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May 22, 1942

On this date Mexico declared war against the Axis powers in Berlin, Rome and Tokyo.

May 20, 1506

On this date Christopher Columbus died in Spain. On October 12, 1492 he discovered what he thought was a new route to India, never thinking he had discovered the New World which would be named America.

May 16, 1920

On this date Joan of Arc was canonized in Rome. In 1431 she had been burned at the stake as a heretic during the Spanish Inquisition.

May 12, 1982

On this date there was an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in Portugal.

May 11, 1916

On this date Albert Einstein introduced his Theory of Relativity.

May 9, 1994

On this date Nelson Mandela became the first black President of South Africa.

May 8, 1970

On this date the last Beatle song “Let it be” was released.

May 7, 1911

On this date American Carlos Rhys and Flores Magón marched on Tijuana to attack and expropriate land to form a new country in Baja California Sur, but were defeated.

May 6, 1889

On this date construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris was completed.

May 5, 1862

On this date after three consecutive assaults on the city of Puebla, forces under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated the French army, considered the most powerful in the world.

May 4, 1904

On this date dictator Porfirio Díaz reformed the Constitution to increase the Presidential term from four years to six years.

April 30, 1912

On this date General Emiliano Zapata, in accordance with the Ayala Plan, returned land to the campesinos of Ixcamilpa, Puebla.

April 29, 1992

On this date racial violence erupted in the United States resulting in 58 deaths and 200 injured in protest against four policemen who brutally beat Rodney King.

April 28, 152

On this date Hernán Cortés ordered 13 brigades from Tzcoco to attack the city of Tenochtitlán.

April 27, 1862

On this date the French army invaded Mexico, violating the Treaty of Soledad, attacking Orizaba, Puebla and finally the capital.