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The Results of México’s First School Census

The infrastructure of the public schools in the state of Sinaloa is certainly no shining star.

I’ll have a Brandy, Please

Not surprisingly Mexican brandy finds its heritage in Spain.

Benito Juárez: México’s Liberal Leader

Of all the presidents México has had throughout its long history Benito Juárez is the only one to have his birthday made a national holiday.

Pedro Infante – The One and Only

Although Mazatlán claims him as its own, Pedro Infante’s birth in Mazatlán was a shear accident.

Can we get along? Part III of III

People who vote conservative or liberal do not just represent different political philosophies; they represent cultures with different lifestyles, morals, and worldviews.

Can we get along? Part II of III

Although we all have the same building blocks, certain of those blocks are more important to a “liberal,” while others may be more important to a “conservative.”

Can we all get along? Part I of III

As the years have rolled by, it seems to me that the wheels of America’s government are grinding to a halt and with a political vitriol we have not seen in the past.

“Catch Your Death of Cold”

Today there are well over 350 pulmonias providing open-air transportation to locals and tourists alike in Mazatlán.

New Tax Provisions for 2014

In October of 2013 both houses of México’s Congress passed tax reform changes that go into effect January 1, 2014.

Planning for the Inevitable – Part III

Since Mexican law is open to interpretation and Mexican authorities may not recognize a loved one under their laws of descent and distribution, it maybe we wise to consider executing a Mexican will (“testamento”).

Planning for the Inevitable – Part II of III

Today I want to discuss what happens in the first days following the death of a foreign national who dies in México.

Planning for the Inevitable – Part I of III

After talking to several of my friends over the past few months I have come to the conclusion that too many of us act as if we will pick the time and place of our ultimate demise.

Same-Sex Marriage in México

Although the State of Oaxaca is one of the states that specifically prohibit same-sex marriage, a few judges have granted the requests of same-sex couples to marry.

China Poblana

If you hear a story about China Poblana different that the one I am going to tell, do not be surprised, as there seem to be a few.

For Want of a Nail

I believe México’s current President, Enrique Peña Nieto, is wise in his attempt to change the country’s constitution to permit outside investors.