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November 25, 1956

On this date Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and 80 men left the port of Tuxpan, Mexico for Cuba aboard the yacht Granma.

November 24, 1577

On this date King Felipe II prohibited Mexicans from using horses which he declared were only for “the defence of the land” to be used by the military. The prohibition lasted 23 years.

November 21, 1922

On this date Ricardo Flores Magón, political opponent of Porfirio Díaz, was murdered in a prison in the United States.

November 20, 1761

On this day during a religious festival in Quisteil, Yucatán, the baker Jacinto Uc de los Santos, “Canek,” began a rebellion of indigenous people against the whites and mestizos who were exploiting them.

November 18, 1824

On this date the Mexican Congress created the Federal District as the home of the government and the capital of the Mexican Republic.

November 17, 1815

On this date the Calleja y La Santa inquisition condemned the revolutionary José María Morelos to death.

November 16, 1960

On this date American actor Clark Cable died in the United States.

November 14, 1968

On this date Genaro Vázquez formed a guerrilla force of farmers and students in the Sierra de Guerrero.

November 13, 1838

On this date French Admiral Baudin demanded 600,000 pesos from Mexico for damage to French bakeries in Tacubaya, beginning what became known as the Cake War (Guerra de los pasteles).

November 12, 1651

On this date the Mexican poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz was born. She became known as the “Tenth Muse.”

November 11, 1817

On this date don Francisco Javier Mina, a Spanish Freemason who came to Mexico to fight for its independence, was shot.

November 9, 1863

On this date Maximiliano upheld taxes imposed by Benito Juárez, angering conservative Mexicans and the Catholic clergy who were hoping to have their confiscated lands returned to them.

November 7, 1907

On this date train engineer Jesús García died heroically saving the population of Nacozari, Sonora from an imminent fire explosion in the center of the town.

November 5, 1851

On this date the first telegraph line in Mexico was inaugurated between Mexico City and Napalucan, Puebla.

November 4, 1785

On this date the Real Academia de las Nobles Artes de San Carlos was inaugurated, the first art school on the American continent.