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U.S. Senate Confirms Ambassador to México

By a voice vote on Thursday the United States Senate confirmed Roberta Jacobson.

Michoacán Will not be Held Hostage by SNTE

The head of SEP took the opportunity to criticize members of the SNTE who tried to disrupt the press conference.

IMF concerned over México’s Rising Debt

Because of the lower oil prices it is necessary for México to adjust its public finances.

2.5 Million Children between 5 and 17 Work in México

1.8 percent of the population between the ages of eight and 17 cannot read or write.

Profits up at Wal-Mart de México

Wal-Mart de México (Walmex) reported that its net profit rose 30 percent on over last year during the first quarter.

México: Worst Trade Balance in 22 Years

In March the trade balance recorded a surplus of $155 million.

CNDH Investigates Allegations of Torture

The CNDH also criticized Mexican authorities for not responding to its requests pertaining to the allegations in a timely manner.

UNICEF & CONEVAL: 21.4 Million Children Live in Poverty

53.9 percent of the population aged 0-17 years old lacked the minimum conditions to guarantee the exercise of one or more of their social rights.

March Unemployment Lowest Since 2008

México’s unemployment rate was 3.74 percent in March, the lowest unemployment rate since June of 2008.

Gunmen Attack Police in Acapulco Hotel

Armed men launched near-simultaneous assaults on police in the resort of Acapulco, leaving one attacker dead and an officer wounded.

UN “Concerned” Over Cases of Missing Student Teachers

México’s deputy attorney general for human rights, Eber Betanzos, acknowledged that his office had received a total of 32 torture complaints.

México’s Public Sector Debt per Capita up 69% in 5 Years

According to the Ministry of Finance, public sector debt increased to 8.6 billion pesos ($494 million) in 2015.

More than 7,000 Chiapas Teachers to have their Pay Reduced

Last Friday more than 274,000 students in the state of Chiapas discovered their teachers did not show up to teach them.

México’s Coffee Production drops to 45 Year Low

México is experiencing one of its worst crisis in coffee production in at least the last four decades.

Another Journalist Murdered in México

According to police in the city of Taxco, the attack took place at around 6:30 a.m.