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Peasants and Indians March Against Energy Reforms

25,000 peasants and Indians marched in México City to protest the legislation implementing the energy industry overhaul.

“Moma Rosa” says Age Prevented Her from Noticing Abuses

More than 150 criminal complaints have been filed against the shelter.

KIA in Talks to Open $1.5 Billion Plant in México

The plant will have an annual capacity of some 300,000 cars.

New Oral Trials for Public Defenders Only

Private attorneys have not had the necessary training because funds for their training have not been budgeted.

Mexican Teenagers Need Better Sex Education

20 percent of newborns in México have mothers younger than 20 years old.

5 Bodies Uncovered in El Fuerte Clandestine Graves

Investigators began searching for the clandestine graves on Saturday and found the first body the same day.

Unemployment Drops in June

Although the unemployment rate beat the prediction of analysts, it still remains high.

Yaquis Resume Blocking Highway 15

A spokesperson for the Yaqui Tribe said the blockage of the highway would not interrupt automobiles or buses, only trucks.

México’s Elite Back Owner of Raided Youth House

Support for Mama Rosa appears to be based on the belief that she was not complicit in any abuse.

Mexican Deportees and Outsourced Labor (video)

Tijuana, Mexico, is a limbo for deportees from the United States. People keep showing up in the city while U.S. immigration policies get tougher.

Pulitzer Prize winner detained at U.S.-Mexico border

Jose Antonio Vargas, director of the film “Documented,” was detained at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mexico’s War on Smog (video)

The “Pro-Aire” programme aims to rid the city of smog.

First ever rehabilitation centre for exotic wild animals opens in Mexico

Mexico has welcomed its first ever rehabilitation centre for neglected and mistreated exotic wild animals.

Private militias supplement US Border Patrol’s work

When the US Border Patrol can’t stop migrants from crossing into the country from Mexico, private groups take the law into their own hands.

Hundreds Rescued From Mexico Group Home

More than 450 children have been rescued from a group home in Mexico where they were allegedly abused.