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What’s going on with the Mexican Peso? Part I of II

What caused the peso to drop almost 47 percent in a little over two years, what is the Mexican government doing about it and what about the future of the Mexican peso?

Malinalli: Friend or Foe

Malinalli has been cast as traitor, victim, survivor, a bridge between two cultures and the mother of México.

This Crazy Daylight Saving Time

It is the annual event that stretches the hours of evening sunlight and irritates those who’d rather leave well enough alone.

The Greatest Ranchera Singer

“Singers don’t come any more real than Lola Beltrán. She’s a world-class singer, up there rubbing shoulders with Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf.”

No Place to Run

Most people had never heard of the indigenous tribe known as the Rarámuri who live in that portion of the Sierra Madre Occidental that passes through the state of Chihuahua.

The Beginning of the Coppel Dynasty

The name Coppel is almost synonymous with Sinaloa and members of the Coppel family are involved in many commercial enterprises.

México’s New Criminal Justice System Part II of II

In 2008 the Mexican Legislature sought to change the problems in its criminal justice system by creating the New Criminal Judicial System.

México’s New Criminal Justice System Part I of II

Critics of México’s criminal justice system argue that the power given to the prosecutor permits him to disregard exculpatory evidence with little external accountability.

Change Your Perspective

If we are willing to change our perspective, to reframe the relation, problem or situation, we open up a whole new range of possibilities.

A World of Duality

“Labels bias our perceptions, thinking, and behavior. A label or story can either separate us from, or connect us to, nature.”

Gonzalo Guerrero The Renegade The Father of Miscegenation

Gonzalo Guerrero was born in Spain around 1470 and became a soldier/sailor (what we might call a marine) and fought in the campaign that in 1492 ended with the capture… Read more »

Who are the Normalistas?

Students attending Escuelas Normales see as their purpose not only “to bring education to the poor rural population, but also to combat social injustice and maintain the dignity of the poor.”

México’s Ignored “Third Root”

Yanga founded the first free African township in the Americas, San Lorenzo de los Negros, near Veracruz.

Uses and Customs

The term usos y costumbres (uses and customs in Spanish) is a political term denoting indigenous customary law in Latin America.

Could History Repeat Itself? Part II of II

I do not believe the mistake was made in permitting foreign investors to exploit its resources, but in the government’s failure to regulate that exploitation.