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January 29, 1986

On this date the American space craft Challenger exploded causing the death of its seven crew members.

January 28, 1853

On this date José Martí, poet and hero of the Independence of Cuba, was born in Havana, Cuba.

January 27, 1973

On this date Vietnam and the United States signed a peace accord officially ending the Vietnam war.

January 23, 1924

On this date Senator Francisco Field, a liberal who contested the Bucareli Treaties between the US and Mexico, was asassinated in Mexico.

January 22, 1999

On this date Pope John Paul II visited Mexico for the fourth time.

January 20, 1869

On this date President Juárez decreed that beginning today the Ley del Juicio Amparo went into effect.

January 19, 1847

On this date the population rebelled against the North American occupation and assassinated governor Bent in Taos, Nuevo Mexico.

January 17, 1821

On this date the government of New Spain gave Moisés Austin permission to colonize with 300 families the territory of Texas providing the families were catholic and european.

January 16, 1861

On this date President Juárez published in Mexico the Reform Laws establishing the separation of government and the church.

January 15, 1929

On this date Martin Luther King was born.

January 14, 1957

On this date the actor Humphrey Bogar died of throat cancer.

January 13, 1969

On this date The Beatles released their album “Yellow Submarine”.

January 12, 1571

On this date King Philip II ordered the establishment of the Inquisition in New Spain.

January 10,1880

On this date construction of the Panama Canal began.

January 9, 1521

On this date Cuauhtémoc assumed power, the last of the Aztec emperors.