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Carlos Slim: A Modest Billionaire

Carlos Slim bluntly states that he has no intention of retiring from business to focus on charitable activities.

Noise: An Annoyance or More?

Until México can get its governmental entities to address the noise pollution that affects many of us, those that suffer have little hope.

Will the Real Pancho Villa Please Stand Up? Part II of II

During the revolution, Pancho Villa was responsible for thousands of deaths: some directly, some indirectly. He had a quick fuse and had murdered many men in cold blood.

Will the Real Pancho Villa Please Stand Up? Part I of II

Pancho Villa was such a persistent threat to the Mexican rangers that they set a bounty of $10,000 in gold on his head.

FATCA and U.S. Citizens Living Abroad

For many expatriates living in México the first they ever heard of FATCA was when they got notices from Banamex USA that the bank would be closing their bank accounts.

The Monarch Butterfly & the Law of Unintended Consequences Part II of II

Not only is the Monarch butterfly losing its winter habitat, it is also losing its food.

The Monarch Butterfly & the Law of Unintended Consequences Part I of II

The Monarch butterfly is regarded as king of the North American butterflies; it reigns over the entire continent.

Common Law Marriage in México: Could it Affect You?

In Sinaloa, if a couple is living together under a private marriage agreement, the state will not recognize it, unless they have registered with the civil registrar.

The Results of México’s First School Census

The infrastructure of the public schools in the state of Sinaloa is certainly no shining star.

I’ll have a Brandy, Please

Not surprisingly Mexican brandy finds its heritage in Spain.

Benito Juárez: México’s Liberal Leader

Of all the presidents México has had throughout its long history Benito Juárez is the only one to have his birthday made a national holiday.

Pedro Infante – The One and Only

Although Mazatlán claims him as its own, Pedro Infante’s birth in Mazatlán was a shear accident.

Can we get along? Part III of III

People who vote conservative or liberal do not just represent different political philosophies; they represent cultures with different lifestyles, morals, and worldviews.

Can we get along? Part II of III

Although we all have the same building blocks, certain of those blocks are more important to a “liberal,” while others may be more important to a “conservative.”

Can we all get along? Part I of III

As the years have rolled by, it seems to me that the wheels of America’s government are grinding to a halt and with a political vitriol we have not seen in the past.