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More kids crossing US border

From October to December of 2016 more than  21, 000 underage youths, without any adults accompanying them – and most  from Central America – crossed undocumented the border between Mexico and… Read more »

Americans reportedly canceling their trips to Mexico

There’s a new self-imposed, fear-inspired travel ban happening among American travelers. U.S.-based travelers are increasingly canceling trips to Mexico, reports Travel Weekly. According to a recent survey of 166 travel… Read more »

Mexico will be top 7 economy in 2050 – PWC

Financial forecasts from accountancy PWC  show that by 2050 Mexico will be in the Top 7 of the world’s economies. PWC projected GDP’s in 2050 for 32 of the largest economies… Read more »

Pemex launches biggest ever EM corporate eurobond

PEMEX Mexico’s state oil company, has sold €4.25bn in euro-denominated bonds in the biggest euro deal seen by any emerging market issuer, despite concerns about the sustainability of its debt… Read more »

Sinaloa’s Cartel Laundry money investigation in Spain

Spanish newspaper “El Pais” reports that a Mexican politician from Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) and a Sinaloa’s Deputy since 2009 has over 6 million Euros in his account at the… Read more »

Canada will not leave agreements with Mexico IF….

Canada’s Ambassador to Mexico, Pierre Alarie, said that if US leaves the NAFTA, Canada will maintain the agreement with Mexico and it will become a bilateral relationship. In an interview the Ambassador said… Read more »

Breaking News: Mazatlan wins bid to host Tianguis Turistico in 2018!

In a Ceremony held at Angela Peralta, Enrique de la Madrid the Federal Tourism Secretary, confirmed that Mazatlan will be the host of Tianguis Turistico 2018. The event included a… Read more »

Mexico exports to US reach historic levels

Mexican exports to US in 2016 topped US$294 billion reaching a record level that represents 13.4% of all shipments. Mexico was the second largest supplier after China, according to a… Read more »

Feds to aid security in Sinaloa

Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Government Secretary (Mexico’s equivalent of “Vice-President”) held a meeting in Mazatlan with the assistance of the National Security Board. Osorio Chong said Quirino Ordaz’s Goverment will have all the… Read more »

Trump never threatened to send troops to Mexico

The Mexican government on Wednesday vehemently denied reports that President Trump threatened to send American soldiers into Mexico during a phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Such a threat “did not happen… Read more »

Mazatlan is in the finals for Tianguis Turistico

Tianguis Turistico is the most important travel trade show in Mexico, providing a unique business arena where domestic and international purchasers are able to meet with over 500 Mexican tourism service… Read more »

Concerned Governors will meet the President

As per request of the Governors National (CONAGO), President Pena Nieto will hold a meeting tomorrow January 31 with the 32 State Governors. The meeting will be at 12:30 pm… Read more »

Carlos Slim tells Mexico not to fear Trump

On the day before his 77th birthday, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said he was celebrating, not his birth, but the unity of his country. The world’s fourth-richest person, according to… Read more »

Mexico should cancel meeting if they won’t pay for the wall

Mexicans have reacted angrily to President Trump’s executive order, which among many things directed the U.S. government to begin immediate construction of a border wall. Mexican lawmakers are urging President… Read more »

Jose Cuervo planning February IPO

Jose Cuervo the world’s largest tequila maker, is pushing forward with plans for an initial public offering after delaying the share sale last year, according to a person with knowledge… Read more »