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December 17, 1790

On this date Antonio León y Gama discovered below the Plaza Mayor in Mexico City the famous Aztec Calendar which is now displayed in the National Museum of Anthropology and History.

December 16, 1846

On this date General Parrodi, while defending Tampico against an invasion from the USA, received orders from Santa Anna to abandon the plaza. The invaders disembarked and easily took over the port.

December 15, 1835

On this date Texas militants with the help of the United States attacked the official garrison in San Antonio and the Velazco Fort.

December 12, 1901

On this date Marconi received the first transatlantic radio signal from England to the United States.

December 11, 1881

On this date the main streets in Mexico city were lit with electric lights.

December 9, 1931

On this date the Republic of Spain was proclaimed.

December 8, 1980

On this date Beatle John Lennon was murdered in New York.

December 6, 1865

On this date the United States government categorically refused the demand of Napoleon III, Emperor of France, that the United States recognize the government of Maximiliano in Mexico.

December 5, 1822

On this date Mexico annexed Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

December 2, 1974

Following a confrontation with the army in Otatal, Guerrero, Lucio Cabañas Barrientos was killed. Cabañas Barrientos was one of the kidnappers of Ruben Figueroa Figueroa, a PRI candidate for governor of the State of Guerrero.

December 1, 1955

On this date in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks violated segregation laws when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger, leading to a boycott of bus services led by Martin Luther King.

November 29, 1814

On this date the British newspaper “The Times,” published since 1788, was printed for the first time on a modern cylinder printer.

November 28, 1867

On this date after several requests from Admiral Tagetthof, Captain of the frigate Novara who was sent by Emperor of Austria Franciso José, Mexico decided to allow Tagetthof to take the body of Maximiliano back to Austria. This was the same frigate aboard which Maximiliano arrived in Mexico several years before.

November 26, 1910

On this date Felipe Ángeles, Revolutionary General and collaborator of Francisco Villa, was killed.

November 24, 1957

On this date at the age of 61 in Mexico City, Mexican muralist and painter Diego Rivera died.