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Sinaloa Governor Attends Opening of Tiger Woods Designed Golf Course

The par 71 course is located in the exclusive Diamante tourist development in the municipality of Los Cabos.

Minimum Wage May Increase 4.3% in 2015

It appears that no agreement was reached to consolidate the two minimum wage zones of “A” and “B.”

Bimbo to Acquire Canadian Bakery

The price of the acquisition was reported as 120 million Canadian dollars.

VivaAerobus to Begin DFW Flights to México

The airline will start out with three flights a week to Guadalajara.

PRD Proposes to Eliminate the Draft

PRD has introduced a bill to eliminate the military draft in México.

The Kidnapping and Killing of Journalist in México

México ranks sixth in the world in the killings of journalists, with three journalists killed so far in 2014.

Almost 200 Americans Kidnapped in 2014

According to México’s NGO National Citizens Observatory, a person is kidnapped every six hours in México.

México Tops Latin America in Exports

México’s increase in dollar volume of exports was driven by a 6.0 percent increase in sales to the United States market.

Chances Slim of Identifying Remains

The chances of identifying the victims were slim because of damaged samples.

Federal District May Become 32nd State

A special election would be held with candidates from the Federal District’s districts to draft a constitution for the new state.

Puebla Leads Country in Impunity for Criminals

The state of México led the country in the number of criminal investigations begun during 2013 with 272,996 cases.

Toxic Waste Contamination Found in Mine Spill

Tests carried out by three teams of scientists and academics found the water is indeed toxic.

21 Injured in Protest Fights

Seven of the 21 were police officers.

México’s Financial Losses to Corruption puts it in Top 10

Illicit financial outflows around the world grew at 9.4 percent a year in the decade ending in 2012.

More than 213,000 are in State Prisons

214,266 people work in various public security functions in the country’s 31 states.