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March 27, 1847

On this date Veracruz was defended by civilians who resisted an attack from the United States, without help from the federal government.

March 26, 1513

On this date Captain Ponce de León, a Spanish explorer looking for the fountain of youth, descovered a large extension of land in New Spain which he named “La Florida” for the abundance of flowers.

March 25, 1846

On this date the United States declared war on Mexico to increase its territory based on the “Manifest Destination” in which “God” gave the right and obligation to extend its frontiers and implant the superiority of the Anglo Saxon race.

March 24, 1829

On this date in Espíritu Santo, Texas hero of the 5 de Mayo 1862 battle of Puebla Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín was born. He died in Puebla on September 8, 1862.

March 21, 1843

On this date in Perote, Veracruz, Miguel Antonio Fernández Félix, better known as General Guadalupe Victoria, hero of national independence and the first President of the Republic, died.

March 20, 1856

On this date the Honduran army shot Wiliam Walker who had been elected President of Nicaragua and who attempted to capture Sonora and Baja California to establish the Republic of Sonora as part of the United States expansion.

March 19, 1823

On this date, due to the liberals complaint of bad government and the rebellion of Santa Anna with the Plan de Casa Mata, Emperor Augustin I abdicated the Mexican throne.

March 18, 1938

On this date, after Mexican workers went on strike for equality and better working conditions and the Supreme Court voted against the foreign companies, President Cárdenas declared the expropriation of oil companies in Mexico.

March 17, 1917

On this date Mexico declared its neutrality in the First World War.

March 14, 1916

On this date the United States sent a Punitive Expedition of 13,000 soldiers into Mexico to search for Pancho Villa. At its head was General Pershing and Eisenhower, later President of the United States.

March 13, 1325

On this date after a journey of 160 years that began in Aztlán, the travellers arrived and founded la Gran Tenochitlán, the Azteca capital, now Mexico City.

March 12, 1938

On this date Hitler annexed Austria to Germany. Mexico was the only country in the world to protest publicly.

March 11, 1915

On this date the army of Emiliano Zapata occupied Mexico City and on the same day in 2001 the Zapatista Liberation Army arrived at the Mexico City Zócolo.

March 9, 1916

On this date Pacho Villa attacked Columbus in the United States, forced banks to return deposits and recovered arms already paid for. In reprisal, the United States invaded Mexico for 11 months with 10,000 soldiers in the Punitive Expedition.

March 7, 1926

On this date the first telephone call between London and New York took place.