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El Cuchupetas Revisited (and the New Bypass Road)

Reviewer Ian Cameron heads out to Villa Unión via the new bypass road to El Cuchupetas for a seafood feast.

Casa Arabe

Who knew there is an Arabic restaurant in Mazatlán? Reviewer Bill Demmer tries it out.


My burritos and my wife’s tortilla were homemade with integral flour and absolutely unique and crispy tasty!

The European Sausage Kitchen

And now for something different! Reviewer Bill Demmer found a new sausage shop and is working his way through all 30 flavours.

Pizza De Venzi

Reviewer Bill Demmer finds a new Italian Restaurant on Av. del Mar that has great potential.

Delirium – Bistro Bar Galería

Reviewer Bill Demmer and friends visit the quaint Delirium Restaurant in Centro Historico.

Hector’s Bistro

Hector’s Bistro gets a second visit from reviewer Bill Demmer and doesn’t disappoint.

Compañía Minera

Reviewer Bill Demmer gives a thumbs up to Chef Diego’s new venture, the Compañía Minera in Centro Historico.

Angelina’s (New Location)

The restaurant itself is “down to earth classy” and is decorated with wall adornments that are restful and pleasing to the eye.

Angelo’s Restaurant

Reviewer Bill Demmer returns to Angelo’s after several years and finds the ambiance still seductive.

La Copita

On more than one occasion we have witnessed some of the most outstanding gourmet chefs residing in Mazatlán scarfing down a huge bowl of pozole.

Por Que No?

Reviewer Bill Demmer visits a new Bar & Restaurant in the Golden Zone and gives it a thumbs up.

Restaurante La Mazatleca

The menu is so diverse that one finds it necessary to rely on the staff to explain each dish.

Marisco’s La Corona

Reviewer Bill Demmer visited a new seafood restaurant in the old Sr. Pepper’s location in the GZ.

Mariscos Puerto Azul

This restaurant with its Zarandeado prepared fish has been recommended by friends and acquaintances for several years.