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February 8, 1875

On this date José Martí arrived in Mexico and stayed for three years.

February 6, 1917

On this date the “punitive” expedition of 13,000 soldiers under General Pershing left Mexico after failing in its objective to arrest Pancho Villa for attacking Columbus.

February 4, 1402

On this date Nexahualcóytl, the son of Ixtlilxóchitl, was born in Texcoco. In 1431 he ascended the throne, reconstructed the city and introduced just laws. He is known as a great poet, philosopher, orator and legislator.

February 2, 1836

On this date the United States immediately recognized the independence of Texas by a group of mercenaries at the Alamo Fort.

February 1, 1836

On this date Texan insurrectionists proclaimed independence from Mexico from the Alamo fort. On March 5, Santa Anna went to confront them.

January 30, 1948

On this date at age 78, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

January 28, 1830

On this day Anthony Butler, successor to Ambassador Poinsett, arrived in Mexico whose mission was also to propose the purchase of territories. Defeated in his objective, he promoted instability in Texas.

January 27, 1973

On this date in Paris Vietnam and the United States signed a peace accord putting an end to the Vietnam war.

January 26, 1898

On this date the battleship Maine entered Havana. The destruction of the ship several days later was falsely attributed to the Spanish and used as a pretext by the United States to begin a war against Spain to drive them out of America.

January 25, 1553

On this date the Real y Pontificia University of Mexico City was inaugurated by Felipe II of Spain.

January 22, 1903

On this date by way of the Hay-Herrán Treaty, the United States obtained the right to construct the Panama Canal.

January 21, 2005

On this date died Consuelo Valazquez, composer of the internationally known song “Besame Mucho.”

January 19, 1847

On this date, tired of abuses by American soldiers against the population of Taos, New Mexico, a multitude rebelled against the North American occupation, killing Governor Charles Bent and his bodyguards. The revolt grew and 15 Americans were killed. The surviving soldiers fled to Santa Fe.

January 18, 1827

On this date priest Joaquín Arenas invited General Ignacio Mora to begin a rebellion to reincorporate Mexico under the Spanish crown and recognize the Pope. He was shot five months later.

January 16, 1917

On this date via telegram, Zimmerman of Germany proposed to Carranza an alliance against the United States to recover territories taken from Mexico in 1847.