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Mexican Troops Free 179 Kidnapped Migrants

Mexican troops have freed 179 undocumented Central America migrants bound for the United States.

Four Migrants Riding “The Beast” Murdered

Three of the dead were Mexicans and the fourth was from Honduras.

UPDATED: Accident Leaves Sinaloa Auditor General in Coma

The Auditor General is reported in serious condition.

Drug Cartel Leader Captured in México City

Arnoldo Villa Sanchez was arrested along with another man believed to be his bodyguard.

Mayors of Two Michoacán Towns Arrested

Noé Octavio Aburto was arrested for probable responsibility in the crime of embezzlement.

Government to Sue States over Education Reform

Legislators from all three parties seem to be on board with the president’s decision.

Oceanografia Files for Bankruptcy Protection

A spokesperson for OSA said the action was taken to protect its more than 11,000 employees.

Banks to Close Thursday and Friday

México’s banks and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) will be closed Thursday, April 17and Friday, April 18.

Mayor Felton Justifies Semana Santa Expenditures

The cost of closing Olas Altas to vehicular traffic and permitting pedestrian traffic only is currently unknown.

Banamex Victim of Second Fraud

Unlike the Oceanografía case, it appears that Banamex may get its money bank from the second questionable borrower.

13 Die in México Shootings

Thirteen people died in unrelated shootings in northern and southern México over the weekend.

Over 40% of México’s Native Languages at Risk of Extinction

Of the 143 native languages in México 60 are at risk of being silenced forever.

México Becomes #2 Auto Exporter to U.S. Overtaking Japan

Experts say México could become the top exporter to the U.S. as soon as 2015.

Veracruz Crash Leaves 36 Dead 4 Injured

Witnesses said the trailer was stranded on the highway without lights when the bus collided with it.

Mexico overtakes Japan in car exports to the US

The Mexican Auto Industry Association reported production was up 16.3 percent while exports rose 12.9 percent.