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What Mexicans think of Trump’s wall (video)

With Donald Trump now having secured the support of enough Republican delegates to win the party’s nomination for the US presidency all eyes are now on his policies.

Mexico’s disappeared: Searching for the Ayotzinapa students (video)

Conflicting findings cast doubt over what happened to the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students.

The Impact of Violence on Mexico’s Economy (video)

Mexico Institute Global Fellow, Viridiana Rios is studying the impact of violence on Mexico’s economy and has come to some surprising conclusions.

Is Mexico a Democracy? (video)

John Ackerman speaks about political violence, corruption and how the Obama administration’s policies towards Mexico are not helping.

Fmr. Mexican President: Trump is ‘False Prophet’ (video)

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox rejected Trump’s claims that the Mexican government can be forced to pay for a wall on the border.

Former US DEA Michael Vigil on the US-Mexico drug war (video)

Michael Vigil, the former chief of international operations for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, spent 13 years working in Mexico.

Professor Richard Falk on sluggish cooperation between US and Mexico (video)

Extraditions are a big part of treaties between countries, and it seems the U.S. and Mexico, despite the slow cooperation in the war on drugs, could be starting to cooperate more on this front.

Interviews from Mexico – Women’s Shelters (video)

Domestic abuse is endemic in Mexico, with all social classes at risk and with wide reaching effects beyond the individual victim.

Interviews from Mexico – Persecution in Paradise

Many are familiar with the crystal waters and high-rise hotels of Cancun, but few know that just a few miles from there, the native Mayan population lives in extreme poverty.

Interviews from Mexico – “Watching them Die” (video)

More than a year after 43 Ayotzinapa students were disappeared and 6 killed in Iguala, Guerrero, there are still many unanswered questions about what really happened.

Trump’s hair stars in new play in Mexico (video)

A group of Mexican comedians decided to offer their own response to Trump’s comments about undocumented immigrants.

Vincent Fox: Walls between countries do not work (video)

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox weighs in on Donald Trump’s immigration plans and Mexico’s energy plans.

Experts Warn of Grave Consequences from TPP (video)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement being negotiated between 12 countries, among them Mexico, could have serious negative consequences.

The Future of Mexico (video)

How is Mexico to realize its brilliant prospects, and the potential for joining with the U.S. and Canada as a North American block of democracies in international affairs?

Americans in Maz Celebrate Independence Day with Trump Piñata

A group of resident Americans in Mazatlán celebrated American Independence Day taking a turn at two piñatas decorated to resemble Donald Trump.