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Pemex to Stop Using Pipelines for Shipping Gasoline

Pemex says it will use its pipelines across México only for unfinished fuel.

Mexican Casinos Coming to Tourist Resorts

México’s legislature is currently in the process of passing its new Federal Betting and Raffles Law.

Only 11% of México’s Motorcycles have Insurance

Since the year 2000 the number of motorcycles on the streets of México has increased 400%.

Striking Police in Oaxaca Return to Work

For the last 17 days about 600 state policemen in Oaxaca have been on strike.

Carnaval Parade Route May be Extended Next Year

The popularity of the Carnaval parade is increasing, said the Mayor, and the city must adapt by opening new areas.

Trade Surplus from Auto Exports Exceeds That from Oil, Tourism & Remittances

The dollar value of México’s automobile imports also exceeded the 2013 levels by 7 percent.

ForceChange Begins Petition to End Cockfighting in México

ForceChange points out that many countries, including the United States, have banned what it considers an abhorrent practice.

Use of Generic Drugs Grows in México

Over the past four years, the number of generic products sold in México grew more than 15,000 percent.

Worn-Out Bolts Blamed for Deadly Maternity Hospital Explosion

Three gas company employees, including the truck’s driver, were arrested after the explosion, which also injured more than 70 other people.

How Will Farm Labor Reforms be Enforced?

The Los Angeles Times said it was unclear how much it would cost agribusinesses to create better living conditions for produce workers.

Delays Still Prevalent in Implementing New Adversarial System

The new adversarial system will be required throughout the country beginning on June 18, 2016.

México Dismisses Findings of U.N. Committee

In addition to the SRE, the Mexican Army also showed its displeasure with the conclusions reached by the U.N. Committee.

Cancer Second Leading Cause of Death Among Children

Each year there are reported approximately 5,000 new cases of cancer in Mexican children.

Mexico’s Crisis Foretold (video)

An interview with Jose Reveles, investigative journalist, author and expert in national security issues.

Bitcoin reaches Mexico!

Bitcoin reaches Mexico.