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August 29, 1929

On this date the German dirigible Graff Zeppelin landed in Lakehurst, New Jersey becoming the first flying machine in its class to circumnavigate the world after a 21 day voyage covering 34,000 kilometres.

August 27, 1784

On this date Friar Junipero Serra, Franciscan founder of missions in California Alta, died in San Carlos de Monterrey.

August 26, 1899

On this date Mexican painter muralist Rufino Tamoyo was born, an artist who renewed the essence of traditional Mexican art and one of the most famous in Mexico and the world.

August 25, 1829

On this date, eight years after Mexico’s independence, American Ambassador to Mexico Joel R. Poisett on behalf of his country offered the Mexican government five million pesos for the Texas territory, which offer was refused.

August 23, 1902

On this date the American government named Buffalo Bill, who had killed thousands of buffaloes, as the guardian of buffaloes which were in danger of becoming extinct.

August 22, 1911

On this date the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in Paris.

August 21, 1847

On this date, after being defeated by the Americans, General Anaya agreed to a treaty with Nichols P. Trist, special envoy of US President Polk, to end the war. The parties could not agree when the Americans wanted California, New Mexico, Texas, part of Sonora, Chihuhua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas in exchange for peace. The war resumed 8 days later with the Battle of Molino del Rey.

August 18, 1940

On this date Jacques Monard, also known as Ramón Mercader, international adventurer, attacked Russian Communist leader Leon Trotsky, who died the following day. The attack took place in the home of Diego Rivera where Trotsky was living.

August 18, 1872

On this date Lic. Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia died. Juarez Garcia consolidated the nation into a republic and was President from 1857 to 1872. He is the only President to date who spoke, read and wrote five languages (Spanish, English, French, Latin and Zapoteco).

August 16, 1977

On this date singer Elvis Presley died.

August 15, 1860

On this date 27 year old General Miguel Miramon became President of Mexico, the youngest President Mexico has had.

August 14, 1945

On this date Japan surrendered after two atomic bombs were dropped on the country by the United States. The second World War ended on all fronts this day.

August 11, 1772

On this date on the Island of Java, the 3,000 meter high Papadang volcano erupted violently causing the death of 3,000 people.

August 9, 1916

On this datae Pancho Villa attacked and burned the city of Columbus, Ohio in retaliation for American assistance to the Mexican Carranza government.

August 7, 1974

On this date the writer Rosario Castellanos Figueroa died in the city of Tel Aviv.