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México Picks International Team to Investigate Missing Students

One of the experts chosen to be on the international team is Jose Luis Torero of the University of Queensland, Australia.

México’s Foreign Reserves Fall by $732 Million

Foreign reserves have fallen by $12.93 billion since the end of 2014.

Single Police Command for Michoacán

The Federal Police and members of the Navy and Army will help to strengthen the security of the state.

19 Arrested in México’s Plan to Save the Vaquita Porpoise

The vaquita porpoise is threatened by gillnet fishing for totoaba, a huge, heavy fish.

Takeover of Toll Booth on Maz-Durango Highway may End Soon

Yesterday, the ejiditarios accepted an offer by the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes for payment of their expropriated land.

Pope to Visit México Next Year

The trip will be Pope Francis’ first to México.

Volkswagen Exports Fall by 30%

Volkswagen exports fell by 30 percent in September.

Trans-Pacific Partnership is Reached

Supporters say it will be a boon for all the nations involved.

Defense Minister Will Not Allow Army Personnel to be Interviewed

The international panel of experts had no legal grounds to interrogate Mexican soldiers, he said.

Judge Orders Release of Soldiers Accused of Killing Civilians

A Mexican judge has ordered the release of four soldiers accused of killing 22 civilians.

México Could Fine Volkswagen Almost $7 Billion

Mexican authorities may impose a fine of almost $7 billion on Volkswagen.

Children of Leaders of Section of CNTE Attend Private Schools

Although the salary of Section 22 teachers varies, the average salary is 3,500 pesos every two weeks.

IMF Cuts México’s Growth Forecast

The IMF is predicting a global GDP of 3.1 percent for 2015.

Judge Sentences Ex-Police to Prison for Forced Disappearance

A Judge has sentenced three former Ahome police officers to prison.

Police Injured, One Dead from Grenade Explosion

One man is dead and two Sinaloa Ministerial police agents wounded as a result of grenades thrown by a man resisting arrest.