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Why Trump is Good for Mexico’s Politicians (video)

Trump’s negative comments give a call-to-arms and a rallying point to Mexican politicians who want to improve their own standing.

Government nixing visas for Mexicans, despite warnings

The Canadian government is going to lift the visa requirement for Mexican travellers.

In Mexico, no war but many internally displaced

In Mexico, and neighboring Central America, gang violence is what’s forcing thousands from their homes.

Mexico buries victims of deadly teachers strike

Eight people died during clashes with riot police and striking teachers in the southern state of Oaxaca.

Journalist says Mexican gov’t guilty of 5 massacres in 2 yrs (video)

Mexican Federal Police responded with military force to a peaceful teachers’ protest of neoliberal education reforms, leading to at least eight deaths.

15 Schools in Sinaloa Closed Because of Violence

The spokesperson said that the closures were implemented to protect the students and the teachers.

Congress Exempts itself from 3of3 Law

Hours before the session, civil society organizations called on the deputies to amend Article 29.

New Criminal Justice System Now Law of the Land

Last Saturday was a landmark day for México.

Government Spending Drops for First Time in 12 Years

Government spending for the first quarter of 2016 fell for the first time in 12 years.

Another CNTE Leader Arrested

Rodriguez Cornejo was arrested for the crimes of aggravated assault and unlawful deprivation of liberty.

Retired Teachers Ask For Donation of Military Hospital

Retired and pensioned teachers of south Sinaloa want the military to donate the old hospital to the ISSSTE.

Doctors and Teachers Join in Protest March

As the protesters made their way from the Fisherman’s Monument to Valentino´s, they were joined by teachers.

Doctors March Today in Mazatlán and Culiacán

Of the 1,100 doctors registered in Mazatlán, Jiménez Lugo expects 400 to attend the protest.

Government and CNTE to Meet

Members of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) will also attend.

Head of PRI Resigns after Governorships Defeats

Beltrones said he was resigning in order to pave the way for “the transformations our party urgently needs.”