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México: 11th Most Populous Country

In 2013 the fertility rate in México was 2.2 children per woman and the life expectancy is 74.5 years.

PAN and PRI close to Agreement on Energy Reform

Members of PAN and PRI are about 98 to 99 percent in agreement over legislation dealing with México’s energy reform.

México Passes Brazil at Top Latin American Automobile Producer

México is expected to overtake Brazil as the top Latin American automobile producer for the first time in more than a decade.

Remitting Money to México to Become More Expensive

Many big banks are leaving the business of transferring money from the United States to other countries.

19 tons of Marijuana Seized in Sinaloa

The Attorney General’s Office for the state said they are waiting orders from a judge authorizing the destruction of the drugs.

Remittances up almost 8%

México received a total of $21.58 billion in remittances in 2013.

Leader of Michoacán Self-Defense Group Arrested

José Manuel Mireles Valverde has been arrested for possession of drugs and firearms.

6.9 Earthquake Hits Chiapas at Guatemala Border

Four people were killed by the quake, 37 were wounded and 9,000 structures were damaged.

Admitted Thief Elected Mayor of San Blas

During his tenure the former PAN Mayor was charged with an alleged embezzlement in the order of 20 million pesos.

Governor dons Cowboy Hat for Calgary Stampede Parade

Sinaloa Governor Mario López Valdez and Secretary for Tourism Francisco Códova Celaya took part in the Canadian Calgary Stampede parade.

One in Three Sinaloans Live in Poverty

One in three Sinaloans are caught in a spiral of poverty that can descend into extreme poverty.

Senate Passes Telecom Legislation

Televisa, the biggest Spanish-language television company in the world, controls 70 percent of broadcast television and 60 percent of the cable market in México.

Today: Seventh Increase in Price of Gasoline

At the end of this year the price of Magna gasoline will be 13.31 pesos per liter ($3.88 per gallon).

Bosch to Invest $550 Million in México

The auto industry in México has been growing dramatically in the past few years.

Financial Analysts Drops 2014 Forecast

Officials expect the economy to rebound in the second half of the year.