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President Enrique Peña Nieto Fights For Gay Rights in Mexico

President Enrique Peña Nieto Fights For Gay Rights in Mexico

$35 Million Goes Missing in Shell Companies Linked to Mexican Governor (video)

Animal Político is claiming the government of the southern state of Veracruz awarded multi-million contracts to several fake shell companies.

Mexico City residents get whistles to fight sexual assault (video)

The campaign urged women to pick up a pink and white whistle to let people know that they won’t remain indifferent to rape and sexual violence.

Mass graves dug up to find Mexico’s missing

Forensic experts and officials are exhuming more than 100 bodies at two mass graves south of Mexico City.

Seeking justice for 43 missing Mexican students

The effects of the drug war bleed over into civil society and lead to systematic human rights abuses

Hundreds of Riot Police Evict Peaceful Teachers’ Encampment

The teachers are seeking dialogue with the authorities to revoke the so-called education reform.

Cartens see no need for Rate Change

In its quarterly inflation report on Wednesday, the central bank maintained its 2016 economic growth forecast.

México’s Armed Forces: Exceptional Killers

According to the government’s figures, the kill rate for its the armed forces is exceptionally high.

Mob Kills Two Suspected Kidnappers

It was reported by local media that some 600 people beat a man and a woman to death.

Alderman Candidate Murdered in Zacatecas

On Wednesday evening armed men in Calera, Zacatecas fired at two men for no apparent reason.

Production of GM Truck Could Leave México for U.S.

There is no official confirmation yet on the move from General Motors or the local union representing the workers in Flint.

Amber Alert: Important Tool in Locating Children

The Amber alert system has become an important tool for searching and locating children who have gone missing.

Southwest Airline Expands Service into México

Southwest has confirmed that is seeking to expand its service into México.

Gasoline Prices Could Drop Early

In March México allowed private companies to import fuels for the first time.

México Cuts 2016 Growth Prediction

México’s government cut its 2016 growth outlook, pointing to weak industrial output in the United States that has directly hit Mexican exports.