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The PRD and its Future Part I of II

The leftist PRD has only gained support in the central and southern parts of México. In the north it is able to gather on average only 5 percent of the voters.

Same-Sex Marriage in México Gains Momentum

About a year and half ago I wrote about same-sex marriage in México. For those who may recall, in December of 2009 México City, or the Federal District, became the… Read more »

Vecinos con Cariño –Neighbors Who Care Part II of II

Rudy’s and Bob’s idea has gone beyond its original scope. All primary public schools in Mazatlán are in the process of being connected to their Wi-Fi network.

Vecinos con Cariño –Neighbors Who Care Part I of II

In March of 2012 Rudy Villalobos and Robert “Bob” Strasser, formed Vecinos con Cariño, which loosely translates as “Neighbors who Care.”

It’s Time for Carnaval

One more time Olas Altas will be barricaded, buses will be diverted and the annual argument over the distribution of condoms will soon begin. It’s time for Carnaval.


Under the management of its new CEO, Elektra partnered with Western Union to offer money transfer services from the United States to México and in 1993 became a publicly traded company listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

It’s an Opinion not a Fact

My pet peeve is the expression of an opinion as a fact. We are all guilty of this, but in my opinion it is a habit we need to change.

Santa Claus Comes to México

Unlike the Santa Claus up north, whom everyone loves, the one from México has a powerful enemy.

Hospice Mazatlán – More than Palliative Care Part II of II

In the summer of 2013 Hospice Mazatlán was requested to create a program for four of the city’s poorer colonies.

Hospice Mazatlán – More than Palliative Care Part I of II

Hospice Mazatlán is going beyond providing palliative care and this month celebrated the first anniversary of the Grief Group.

Día de los Muertos: Some Things You May Not Know

On the Day of the Dead, the focus is on celebrating with one’s family, alive and dead, and remembering those who are no longer alive.

Pro-Choice vs. No-Choice

Although every Mexican state permits an abortion for rape, access is another story.

México’s Minimum Wage

Unlike the United States, Canada, and most other countries, México’s minimum wage is not a wage many people earn.

A Look at the New Airport for México City

To me what makes this airport special is the history of the capital city’s airport, the players involved, and the uniqueness of the airport’s design.

Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits, a Dollar

Silver cobs from México are handsomely crude, nearly all with a cross as the central feature on one side and a coat-of-arms on the other.