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Canada and U.S. Update Travel Warning for Acapulco

Because of the recent violence seen in Acapulco, the United States and Canada updated their travel alerts to México

Music helps a community in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains (video)

A world-class concert pianist made a visit to Mexico’s mountains in the 1980’s and loved it so much, he never left.

Widespread Torture in Mexico

A video has appeared on social networks showing military personnel torturing a woman in a Guerrero street.

Civil Rights & Families

Mexico deportations: Children follow Mexican family across border.

Missing Mexico students: Families search for loved ones

Families frustrated with a lack of answers are taking matters into their own hands.

Mexicans Pessimistic About Economic Future

In March the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) fell 4.2 percent.

Police Arrest 27 Suspected Cartel Members

27 suspected members of the Los Viagras drug cartel have been arrested.

Archeologists Discover Grave of One México’s First Catholic Priests

Archaeologists have long known the Spaniards often appeared to prefer to build their churches atop Aztec temples.

México Not Advising Child Migrants of their Rights

Only 0.3 percent of the unaccompanied child migrants detained in México were granted international protection in 2015.

$4 Billion in Aid for Pemex

México’s oil production peaked in 2004 at about 3.4 million barrels a day but has since slid to about 2.2 million a day today.

Peña Nieto’s Approval Rating Lower than Last Four Presidents

The previous low for a recent Mexican president was 31 percent for Ernesto Zedillo during the country’s 1995 economic crisis.

Federal Police Destroy 72 Tons of Marijuana

The operation included personnel from the federal police, state police and personnel from the Attorney General’s Office.

80% of Bus Drivers in Acapulco Do Not Have a Driver’s License

According the Law of Transportation in order to be a bus driver the person must be at least 21 years of age.

Ford Motor to Buy $15.2 Billion in Auto Parts from Mexican Suppliers

Torres noted that this would be more than $700 million more than similar purchases in 2015.

U.S. Human Rights Report Criticizes México

“Unlawful killings, torture and disappearances,” is one of the “most significant problems” in México.