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Carlos Slim Now 3rd Richest in the World

Warren Buffet moved into second place, as the value of his company, Berkshire Hathaway, reached a record high.

Peso to Stabilize Against Dollar

The Mexican peso has been steadily losing value against the dollar.

OECD: México’s Corruption Score

In the overall ranking México scored 35 out of 100 and was located at position 103 of 175 countries.

Homicides Expected to Fall 18%

Approximately 15,000 homicides will occur in México this year, down 18 percent from the 18,381 homicides registered last year.

Remains of missing Mexico student identified

Forensic experts have identified one of 43 missing Mexican students among charred remains found in a landfill.

Mexico leader vows to revive tourism in violent state

Mexico’s embattled President Enrique Pena Nieto pledges to revive tourism in Acapulco during his first visit to violence-torn Guerrero state since the massacre of 43 students.

King Felipe VI arrives for Ibero-American summit in Mexico

Spanish King Felipe VI arrives in Mexico to participate in an Ibero-American summit.

Marijuana Now Heading South

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Mexican drug cartels are importing high quality American marijuana into México.

Charred Remains Identified as Missing Student

The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAG) confirmed that a bone fragment found in the town of Cocula belongs to Alexander Mora Venancio.

SNTE Nayarit Leader Paid 14 Million Pesos

A complaint alleges that Liberato Montenegro Villa and his sons were paid 14 million pesos ($1.064 million) by the SNTE during the four year period.

Nieto Proposes to Decouple Minimum Wage from Fines

Depending on the area, the daily minimum wage in México varies between 63.8 pesos and 67.3 pesos a day.

Twelfth and Final Increase in Price of Gasoline

Starting today the price of Magna gasoline increased nine centavos.

Takata in Trouble with Mexican Government

Takata is the Japanese firm that manufactures airbags in México.

Mexican Government Hands out Free Digital TVs to Voters

The TV handout is part of a telecommunications reform package passed by México’s congress in July.

México Approves Banning Street Protests

The law must now be approved by at least 17 state congresses.