at its lowest since the 90s.

Campesinos Protest Expected Budget Cuts

The small scale producers reject plans to cut agricultural budget outlays and subsidies by almost 30% in 2016.

Mexico to Debate Marijuana Legalization

Mexico will be debating the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, following a Supreme Court decision allowing private consumption of the drug.

Mexico seeks to prevent teenage pregnancy

The government is tackling how to prevent teenage pregnancy where it ranks among the world’s highest.

Mexico court ruling sparks marijuana legalisation hopes

In Mexico, supporters of drug reform have been celebrating a Supreme Court decision that could lead to the legalisation of marijuana.

Raul Castro Visits Mexico and Signs 5 Agreements

Cuban President Raul Castro is in Merida, Yucatan where he met with his Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto.

Protecting Mexico’s native bee population

Beekeepers in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula are going up against the agrochemical company Monsanto.

Jaime ‘El Bronco’ Rodriguez: Mexico’s new Zorro?

He is known as “El Bronco” – the man who cannot be tamed. And he says he is launching a new Mexican revolution.

Interviews from Mexico – Persecution in Paradise

Many are familiar with the crystal waters and high-rise hotels of Cancun, but few know that just a few miles from there, the native Mayan population lives in extreme poverty.

Mexico brings ancient sport to first World Indigenous Games (video)

The world’s first Indigenous Games kick off in Brazil this week.

8 Arrested for Aiding Guzman’s Escape

Mexican authorities arrested eight persons who aided the escape of the world’s top drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Losses Minimal from Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia roared into Mexico as a category five storm, but rapidly lost its strength as it reached the Pacific Coast mountains.

Mexican factory cashes in on ‘El Chapo’ craze

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is Mexico’s and the United States’ most wanted man.