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Trump’s Alternative Reality on Immigration: a Step Back for the Country

by Domenico Maceri, PhD “From now on I’ll carry my citizenship papers in my glove compartment,” my South American friend told me in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as… Read more »

Your Opinion of What it’s Like to Live in Mexico

The Mazatlan Messenger is proud to be a co-sponsor of a research study of expats living in Mexico being conducted by Best Places in the World to Retire starting today. … Read more »

Mazatlan & The Quality of Life index…

GCE is an independent strategic communication Agency that conducts an annual survey titled “The Best Cities to Live in Mexico”.  For the 2016 edition, 30,400 phone surveys were conducted in 76 towns and… Read more »

Our Beloved Malecón de Mazatlán

  ©Dianne Hofner Saphiere, We all love the malecón, Mazatlán’s oceanside promenade. While our fair city loves Guinness Book records and brags about the “best” or “second best” of… Read more »

Cucapá beers & Trump’s t-shirts

It’s amazing that we can have a party paid for by Donald Trump!” said Leticia Villanueva as she enjoyed a free beer in a Mexico City party, which was unwittingly paid… Read more »

Love Dancing? What about Liquid Lead…

Tango, waltz, foxtrot … these classic ballroom dances quietly perpetuate an outdated idea: that the man always leads and the woman always follows. That’s an idea worth changing, say Trevor… Read more »

Former Ambassador to Mexico discusses Importance Of US-Mexico Relationship. (video)

Former Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne discusses the latest statements from Donald Trump stating that Mexico will pay for a wall.

Mexican Foreign Minister: Mexico Paying for Trump Wall ‘Absurd’ (video)

Mexico’s top diplomat in the U.S., Claudia Ruiz Massieu, discusses Donald Trump and the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

Inside the Mexican Teachers’ Struggle (video)

What’s at stake? Only Mexico’s education system and the jobs of thousands of teachers.

US, Mexico & walls (video)

John Ackerman, professor, columnist and the Mexican Law Review’s editor-in-chief, discusses the economic relationship between Mexico and the United States.

Mexico parents angry at striking teachers (video)

Parents in Mexico’s second biggest city Qaxaca are furious at an ongoing teacher strike.

Deadly lessons: Mexico’s battle over education (video)

Will Mexico’s deadly battle over education standards leave students better or worse off?

Journalist says Mexican gov’t guilty of 5 massacres in 2 yrs (video)

Mexican Federal Police responded with military force to a peaceful teachers’ protest of neoliberal education reforms, leading to at least eight deaths.

What Mexicans think of Trump’s wall (video)

With Donald Trump now having secured the support of enough Republican delegates to win the party’s nomination for the US presidency all eyes are now on his policies.

Mexico’s disappeared: Searching for the Ayotzinapa students (video)

Conflicting findings cast doubt over what happened to the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students.