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Police brutality figures highest ever in Mexico

Torture and maltreatment rates of suspected criminals at the hands of Mexican authorities has risen 600 percent in the last ten years.

Mexico destroys coca plantation

Mexican security forces have destroyed the first known coca plantation in the country.

Tepito one of Mexico’s most dangerous black markets

The neighborhood of Tepito in Mexico City is the oldest area of the capital.

Environmentalists put worries about Mexico’s new airport project

Mexico’s government is about to build a new $9 billion international airport on a nearby lake bed to replace Benito Juarez International Airport.

Mexico’s president announces plans to build international airport

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced the construction of a new international airport for Mexico City.

Something fishy in Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of dead fish are found afloat in a lagoon in western Mexico.

Enova offers schools in low income areas of Mexico City

Mexico is consistently among the last ranked in educational performance.

Back to school for Chris Christie in Mexico

N.J. Gov. Christie signs higher education deal with Mexico.

Mexico in the middle of immigration debate (video)

Mexico debates how best to deal with the seemingly unending flow of tens of thousands of undocumented Central Americans.

Government calls toxic spill Mexico’s worst modern mining disaster (video)

Mexican government officials confirm that some 40-thousand cubic meters of toxic waste water spilled from a copper mine in early August.

The Whole Enchilada Just Got Bigger As Mexico City Beats Own Record

Mexico City gives new meaning to the “whole enchilada” as it breaks its own record with a 85-metre long enchilada.

Mexico government launches its new federal police force

They are known as Gendarmerie and its primary task will be to protect industries, businesses and farms.

Waste water contaminates Mexico rivers

Pollutants including sulphuric acid and heavy metals from a copper mine have entered rivers in country’s north.

‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’s’ unique, genre-defying music (video)

Rodrigo Sanchez of the Mexican duo ‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’ talks about how he writes their unique, genre-defying music.

Minimum wage debate in Mexico

An interview with Christopher Wilson, Senior Associate with Wilson Center.