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Gasoline Prices to Increase Next Month

Premium gasoline will be 34 centavos more expensive in July.

Sinaloa Congress Clarifies Breathalyzer Regulations

According to the new regulations, breathalyser roadblocks must conform to a minimum of five requisites.

Canada and México Reach Agreement on Visa and Beef Imports

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters that Canada is dropping its visa requirement for Mexican visitors.

Union Leaders Meet with Osorio Chong

Osorio Chong asked the CNTE to lift the blockades, particularly in Chiapas and Oaxaca.

México has 61,000 Acres of Opium Poppies

Production is concentrated in nine states along México’s Pacific coast, including Guerrero, Sinaloa and Nayarit.

May Homicides Highest in 41 Months

The states with the greatest number of homicides were México, Guerrero, Jalisco, Chihuahua and Sinaloa.

Guacamole Just Became Very Expensive

The fruit was selling this weekend in local markets for 75 pesos a kilo, the same price as a kilo of pork.

Nieto Partially Vetoes Anti-Corruption Bill

Mexican President Peña Nieto vetoed a section of anti-corruption legislation that angered business leaders.

México Announces Budget Cut After Brexit

The Mexican peso surged to around 19.50 pesos to the dollar early Friday after Britain voted to withdraw from the European Union.

Scotiabank Teams up with Kabbage for Small Loans in México and Canada

Existing small business customers in México, currently not borrowing from Scotiabank, will be able to apply for a Scotiabank-Kabbage loan.

Mexicans First: No Mexican State Provides Quality Education

There is a bad management of resources and a huge abuse of corruption in these institutions.

Why Trump is Good for Mexico’s Politicians (video)

Trump’s negative comments give a call-to-arms and a rallying point to Mexican politicians who want to improve their own standing.

Government nixing visas for Mexicans, despite warnings

The Canadian government is going to lift the visa requirement for Mexican travellers.

In Mexico, no war but many internally displaced

In Mexico, and neighboring Central America, gang violence is what’s forcing thousands from their homes.

Mexico buries victims of deadly teachers strike

Eight people died during clashes with riot police and striking teachers in the southern state of Oaxaca.