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Pulitzer Prize winner detained at U.S.-Mexico border

Jose Antonio Vargas, director of the film “Documented,” was detained at the U.S.-Mexico border.

First ever rehabilitation centre for exotic wild animals opens in Mexico

Mexico has welcomed its first ever rehabilitation centre for neglected and mistreated exotic wild animals.

Private militias supplement US Border Patrol’s work

When the US Border Patrol can’t stop migrants from crossing into the country from Mexico, private groups take the law into their own hands.

Hundreds Rescued From Mexico Group Home

More than 450 children have been rescued from a group home in Mexico where they were allegedly abused.

At least five die after earthquake rocks Guatemala and Mexico

A new born baby was among at least five people killed after a strong earthquake struck the border between Guatemala and Mexico.

Mexico frees 165 kidnap victims near U.S. border

Mexican state police rescued 165 migrants who had been kidnapped while traveling to the United States.

U.S.-Mexico’s insecure 1,900-mile border

Just how penetrable is the border shared by the U.S. and Mexico? CNN’s Tom Foreman takes a closer look.

An immigrants’ hard road north

Investigating the Guatemalan immigrant journey to Mexico and America.

Mexico’s Immigrant Oasis: Last Stop Before the Border

The town of Altar, Sonora, is the last stop for thousands of migrants who plan to illegally cross the border that separates Mexico and the U.S.

Foreign firms hope to boost demand for electric cars in Mexico (video)

Consumers say a lack of infrastructure and high prices is hurting Mexican demands for electric cars.

Mexico City sets new record for gathering thousands of chefs

Thousands of chefs and waiters gathered in Mexico City to break the world record for the most chefs gathered in one place at one time.

Mexican Official Talks about Jailed U.S. Marine

Ariel Moutsatsos-Morales talks about the case of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico.

Violent clash over water in Mexico

A town adjacent to Mexico City was the scene of a violent clash recently over water.

Boxing history and its future in Mexico

Mexico is a country notorious for its violence. But it is also famous for the world champion boxers it produces.

Mystery hippopotamus takes a stroll through the streets of Mexico

Mexican police were called to help coax a wandering hippo to safety in the state of Jalisco.