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Mexican Government and CNTE Reach Five Agreements

The first agreement called for the removal of all federal forces from the state of Oaxaca.

México Airlifts Food to Oaxaca

Fifty tons of corn was also sent from the state of Guerrero by truck.

June Car Sales up over 25%

The AMDA attributes the high sales to consumer confidence and attractive loans.

Mexico’s new plan to fight the war against drugs

Mexico has new plans for fighting the war against drugs.

Ancient Temple in Mexico Destroyed By Jehovah’s Witness

A sacred Indigenous archaeological heritage site in Mexico has been destroyed by members of a Jehovah’s Witness sect.

The 2009 Swine Flu Epidemic Originated in Central Mexico

The 2009 swine flu pandemic originated in pigs in a small region of central Mexico, a new study reports.

Bank of México Raises Interest Rates

The unexpected rate increase surprised analysts who had predicted a 0.25 percent increase.

Ten “Extreme” Groups Join CNTE Protests

Within the people blocking roads, burning tires and destroying property are members of 10 political, social and student organizations.

México’s Supreme Court Rejects Legalizing Abortion

In México City an abortion within three months of conception has been legal since 2007.

Human Traffickers use Uber to Carry Immigrants to U.S. Border

Human traffickers are finding increasingly creative ways of shuttling Central American migrants through México.

Armed Men Storm Mazatlán Hospital, Kill Patient

The victim, aged between 22 and 25 years old, originally from Cosalá, was under police protection at the hospital.

Supplies running out due to CNTE Strike

The Interior Department said there were severe shortages of food and medicine, especially in remote villages.

“El Chapo’s” Extradition Put on Hold

One of the appeals argues that the statute of limitations has run out on some crimes Guzmán is accused of.

Amnesty International: Sexual Violence Routine with Security Forces

Amnesty International (AI) says sexual violence is a routine practice in the detention of women by Mexican security forces.

México Bans Imports of U.S. Potatoes

According to official data, last year’s total shipment of fresh potatoes from the United States totaled 122,796 tons.