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CFE Announces Plans for 5 New Gas Pipelines

México is looking to build more pipelines to boost the “reliability of the country’s natural gas transport system.”

World Book Day: México Second to Last in Reading

The Reading Index shows that on average a Mexican reads only 2.8 books a year.

Unemployment rises to 4.8%

The unemployment rate for March of last year was 4.51 percent.

Celebrity Cruise Line to Call on Mazatlán Tomorrow

A total of 21 cruise ships have called on Mazatlán during the 2013-2014 season.

México has some of the Cheapest Gasoline

Throughout México a person can buy a liter of gasoline for less than one U.S. dollar.

Senate ups Prison Term for Kidnapping

México’s Senate raised the prison term for kidnapping from the current 40 to 70 years up to 140 years.

Holiday Traffic Accidents Double Compared to Last Year

The 34 people who lost their lives in traffic accidents were the result of driving while impaired.

A Good Semana Santa for Sinaloa

The number of visitors to the state was up 200,000 over 2013.

State Job Growth Hits 10 Year Low

During the first quarter of 2014 Sinaloa recorded the lowest growth in formal employment in the last 10 years.

Aquarium Breaks Attendance Records

A significant portion of the record breaking attendance was attributed to the Mazatlán-Durango highway.

Mexican Troops Free 179 Kidnapped Migrants

Mexican troops have freed 179 undocumented Central America migrants bound for the United States.

Four Migrants Riding “The Beast” Murdered

Three of the dead were Mexicans and the fourth was from Honduras.

UPDATED: Accident Leaves Sinaloa Auditor General in Coma

The Auditor General is reported in serious condition.

Drug Cartel Leader Captured in México City

Arnoldo Villa Sanchez was arrested along with another man believed to be his bodyguard.

Mayors of Two Michoacán Towns Arrested

Noé Octavio Aburto was arrested for probable responsibility in the crime of embezzlement.