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August 29, 1927:

On this day telephone service began between Mexico and Washington.

August 28, 1846

On this date the United States army took possession of Alta California, proclaiming its independence and naming it the Republic of California.

August 25, 1829

On this date, American Ambassador Poinsett offered Mexico five million dollars to purchase Texas, which was rejected by Mexican President Guadalupe Victoria.

August 24, 1821

On this date Juan de O’Donojú signed with Iturbide in Villa de Córdoba, Veracruz, the Treaty of Córdoba confirming the independence of Mexico.

August 22, 1846

On this date United States troops invaded Mexico, taking New Mexico.

August 21, 1824

On this date, the Mexican Congress acknowledged the independence of the Republic of Guatemala.

August 20, 1940

On this date Jacques Monard or Ramón Mercader, international adventurer, shot Russian Communist leader León Trotsky, who died the next day. The attack took place in the home of Diego Rivera where the victim was living.

August 19, 1936

On this date Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca was shot. His anti-fascist position made him another victim of the Spanish Civil War.

August 17, 1848

On this day, after 7 years of independence and losing the Guerra de Castas war with the Mayans, the Yucatán Congress decided to rejoin the Mexican Republic.

August 1, 1868

On this date the United States purchased Alaska from Russia.

July 30, 1847

On this date the Caste War began when indigenous Mayans from the Yucatán rose up against the governor for injustices and the execution of Cacique Manuel Antonio Ay.

July 29, 1883

On this date Benito Mussolini was born in Italy, baptized with this name due to the admiration of his father for Benito Juarez Benemérito of the Americas.

July 28, 1920

On this date Francisco Villa laid down his arms after signing an agreement with President Adolfo de la Huerta, returning to private life with a bodyguard of 50 men, retaining his military status and the Canutillo hacienda.

July 27, 1529

On this date Emperor Carlos V decreed to Hernán Cortés all the land presently occupied by the National Palace in Mexico City.

July 25, 1822

On this date Iturbide is named the first Emperor of Mexico.