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Schools Reopen in Sinaloa

The Sinaloa government provided 1,200,000 students with free uniforms.

“El Mayo” Negotiates Release of “El Chapo’s” Sons

It was El Mayo who from the beginning was involved in negotiations for the release of the two men.

CNTE and Government disagree on Number of Schools Closed

Officials said that the state of Chiapas was where the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) had its greatest support.

No negotiations with CNTE until Teachers Return to their Classrooms

The president said México’s children and young people cannot “be hostages” to any cause or the demands of any group.

Most U.S.-México Flight Restrictions End

On Sunday most restrictions on flights between México and the United States were lifted.

México’s GDP Falls in Second Quarter

The revised data is less than the preliminary figure of 0.3 percent reported by the INEGI last month.

Hospital Asks Public to Donate Drugs

A serious shortage of medicine continues to plague Mazatlán’s general hospital.

Household Debt Highest on over 20 Years

The total liabilities of Mexican households with banks and other financial institutions amounted to just over 3 billion pesos to March.

CNDH says Police Killed 22 in Michoacán Last Year

The CNDH said there were also two cases of torture and four more deaths caused by excessive force.

CNTE Teachers will not return to Classes on Monday

In the state of Oaxaca about 500 private education schools have announced that they will open their doors.

500 Vehicles Damaged or Destroyed by CNTE

The owner of ADO said the blockades in Chiapas are made with bureaucratic schedule, i.e., they take two hours for lunch.

PGJE Investigates Five Recent Murders in Municipality

Media reported today two more bodies of men found in the outskirts of the city.

Tourist from the U.S. up 22% in 1st Quarter of 2016

Last year of the total number of visitors to México 58 percent were from the United States.

IMEF cuts 2016 Growth Forecast Because of Teachers’ Strikes

The teachers’ strike is one of the factors that has limited economic growth.

CNTE Teachers Encouraged to Return to Classes Next Monday

The main demand of the CNTE is abrogating educational reform.