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Mexico City Bans Cages, Restraints on Neglected, Disabled Children

An advocacy group has worked with the city to provide better living conditions for children in its care.

Mexican commuters swap squats for metro tickets

Mexico City is giving away condoms and metro tickets to commuters willing to do 10 squats as part of a programme to promote exercise in a country where obesity is a rampant health issue.

Uber drivers attacked outside Mexico City airport as taxi drivers demonstrate

A raucous crowd attacked Uber drivers and their vehicles with clubs and stones outside the Mexico City airport.

Central Bank Could Raise Interest Rates at Any Time

The central bank’s next scheduled meeting is Sept. 21.

Mexican Government to Spend $9 Million to Remove Seaweed from its Beaches

Mexican officials say they are redoubling efforts to remove tons of sargassum seaweed that has been washing ashore in recent weeks.

U.S. Tourism up 25%

Last year 68.2 million Americans traveled outside of the U.S.

Operators of Uber Vehicles Attacked in México City

At least eight vehicles were damaged during the incident, which took police around half an hour to control.

Arrest Warrant Issued for Extradition of “El Chapo”

México received a U.S. extradition request on June 25.

Gender Alert Issued for State of México

According to the gender alert more than 1,700 women were slain in the state of México between 2005 and 2014.

Oaxaca with Lowest Level of Education

53.7 percent of Oaxacans, who are at least 15 years of age, have not completed secondary school.

Custom Agents Fired for Corruption

During the first six months of this year about 100 agents assigned to the customs service were fired for corruption.

Sinaloa Public Debt Raises 78.5% under Malova Administration

The percentage of increase in short term debt was 69 percent.

Teachers in 26 States to Boycott Classes in Upcoming School Year

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit blocked a bank account that belonged to Section 22 of the CNTE.

México’s Exports up 3.6% in June

Imports grew 2.1 percent resulting in a seasonally adjusted trade balance deficit of $1.354 billion.

23 People Killed by Truck in Zacatecas

The incident occurred when the dump truck lost its brakes and ran over people on the main street.