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AICM to Suspend Operations on Independence Day

Military authorities will implement measures to ensure safety in the operations of the capital’s airport terminal.

The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly Begins

Monarch butterflies are on the move, making their way in significant numbers along the St. Lawrence River.

Murder and Migration in Honduras: Immigrant America (video)

More migrants are now coming from the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula and surrounding areas than anywhere else in Central America.

Police brutality figures highest ever in Mexico

Torture and maltreatment rates of suspected criminals at the hands of Mexican authorities has risen 600 percent in the last ten years.

Mexico mining company to compensate over toxic spill (video)

A mining company has agreed to a multi-million dollar compensation payout for causing one of Mexico’s worst ever environmental disasters.

Mexico destroys coca plantation

Mexican security forces have destroyed the first known coca plantation in the country.

Tepito one of Mexico’s most dangerous black markets

The neighborhood of Tepito in Mexico City is the oldest area of the capital.

Environmentalists put worries about Mexico’s new airport project

Mexico’s government is about to build a new $9 billion international airport on a nearby lake bed to replace Benito Juarez International Airport.

México Generates More Than 17 Million Formal Jobs for the First Time

The construction industry grew 3.5 percent in July.

Pemex to Spend $5.5 Billion of Various Projects

The industrial projects are expected to create some 17,000 direct jobs.

Coca Plants Discovered in México

The seizure of 1,639 coca plants marks the first known instance of the raw ingredient for cocaine being cultivated in Mexico.

L.A. Fashion District Raided in Cartel Money Laundering Scheme

The businesses are accused of using what’s called a Black Market Peso Exchange scheme to traffic drug and ransom money.

Inflation Rises in August

Consumer prices rose 0.36 percent in August.

México is becoming the New Detroit

México now has four out of every 10 auto sector jobs in North America, up from just 25 percent of them in 2000.

Sinaloa Poultry Breeders Concerned About Imports

Eggs from outside the State have been entering local markets without having been inspected.