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México City is running out of Cemetery Space

The city government will educate people about cremation as an option and build more crematoriums.

14 Kidnapped Migrants Freed

The Coordination Group received an anonymous tip that several migrants were being held against their will in the town of Tampico.

50% of Zacatecas Police Force to be Discharged

Local police forces must remove officers who have failed the government designed confidence and control test.

Nissan sets México Production and Sales Records

Nissan has been the sales leader in México for 64 consecutive months.

Carlos Slim: México Could Become a Developed Nation

Carlos Slim said México can enter “through the front door” to greater than a 5% annual growth.

Governor Heads to México City over Termination of Police

Sinaloa governor, Mario López Valdez, said he will travel to México City this week to meet with the Interior Minister.

México and U.S. Reach Sugar Agreement

México is one of the few countries with free access to the U.S. sugar market.

State to File Criminal Charges against Former Officials

Criminal charges would be filed against 85 officials located throughout the state.

WTO Sides with México and Canada

In 2009 the WTO ruled that certain COOL requirements discriminated against foreign livestock.

Guerrero has New Governor

The new governor said he would meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto and will seek the support of federal government in finding the missing students.

500 clowns invade Mexico city centre for Laughathon

More than 500 clowns from across Latin America staged a laughter session in Mexico City promoting world peace.

Governor resigns amid probe for 43 missing students

Angel Aguirre Riverohe has stepped down after weeks of protests calling for his resignation.

Gangsters paradise: Mexico’s Guerrero state

For years drug cartels have been waging bloody turf wars in Mexico’s southern Guerrero state.

Journalist says corruption at the heart of Mexico’s drug war

Annabel Hernandez writes about Mexico’s drug cartels and the government-business nexus that enables them.

Ford Drops Plans for Ontario Plant – Moves to México

An expansion would have created 1,000 jobs in Windsor.