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México Intervenes in “Anchor Baby” Lawsuit

The parents argue that the 14th Amendment automatically grants citizenship to babies born in the United States.

México’ Exports of Organic Produce Tops $600 Million

Coffee accounts for 50 percent of organic exports.

Babies Sold in México

16 arrest warrants have been issued, which appear to cover some of the adoptive parents.

32 Tons of Drugs Seized in July

Other seizures during the month of July included 5,210,058 Mexican pesos and $11,573,278 U.S. dollars.

México Airlifts Big Cats to Colorado

The animals were found mistreated or abandoned.

México’s Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.3% in July

Unemployment in México recorded a drop of 0.1 percent in July compared to June.

Peña Nieto Announces Changes in his Cabinet

He acknowledged the work of the officials who are leaving their office.

Merida is Best City in Which to Live

Chilpancingo, Guerrero was the worst city in which to live.

Sex in México

World Sexual Health Day falls on September 4.

Terms of Upcoming Oil Auction Have Changed

A total of five production-sharing contracts covering nine shallow-water areas with proven reserves are up for auction.

25% of Tijuana and Juárez Sex Workers Began as Minors

It’s typical to see girls who are as young as 14 walking the streets of Tijuana.

México’s Foreign Reserves Fall by $1 Billion

Banxico said gold and foreign currency reserves fell in the week ending August 21.

PRD Members Protest Possible Privatization of Health Care

The party protests cuts in budgets for both IMSS and ISSSTE.

First New Rail Link between U.S. & México Opens

The West Rail Bypass International Bridge will connect Brownsville with Matamoros.

Moody Reviews Pemex’s A3 Rating

Pemex pays much of its earnings to the federal government in royalties and taxes.