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Five Narco Laboratories Destroyed

The capture of Juan José Esparragosa Moreno, “El Azul,” has resulted in the uncovering of five synthetic drug laboratories.

Mexico government launches its new federal police force

They are known as Gendarmerie and its primary task will be to protect industries, businesses and farms.

Waste water contaminates Mexico rivers

Pollutants including sulphuric acid and heavy metals from a copper mine have entered rivers in country’s north.

Minimum wage debate in Mexico

An interview with Christopher Wilson, Senior Associate with Wilson Center.

Private Sector Opposes Mandated Increase in Minimum Wage

The minimum daily wage in Sinaloa presently stands at 63.77 pesos.

Peña Nieto Commissions the Gendarmerie

After much delay the scaled down gendarmerie was commissioned by the president on Friday.

Supreme Court Approves Increase of VAT at Border

The majority of the judges saw no problem increasing the tax rate at the border.

México: “Ease of Doing Business”

The State of México and Puebla were the states that improved the most in the ease of doing business.

Pemex Begins Restructuring

Pemex will create two first tier companies.

The Status of Mazatlán’s Port

TMAZ has invested over $25 million in the city’s port with the expectation of meeting the needs of a Deepwater port.

Sinaloa Repeals “Gag Law”

Governor Mario López Valdez had promoted the so called “Gag Law” in an attempt to censor information on public safety.

70% of México’s Prisoners do not Know Their Legal Status

70 percent of México’s prisoners who have not had a trial do not know the status of their case.

“Bandatón” Sinaloense in Los Angeles

The event hopes to set a Guinness World Record with 50 Sinaloa bands.

Mayors of Patzcuaro and Huetamo in Photo with Cartel Boss

Quadratin said an anonymous sender provided two photos taken from an undated video.

PAN President Backs Wage Referendum

The PAN President said that the matter of an increase of the minimum wage should not be considered a local matter, but a national one.