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INEGI Criticized for Poverty Survey Changes

INEGI said it merely “improved” the way it measures income because it suspected people were underreporting what they earn.

Investigation of Missing Students did not confirm Incineration

The report from international fire experts convened by the Mexican government was obtained by The Associated Press.

Alejandra Barrales, new president of PRD

She made clear that the PRD was interested in maintaining alliances with the National Action Party (PAN).

SEP Announces Changes to Teachers’ Evaluation

SEP announced adjustments to the controversial teacher-evaluation process that has sparked protests by dissident educators.

Cactus seeds smuggled from Mexico may cause cactus extinction

Nearly one-third of these desert plants face extinction.

Mexican Folk Art

Mexico has a colorful, rich tradition of paper mache folk art kept alive by artists such as Carlos Arredondo.

Fear at the border mounts as possibility of Trump’s wall looms

Along the California-Mexico border, Latino immigrants worry Donald Trump may actually build his promised wall.

Mexican Navy Seizes Over 200 Barrels Of Cocaine Salsa

This week the Mexican Navy seized 217 barrels of spicy red salsa mixed in with cocaine.

“Society’s Participation” in Fighting Obesity

In 2014, more than 94,000 Mexicans died from complications of diabetes.

10 Inmates Escape from Cancún Prison

On Tuesday ten inmates escaped from a prison in Cancun.

President Makes Clear Education Reform Law will not be Changed

Dialogue that is going on between the SNTE and the CNTE is to achieve an efficient implementation of the legislation.

New Teachers Evaluation Model to be Unveiled

Discussion of the new educational model will include teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE).

Government to Revise Teacher Evaluation

The Mexican government will undertake a revision of the evaluation exam given to all teachers.

Navy Seizes a Ton of Cocaine

The Mexican navy said it has recovered roughly 900 kilos (1,982 pounds) of cocaine found floating off México’s southern Pacific coast.

365 Teachers in Michoacán have Justified the Absences

Those who do not comply with this requirement will be discharged from their work.