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Tourist from the U.S. up 22% in 1st Quarter of 2016

Last year of the total number of visitors to México 58 percent were from the United States.

IMEF cuts 2016 Growth Forecast Because of Teachers’ Strikes

The teachers’ strike is one of the factors that has limited economic growth.

CNTE Teachers Encouraged to Return to Classes Next Monday

The main demand of the CNTE is abrogating educational reform.

México’s Automotive Trade Surplus Falls in First Half of 2016

México’s automotive trade balance fell 11 percent during the first six months of this year.

300 Police Searching for El Chapo’s Son

Three hundred members of the Mexican army, navy, federal and Nayarit State police are combing Nayarit looking for the Sinaloa Cartel leader’s kidnapped son.

“El Chapo’s” Son among Men Kidnapped in Puerto Vallarta

The kidnapers appear to belong to the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.

México’s Unemployment Reaches Eight Year Low

For the month of July more than 18.3million workers are employed in the formal sector.

Journalists say Army behind Missing 43 Student Teachers

Human rights groups have questioned the official version.

Almost 63% of Mexicans Disapprove of CNTE Protests

91.4 percent of Mexicans agreed that assessments of the nation’s teaches should be made.

Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Termination of Teachers

CNTE challenged several articles of the education reform laws.

Leader of Los Zetas Recaptured Nuevo León

Mexican police have recaptured Luis Reyes Enriquez, known as “Z-12.”

Director of Miss World México Murdered in Culiacán after Pageant

Hugo Rubén Castellanos Jiménez was found dead in the back of his Jeep with a single bullet through his head.

16 Sinaloa Men Abducted in Puerto Vallarta

The Jalisco Attorney General denied rumors in the local media suggesting that the son of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán was one of those abducted.

Mexico marijuana fair pushes for drug to be made legal

Growing and selling marijuana is illegal in Mexico, but that has not stopped ‘Expoweed’.

Mexico Launches Anti-Sexting Campaign

The Mexican government has teamed up with several children’s rights organizations to launch a nationwide campaign against “sexting”.