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The fall of City of Teotihuacan

The governing class ruled like a “corporate organization.”

Elephant Moved to Zoo Dies

The elephant, named Mary, became ill and died from pneumonia.

México’s Farmworkers Reject Growers’ Proposal

Yesterday farmworkers in the San Quintin area of Baja California rejected a proposed six percent increase in wages.

39 Migrants Rescued from Human Traffickers

The rescued came after a six-month investigation.

México’s Economic Activity up 2.6% in January

México’s economic activity index rose 2.6 percent in January.

Cancer Kills 12 Women Every Day

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death among women.

80% of Bodies Discovered in Clandestine Graves Unidentified

The state of Guerrero had the largest number of clandestine graves and bodies discovered.

6 Gas Stations Closed Due to Links to Organized Crime

Six service stations located in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas have been seized.

Crime and Violence in México Declines

The crime of homicides has seen the greatest decline, dropping by almost 30 percent.

Governor of Colima Enriched During his Term

Six years ago the state of Colima was the least corrupt state in the country, today it ranks 26 out of 32.

Strawberries Spoil in the Fields of Ensenada

About 1,500 to 2,000 laborers are temporary and they have no benefits.

Abused Women are Helpless in Sinaloa

In Sinaloa the crime of domestic violence is not a serious offense and is prosecuted only when the victim is a minor or is pregnant.

GM to Build its Cruze Model in México

The next-generation Cruze is expected to be unveiled sometime this year.

“Knocking on Doors” Finds Missing Persons

All but 9 percent of the 1,914 people found through the “knocking on doors” initiative were still alive.

Poppy Crop Discovered in Guerrero

Authorities found a “poppy plantation” covering 2,600 sq. meters (3,112 sq. yards) in the troubled state of Guerrero.