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September 18, 1914

On this date Alvaro Obregon was rescued by Francisco Villa just before he was to be shot by a firing squad.

September 17, 1926

On this date the bus in which Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was riding collided with a streetcar in Mexico city. She never recovered fully from injuries she sustained in that accident.

September 16, 1827

On this date President Guadalupe Victoria celebrated for the first time the Grito de Dolores. Subsequent Presidents continued the tradition until Porfirio Diaz who changed the celebration to the night of the 15th, his birthday.

September 12, 1997

On this date the Zapatista army entered Mexico City with Commander Marcos at the lead to demand constitutional reforms of the rights of the indigenous population.

September 11, 2001

On this date the United States was the victim of an attack by Muslim terrorists who flew planes into the Twin Towers buildings in New York and one other into the Pentagon.

September 10, 1846

On this day in Laredo, Texas, Mexican soldiers confronted Americans and groups of Mexican traitors. The battle took place in the recently declared Republic of Río Grande and is considered the beginning of the intervention of America.

September 9, 1847

On this date the American invaders hanged in San Ángel 16 Irish soldiers of the Saint Patricia battalion who originally fought with the American army but on seeing the injustice of the war formed a battalion within the Mexican forces.

September 9, 1522

On this date the expedition “Magallanes-Elcano” completed the first around the world voyage aboard the “Victoria” with only 18 survivors of the original 234 men and five boats.

September 6, 1916

On this date on the orders of President Carranza, conferences began in New London then Atlantic City to facilitate the withdrawal of soldiers looking for Francisco Villa. The conferences ended on November 24 but the forces did not leave Mexico until February the following year.

September 5, 1997

On this date Mother Teresa of Calcutta died.

September 9, 1886

On this date Apache Chief Geronimo, born on June 16, 1829 in Asunción de María in Arizpe, Sonora, surrendered with his tribe in the sierra madres before 5000 American soldiers who were pursuing them.

September 9, 1783

On this date Spain and Great Britain signed a treaty wherein Great Britain acknowledged the sovereignty of Spain over Belize, while giving England logging rights to the territory. This treaty took the country formerly called British Honduras from Mexico.

September 2, 1945

On this date the Japanese surrendered unconditionally to the United States ending World War II after six years and one day of fighting.

September 1, 1982

On this date Mexican President José López Portillo announced in Mexico city the nationalization of banks.

August 30, 1923

On this date one American dollar was worth 10 million German marks.