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Unidentified Infants Injured in Hospital Explosion to get DNA Testing

There are nine babies who were rescued and have not been identified.

Avocado Exports to U.S. Increase 39%

The 39 percent increase in exports equals an additional 102,900 tons, for a total of 365,639 tons.

Only 16% of the Government’s Purchases are Competitive

83.3 percent of the contracts entered into by the government are by direct award, not competitive bidding.

México Cuts Public Spending

The falling prices in global oil has forced México to make large cuts in public spending.

Seizure of “Tragamonedas” in Benito Juárez and El Centro

The federal police decommissioned the illegal gambling machines found in local stores and on sidewalks.

Sinaloa First in Violent Vehicle Thefts

The national incidence of violent thefts of insured vehicles diminished by 8.8 percent over the previous year.

Banks Closed on Monday

Customers can make banking transactions through ATMs, telephone lines and websites of their respective banks.

Monarch Butterflies Making Modest Comeback

The number of Monarch butterflies that reached their wintering grounds in México this season increased 69 percent.

Devastation at Maternity Hospital Leads to Investigation

Authorities said they were at least three the dead as a result of the explosion at a maternity hospital located in Cuajimalpa.

Sinaloa’s Economic Activity Jumps in Third Quarter of 2014

The state of Aguascalientes had the greatest growth rate with 11.1 percent.

Organización Soriana to Purchase Controladora Comercial Mexicana

The price for the Soriana acquisition was 39.194 billion pesos ($2.703 billion).

Parents of Missing Students Take Complaint to U.N.

A delegation of the parents will travel to Geneva on Saturday to lodge a complaint against México with the U.N.

Explosion rocks Maternity Hospital in México City Suburb

Late this morning rescue workers were scouring through concrete and twisted metal for survivors.

Sinaloa 2014 Health Report

Most of the 13 main health problems experienced by Sinaloans in 2014 can be prevented by daily personal hygiene and a nutritious diet.

Ten Squats: Free Ticket

In 2013 México surpassed the United States as the country with the highest obesity rate.