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Carnaval Program

Mazatlan  is ready to welcome more than 600,000 visitors for the 2017 Carnaval celebrations from February 23 to 28. Mazatlan’s Carnival is labelled the most important in Mexico and the 3rd… Read more »

Mazaltan’s Carnaval history

Carnival has been celebrated in Mazatlan since Colonial times. During the 19th Century, prior to Easter Mazatlecos indulged in excesses that were prohibited the rest of the year and most were considered… Read more »

Farm to Table 2017!

The 2017 Farm to Table event was held on Sunday at Chuy’s Organics farm just north of Mazatlán at Kilometer 21. Attendance this year doubled to 300 from last year. Alastair Porteous… Read more »

Breaking News: Mazatlan wins bid to host Tianguis Turistico in 2018!

In a Ceremony held at Angela Peralta, Enrique de la Madrid the Federal Tourism Secretary, confirmed that Mazatlan will be the host of Tianguis Turistico 2018. The event included a… Read more »

Sinaloa’s video

This is Sinaloa State!!

Caribbean Series Opening

February 1st was the opening ceremony of the Caribbean Series, which will be held at the Tomateros Stadium in Culiacan from February 1st to 7th. Governor Quirino Ordaz  welcomed teams… Read more »

Brenster Productions New Music Video with Mazatlan as scenery

Brenster Productions is proud to announce the world premier release of Brenster’s new music video ” RUNNIN’ ON FUMES ” This song was written and performed by Brent McAthey (Brenster) The  video… Read more »

Tamales Today!!

February 2 is Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas), also known as “Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin” or “Presentation of the Lord.” Throughout Mexico on this date people… Read more »

What is “Hora Municipal”?

Every Sunday at 4:00 pm in front of the Cathedral at Plazuela Republica a big family party takes place and is labelled “Municipal Time” (Hora Municipal) with bands, fireworks,  and… Read more »

Dragons and other creatures take the Malecon!!

Since last Saturday, the giant sculptures known by Mazatlecos as “Monigotes”  showed up on the Malecon. These annual Malecon guests are up to 8 meters (26.24 feet) tall and are multi colored. Their… Read more »

Mexico: a good partner


2017 Carnaval Music Events

2017 Carnaval Music events were announced today and will be as follow: Day / Hour                      Artist        … Read more »

Mazatlan – Live it to believe it!


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Mazatlan


Grand opening of Shark tank

December 23, 2016 After more than 6 years  Mazatlan’s locals and visitors can finally visit the biggest shark tank in Latin America. The opening today was a celebration that included dance… Read more »