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Human Rights Organizations Question Prison Certifications by ACA

Faced with serious problems affecting México’s penitentiary system, one response of the state has been to promote the privatization and “accreditation” of prisons.

Oaxacan Mayors want their Schools to Open

Some mayors in Oaxaca are telling their teachers to return to school or they will be replaced.

No New Cases of Zika or Chikungunya in Sinaloa

No cases of zika or chikungunya have been reported in Sinaloa.

Gasoline Prices Rise Again in September

The price of Magna gasoline will rise two centavos beginning September 1st.

Oaxaca Students Taking Classes through Television

Channel 9 Oaxaca has for the last five days had programing to teach preschoolers and elementary the basics of Spanish and mathematics.

SEP Terminates 1,905 Teachers

In the states of Chiapas and Michoacán the governmental agency will lay off 650 teachers and support staff.

Juan Gabriel dies at age 66

Juan Gabriel, México’s legendary singer and songwriter, died from a heart attack at age 66 last Sunday in Santa Monica, California.

Nephew of Drug Lord Murdered in Culiacán

Authorities still have not identified the suspects in the double homicide.

Child labour in Mexico (video)

Mexico has one of the largest child labor forces in Latin America, second only to Colombia.

Mexico-U.S Air Transport Deal Jump Kicks Competition

Mexico’s Communications and Transport Ministry said an air transport deal between Mexico and the United States.

Mexico’s largest solar energy project aims at sustainability

Mexico is aiming to switch to clean energy with wind and solar to make up more than one-third of its electricity sources.

World’s Biggest Cargo Ship to Arrive in Mazatlán

The world’s largest cargo ship, Höegh Target, specializing in the transport of cars, buses and large machinery, will arrive in Mazatlán.

INEE Changes Rules for Teacher Evaluations

On Thursday the National Institute for Educational Assessment (INEE) announced changes to the teacher evaluations to be held this year.

Consumer Prices up in First Half of August

The National Index of Consumer Prices (INPC) increased 0.31 percent in the first half of August.

Kia Motors’ Sales More than Doubled in July

South Korea’s No. 2 automaker Kia Motors Corp. again renewed its monthly sales record in México in July.