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Mexico arrests notorious Juarez drug lord

Vicente Carillo Fuentes has been the Kingpin of Juarez cartel since 1997.

Mexico’s Jalisco state to legalize medical marijuana

Jalisco will most likely have a plan in place by the end of the year.

Another Drug Lord Arrested

Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, alias “The Viceroy,” was arrested after tracking the homes he frequented.

México’s Tax on Soft Drinks Hurts Sales

The taxes in México add one peso to the cost of a liter of sugary drinks.

Hilton Plans to Open 34 New Hotels in México

The company is encouraged by economic and legal stability of México.

Sinaloa Reports 75 New Cases of Dengue

Most of cases arose in the cities of Cosalá and Choix.

More Clandestine Graves Found in Iguala

Four suspects arrested in Guerrero divulged the location of four additional clandestine graves.

111,000 Gallons of Stolen Pemex Fuel Recovered

Pemex says the theft of its fuel results in financial losses totaling some $5 billion annually.

PVEM Calls for End to Cockfighting

México’s Green Party (PVEM) has announced it will expel any member who attends bullfights.

Consumer Confidence Index Rises

Analysts estimate that the rate of inflation at the end of this year will stand at 3.97 percent.

IMF Predicts China’s GDP will Exceed America’s – By One Measurement

China is manipulating it currency to be worth much less than the dollar.

Repairs on Pacifico Monument Begin

Yesterday a portion of Ave. del Mar was blocked off as workers removed the Pacifico Monument with a large crane.

IMF Growth Prediction for México Remains at 2.4%

For next year the IMF is predicting México to grow 3.5 percent.

Earthquake Rattles Sinaloa

The earthquake occurred 80 kilometers off the coast from Navolato, Sinaloa and lasted four minutes.

No Money for Severance Pay for Police who Failed Exam

The Federal government has told municipalities there is no second chance for those who did not pass the exam.