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July 4, 1815

On this date Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez was apprehended by the army for participation in the independence movement.

July 2, 1915

On this date in Paris, France, died banished dictator General Porfirio Díaz, president of Mexico for over thirty years.

June 1, 1825

On this date Ambassador Poinsett arrived in Mexico to negotiate the purchase of the northern territories. Failing in his objective, he meddled in the internal affairs of the country.

June 30, 1520

On this date the forces of Hernán Cortés continued to be attacked by the Mexicans, fleeing and suffering heavy losses. The conquistadores fled to the town of Popotla where, behind a tree, Cortés cried over the defeat.

June 29, 1823

On this date the United Provinces of Centroamerica, which joined Mexico on January 5, 1822, proposed at a congress in Guatemala to separate from Mexico.

June 27, 1929

On this date the religious conflict (Guerra Cristera) in Mexico ended. President Portes Gil and church officials signed a treaty.

June 25, 1530

On this date, Mexico City-Tenochtitlan was decreed the capital of New Spain.

June 23, 1937

On this date President Lázaro Cárdenas expropriated and nationalized the Mexican railways.

June 22, 1911

On this date federal forces under Colonels Vega and Mayol, with the help of townspeople, defeated the forces under Jack B.Mosby which had possession of Tijuana forcing Mosby back to the USA.

June 19, 1867

On this date Maximilian is executed in Querétaro together with Miramón and Mejía. Benito Juárez restores the country to a republic.

June 18, 1867

On this date from his prison cell in Querétero, Maximilian sent a telegraph to President Juárez asking for clemency for Generals Miramón and Mejía.

June 16, 1962

On this date President John F. Kennedy accompanied by his wife made an official visit to Mexico to meet with counterpart Adolfo López Mateos.

July 15, 1952

On this date archaeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier discovered the tomb of King Pacal in Palenque.

June 13, 1859

On this date President Juárez nationalized all property belonging to the Church.

June 12, 1864

On this date Maximiliano de Habsburg, Emperor of Mexico, entered Mexico City having been invited by conservatives to take the throne. Exactly three years later a War Council was convened to oust him.