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Sinaloa Unemployment Figures Down in February

The number of unemployed in Sinaloa in February this year dropped to 3.46 percent.

Abuse of México’s Female Inmates

Prisons in México that house women are often overcrowded and are run by mafias.

15 Million Illegal Weapons in México

About 80 percent of those weapons came from the United States.

U.S. Investors Buy stake in Two México Pipelines

The two investors have agreed to invest an estimated $900 million to fund the construction of the pipeline Los Ramones II.

Jalisco Councilman Murdered

Feliciano García Fierros, a councilman in Tlaquepaque, a city in the state of Jalisco, was gunned down this weekend.

Gigante Buys RadioShack

RadioShack filed for bankruptcy protection in the US in February.

México’s Governors not so Transparent

In 2013 only nine governors filed the financial reports.

32% of Visually Impaired is Illiterate

32 percent of the visually impaired population is illiterate in México.

February Unemployment Lowest in 7 Years

The 4.3 percent rate was down from the 4.7 percent reported in February of 2014.

The fall of City of Teotihuacan

The governing class ruled like a “corporate organization.”

Elephant Moved to Zoo Dies

The elephant, named Mary, became ill and died from pneumonia.

México’s Farmworkers Reject Growers’ Proposal

Yesterday farmworkers in the San Quintin area of Baja California rejected a proposed six percent increase in wages.

39 Migrants Rescued from Human Traffickers

The rescued came after a six-month investigation.

México’s Economic Activity up 2.6% in January

México’s economic activity index rose 2.6 percent in January.

Cancer Kills 12 Women Every Day

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death among women.