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October 12, 1871

On this date, after no majority in elections from 1871-75, the Congress declared Benito Juárez President.

October 9, 1967

On this date Che Guevara, 39 years old, was murdered in Bolivia.

October 7, 1913

On this date following an impassioned speech in the Senate on September 17, Belisaro Dominguez, doctor and Chiapan senator, was arrested and assassinated by the usurper Victoriano Huerta.

October 5, 1910

On this date the Mexican public refused to elect Porfirio for the seventh time and Madero publicized the Plan of San Luis to invite citizens to rebel on November 20.

October 3, 1863

On this date a commission of Mexican traitors arrived at the Miramar Castle in Trieste to offer Maximilian the throne of Mexico.

September 30, 1946

On this date after a national effort, the petroleum debt was paid off as part of the nationalizing process initiated by Lázaro Cardenas.

September 28, 1810

On this date the 50,000 men of the insurgent army under Miguel Hidalgo attacked the city of Guanajuato.

September 26, 1492

On this date the Spanish Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada died. He was responsible for 20,000 executions.

September 25, 1846

On this date the United States invaded New Mexico and took Monterrey.

September 24, 1810

On this date the Bishop Elect of Michoacán, Abad y Queipo, excommunicated Hidalgo for having initiated the fight for independence considering him a rebel and heretic.

September 23, 1965

On this date a group of 13 teachers, students and rural leaders lead by rural Prof. Arturo Gámiz García attacked military barracks in Ciudad Madera, Chihuahua.

Septembwer 21, 1551

On this date Felipe II, by order of King Carlos V, created the University of Mexico, inaugurated the 25 of January 1553 and was the first university on the American continent.

September 19, 1985

On this date an earthquake of 8.2 on the Richter scale hit Mexico City causing tremendous damage and 5,712 deaths

September 18, 1810

On this date the vice regal government offered a reward of 1,000 pesos each for the capture of the Dolores insurgents Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama and Abasolo.

September 17, 1856

On this date President Comonfort declared the end of convents, nationalized the buildings and arrested Franciscan priests.