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Graduates of Teachers College Take Over Government Offices

Graduates of teachers colleges temporarily seized a government building to press their demands for jobs.

House of Deputies pass watered down labor reform bill

The bill includes new recruitment methods with hourly wages for work, seasonal employment, and trial contracts and initial training.

INEGI says over 90% of Crimes not Reported

63.2% of the victims said they did not report the crime because it would have been a waste of time.

Unions Reject Privatization of Sinaloa Public Services

The fierce reaction from union leaders of Sinaloa’s municipalities came after learning the intentions contained in the proposal.

Armed men raid shrimp boat

The shrimp boat crew members were not injured, but were stripped of communication equipment and cellular phones.

Pemex to spend $1 billion to upgrade fleet

Some 130 vessels would be renewed.

Committee OKs labor reform bill

Deputies of each political party set aside 261 of the original 1006 articles.

PRI Deputy says Pemex must operate like a business

Bernal Gutiérrez said that energy reforms should no longer rely on the concept of collecting tax revenue.

Atamsa Loses 25% of their Airport Taxi Drivers

A driver makes between 1,200 and 1,600 pesos every two weeks.

Newly Installed Pylons in Centro Can be Removed, says Mayor

The municipality has not done a traffic circulation study.

Shrimp boats return to port

Shrimp trawlers that were off the coast of Elota returned to their ports because of swells caused by tropical storm “Miriam.”

INEGI says almost half of seniors live in poverty

In the second quarter of this year 34.9% of México’s seniors are employed in the workforce

Mazatlán ranks No. 1 in bullying in schools

Mazatlán leads in youth violence followed by Los Mochis.

Strong quake forces tourists to flee hotels in México

A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake rattled México’s Baja California peninsula Tuesday.

Over 100 teachers in Guerrero strike over inheriting their positions

In 2008 the “Alliance for Quality Education” removed the right of retiring teachers to either gift or sell their teaching positions.