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SEP: Over 97% of Teachers were Evaluated on Saturday

The SEP has yet to clarify that according to its numbers the percentage attending the exam was 90.31 percent.

State Prosecutors Investigate Killing of Community Police

150 army soldiers were released Friday after being retained for 14 hours by residents of the community of Carrizal de Bravo

Only 1 in 10 Police are trained for New Criminal Justice System

Because of the training shortfall the head of SETEC said the federal government has designed an “emergency plan” to train the police.

Campesinos Protest Expected Budget Cuts

The small scale producers reject plans to cut agricultural budget outlays and subsidies by almost 30% in 2016.

Mexico to Debate Marijuana Legalization

Mexico will be debating the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, following a Supreme Court decision allowing private consumption of the drug.

Mexico seeks to prevent teenage pregnancy

The government is tackling how to prevent teenage pregnancy where it ranks among the world’s highest.

Inmates Asked to Pay to Paint Prison

One of the family members told media the government should investigate where that money is going.

Two Dolphins Wash up on Shore

The bodies of two dolphins were found on two different beaches in Mazatlán yesterday.

Buying a Car in México? Here are the Most Popular

If you are considering purchasing a car in México, you may find this Top Ten list interesting.

Canadian Couple Found Dead after having Sex in Hotel Hot Tub

Mr. Mckenzie suffered a heart attack, while his wife died from “asphyxiation by submersion.”

México Moves Closer to Increase in Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is currently used as a benchmark for a host of other prices.

Teacher Evaluations Begin Today

Teachers and directors who fail the assessment will have to attend training courses and retake the exam.

Monarch Butterflies Expected to Rebound

The population of the monarch butterfly is expected to recover this season.

Revolving Door for Police Chiefs in El Rosario

The longest time in office was three and a half months and the shortest 14 days.

“911” To Become México´s Universal Emergency Number in 2016

It is expected to be active nationally in the first quarter of next year.