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October 30, 1975

On this date the 36 year dictatorship of General Franco of Spain ended with the announcement that Prince Juan Carlos would assume interim leadership of the country due to Franco’s illness.

October 28, 1962

On this date the missile crisis ended when Nikita Kruschev announced Russian would remove missiles installed in Cuba when the United States promised not to invade the island.

October 27, 1838

On this date the Cathedral of Mexico solemnly received the remains of Mexican Emperor Agustin de Iturbide transferred from Padilla, Tamaulipas where he was executed on July 19, 1824.

October 25, 1650

On this date in Mexico City Fernando Alva Ixtlilxóchitl, historical illustrator, died. He graduated from the Santa Cruz college in Tlatelolco and transcribed indigenous works and historical accounts of Mexico.

October 24, 1945

On this date the United Nations was founded with its permanent location in New York.

October 23, 1519

On this date Capital Diego de Ordaz, a member of the Hernán Cortés forces, climbed the Popocatéptl volcano to collect sulfur for gunpowder.

October 22, 1797

On this date in Paris, France, with thousands of people watching, Andre Jacques Garnerin, an inspector with the French army who defended the use of balloons for military uses, went up in a hydrogen balloon which he had constructed to show the first parajumping exhibition from a height of 1,000 meters.

October 21, 1971

On this date Chilean poet Pablo Neruda won the Nobel Prize for Literature and on the same day but 11 years later, Gabriel Garcia Marquez won the same prize.

October 20, 1820

On this date Spain and the United States signed an agreement giving the Mexican territory of Florida to the United States.

October 16, 1848

On this date following heated discussion, the legislatures of the States of Mexico and Puebla consented to the creation of the new State of Guerrero.

October 15, 1793

On this date Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, was guillotined.

October 9, 1940

On this date John Lennon of The Beatles was born.

October 8, 1974

On this date President Luis Echeverría declared the territory of Quintana Roo a sovereign state with its capital a Chetumal. He also decreed the territory of Baja California Sur to be sovereign with La Paz its capital.

October 6, 1927

On this date the first movie with sound, The Jazz Singer, was released in the United States.

October 4, 1582

On this date in the middle of the night of this date, Pope Gregorio XIII reformed the calendar eliminating the error of 10 days in a solar year from the old calendar. Tomorrow would not be October 5, 1582 but October 15 of the same year.