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Human Rights Investigators Cannot Get Access to Soldiers

Investigators said they want to interview several dozen soldiers, just as they have with other witnesses.

Heroin now Leads in México’s Drug Production

The state of Guerrero is the largest poppy producer.

42% of México’s Prisoners have not been Convicted of a Crime

Some inmates have been imprisoned for periods up to seven years without having been convicted of a crime.

PRD’s Power Continues Decline

Since 2008 the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) has loss control of 126 cities.

Students who Destroyed Text Books to be Sanctioned

The federal department of education provides free text books to students in federal public schools without conditions.

Canaco Demands CFE Respond to Power Outages

Media reported the CFE has not released any statements with respect to the power cuts.

F1 cars take to the streets of Mexico City

Formula One racing fans got a treat in Mexico City with Red Bull and Scuderia Toro Rosso cars doing promotional laps around the city.

Child migrant crisis endures on Mexico’s south border

Thousands of children from Central America are still migrating through Mexico.

Diverse Allies Step Forward in Ayotzinapa Struggle for Justice

Nine months after the forced disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students, some are discouraged by a lower turnout for large marches.

Unemployment Rate Falls in May

The unemployment rate of 4.4 percent was up just slightly over the 4.3 percent reported for April of this year.

México’s Exports Decline in May

Auto exports fell 3.51 percent, while non-auto exports dropped by 8.14 percent.

Capture of Cartel Leaders has Reduced Violent Crimes

During the administration of Peña Nieto 93 drug cartel leaders have been either captured or killed.

Pemex Oil Production Down 9% in 2015

The average export price for oil during the January-May period of 2015 was $48.14 per barrel.

One Person Disappears Every Day in Sinaloa

The Sinaloa government admitted in a meeting with families of those reported missing that the disappearances were a “main problem” for the State.

Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Remarks Spark Outrage in Mexico (video)

Donald Trump described Mexican immigrants “rapists” and people who bring drugs and crime into the U.S.