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“Bandatón” Sinaloense in Los Angeles

The event hopes to set a Guinness World Record with 50 Sinaloa bands.

Mayors of Patzcuaro and Huetamo in Photo with Cartel Boss

Quadratin said an anonymous sender provided two photos taken from an undated video.

PAN President Backs Wage Referendum

The PAN President said that the matter of an increase of the minimum wage should not be considered a local matter, but a national one.

Sinaloa’s Woes to Continue

Too many of its young people either migrate to other states for lack of employment or fall into a life of crime because of their inability to find a job.

México is No. 2 in Human Trafficking

Every 24 hours 380 people go missing in México.

Sinaloa Auditor Demands Return of Bonuses

Those who do not return the money will be subject to legal proceedings where a judge will decide the matter.

Homicides Down 26%

The president said the decrease in crime was due to the effective coordination among the armed forces, the attorney general and the federal police.

Informal Sector Drops

So far this year México’s informal sector accounted for 25 percent of México’s economy.

México Captures Canada’s Most Wanted

Cory Vallee was arrested on August 14 in the city of Guadalajara.

More than Half of Mexican Teens Die Violently

Three out of every ten young people were victims of crime in 2012.

Process to Retract “Gag Law” Begins

Legislators met yesterday in an extraordinary meeting with the sole purpose of examining the three initiatives proposed to retract the law.

60% of High School Graduates have only Basic Skills

They do not understand what they read and the same proportion can do only basic math problems.

CFE to put out 16 Bids for $4.9 Billion

The CFE needs to build more natural gas-fired plants to reduce costs.

Pemex and CFE Removed from list of Parastatals

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) excluded the two institutions.

Sinaloa No. 2 in Number of Homicides

Only the state of Guerrero ranks higher.