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Grand opening of Shark tank

December 23, 2016 After more than 6 years  Mazatlan’s locals and visitors can finally visit the biggest shark tank in Latin America. The opening today was a celebration that included dance… Read more »

A Restaurant that makes a Town!

With an investment of 2.5 million pesos, the Tourism Secretary joined with locals in the opening of a new street in Quelite, which included beautification of the building’s facades, new… Read more »

Celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Yesterday, as on every December 12th the Cathedral as well as other churches in town celebrated the Virgin of Guadalupe’s day. The altar at Mazatlan’s Cathedral was filled with  beautiful… Read more »

From Elvis to Guns ‘N’ Roses, all the rock classics! with Hector Ortiz

This show will take you back to the old days of rock and pop history. From the 50’s to the 80’s, including the most famous solo singers and groups of… Read more »

6th edition of Ciclotour

1,470 cyclists participated in Mazatlan’s annual Cyclotour. Inaugurated six years ago, the tour covers either 75 or 140 kilometers through the city of Mazatlan and surrounding towns.  The Organizers of the event… Read more »

2016 Mazatlan Marathon started today

On the fist day of the 18th edition of Mazatlan Marathon thousands of runners participated in the three, five and ten kilometer races. The Event started at 6:30 am with handicapped… Read more »

Mexican Army Day Celebration

In 1825 Mexican forces led by General Miguel Barragán and Captain Pedro Saínz de Baranda forced the Spanish solders at The San Juan de Ulua Fort to surrender. The last soldiers left… Read more »

Cosmic Dancers at Machado

Prehispanic dance and music performance at Plazuela Machado to welcome all the visitors in town, by: Ehekatlaka* (man of the wind) from Jalisco Oxtlahum* (13 number in maya) from Mazatlan… Read more »

Carnaval 2017 is here..

Hundreds of eager revelers got a  taste of what’s to come at Carnaval 2017 last night at the Angela Peralta Theatre and pouring into Plazula Machado hours later! The 2-hour… Read more »

The Biggest Aguachile

A Guinness record has been set in Culiacan for the world’s biggest Aguachile weighing more than 1,800 kilos. Thousands of eager onlookers tasted the finished product at the Paseo del Angel… Read more »

A million Canadians are flying in…

CONAP reports that since November 1st, millions of international “visitors” are flying in mainly from Quebec and other Canadian provinces with many more millions still in transit. Monarchs are here for… Read more »

Sinaloa Botanical Gardens

At the end of the 19th Century, U.S. entrepreneur Benjamin F. Johnston arrived in Sinaloa and established a Sugar Mill. Mr Johnston also built “Casa Grande” a luxury residence in front of his… Read more »

Sewing Seeds is coming to Mazatlan…

They are already in Puerto Vallarta…and are coming to Mazatlan. If you are interested in meeting with them mid-November, email us and we’ll keep you posted. MISSION Sewing Seeds is… Read more »