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Mexico’s Crisis Foretold (video)

An interview with Jose Reveles, investigative journalist, author and expert in national security issues.

Mexico – Land of Opportunity (video)

An interview with philosopher and television presenter, Pablo Boullosa, about the state of the Mexican economy and society and how to solve the ever-increasing drug violence.

And the Award Goes to…

Reviewer Ken Albanese gives Boyhood a thumbs up for Oscars this year.

The Saga of Icebox Hill Transmission Towers Continues…

We residents of the Hill do not expect any exceptional favoritism; yet we do feel the Administration should adhere to the law and place us in a position that we can rely on what we have been told which to this point has certainly not happened.

US Marine Jailed in Mexico

While I truly consider that the primary culprit to be the USA in this matter, I cannot understand why Mexico is so determined to keep this marine in prison.

New Mega Transmission Tower on Icebox Hill

I was very saddened and concerned (as all should be) to discover the more or less “Top Secret” plans to install a new “Mega” transmitting tower on Cerro de la Nevería (Icebox Hill).

Yikes! We’re Out Of Water

If there is a water shortage or lack of compression driving the water in March what will it be like in August?

When News is News

I would suggest we not ignore the fact something is being said because in our opinion what is being said is wrong.

Mazatlan’s 2014 Property Tax Increases

To me it is unbelievable that a taxing authority can increase the size of one’s home when there have been no physical changes whatsoever.

Better Late Than Never Not Always True

Unfortunately, once you arrive at the airport you are at the mercy of information or misinformation as to the arrivals and their status.

Welcome to Mexico

What has made Mexico a Utopia for foreigners seems to have been diminished by the Mexican Government abruptly and the “Welcome Sign” appears to have eroded substantially.

Sam’s Club

My “like/hate” relationship with Mazatlán’s Sam’s Club.

Golden Zone? Hello?

When was the last time you took a good, long, hard, objective look at the Golden Zone and its architecturally cluttered existence? Never? Well, maybe it’s past time someone did.

Manuel Suarez on China-Mexico Relations (video)

Manuel Suarez of American University discusses China-Mexico relations following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to Latin America.

Letter from the Publisher

Some of the problems Mazatlan faced in 2012 are due to economic realities. But others can and will be overcome if the political will exists.