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Hogar Ghandi for Adolescent Drug Addicts Closes

It was only the second such center in Mexico and a model program in Sinaloa.

Owners of Gasoline Stations Talking to Foreign Firms

Under the energy reforms passed in December of last year, new gasoline operators may begin retail sales on January 1 of 2018.

México Expects $25 Billion in FDI this Year

Of all Latin American and Caribbean countries, México’s FDI has dropped the most.

Guerrero Governor Resigns under Pressure

His replacement will be chosen by the Guerrero state congress.

Dengue in Sinaloa Exceeds 2,000 Cases this Year

Last week 210 new cases of dengue were reported in the state of Sinaloa.

Doctors Earn 77.2 Pesos an Hour, says INEGI Study

According to an INEGI study, there are 1.6 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants in Sinaloa.

Mayor’s Wife behind Attack on 43 Missing Students

Authorities have learned that the Iguala mayor’s office was completely infiltrated by organized crime.

El Recodo Band Member Killed by Wife and Lover

Police say they both have confessed to the murder of the band member.

CEO of Oceanografía Arrested

The fraud stemmed from about $585 million of short-term credit to OSA through Banamex.

Body of Banda El Recordo Missing Member Found

The body of the missing musician had been discovered on a country road in the vicinity of El Recordo.

Facelift for Malecón Begins

A total of 700 pieces will be removed.

Agricultural Laborers Arrive in Sinaloa

The basic salary for a laborer is 100 pesos ($8.50) a day.

Sinaloa Continues to Violate New Criminal Justice Procedures

The state of Sinaloa adopted the new Criminal Justice System on July 31 of this year.

Mayor Wants Uniformity in Palapas

The Municipal Planning Institute has gotten involved the reconstruction of palapas located from Avenida del Mar up to Cerritos.

One of the Leaders of Knights Templar Arrested

Mario Alberto Romero Rodríguez was arrested by Federal Police in the Condesa area of México City.