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México City to Paint its Taxis Pink

Every few years the owners of México City’s taxis are required to repaint their cars a designated color.

SCT Reissues RFP for México City-Querétaro Train

The period of time in which to file a bid for the high speed train will run until July 14.

Carlos Slim Doubles his Stake in the NY Times

Carlos Slim, who is the world’s second-richest man, more than doubled his stake in the New York Times Company.

22 Zetas Captured in Nuevo León

A police force comprised of both federal and state forces, arrested 22 suspected members of a cell of the criminal gang Los Zetas.

World Bank Predicts 3.3% Growth Rate for México

México grew by an estimated 2.1 percent in 2014.

México Has One of Lowest Unemployment Rates

In November of 2014 México had the fourth lowest unemployment rate of its 32 member countries.

Informal Sector on the Decline

The Secretary of Labor also noted that during 2014 714,000 new jobs were create.

Former Mayor Charged with Kidnapping 43 Missing Students

Prosecutors have obtained an arrest warrant for Jose Luis Abarca.

Mexican Tourists to U.S. Rises

According to Brand USA, México is the second largest source market of tourists to the United States.

OECD to Monitor México’s Construction of High Speed Train and Airport

In order to ensure transparency and prevent fraud and corruption.

AMIA: Auto Production to Reach 5 Million by 2020

This would make México one of the top three automotive exporters in the world.

Business Community Sees 3.5% Growth for 2015

He noted that it is a level below what the country needs, but is better than what was seen in the past two years.

OECD: Mexican Economy Shows Clear Recovery

The OECD estimates that México’s economy can grow up to 2.0 percent extra.

Mexican Trucks Maybe Heading North

The U.S. Department of Transportation will soon be ready to consider lifting restrictions on Mexican trucking firms.

México’s Car Sales Grew 6.8% Last Year

For the year 2014 total car sales in México grew by 6.8 percent over 2013.