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Ready or not, each year the holidays challenge us with a dizzying number of contrasting choices. A perfect time for kicking back, looking back and taking stock, right?


As to my recent quest, several readers have commented, why not explore the possibility of a smaller motorcycle? Surely there are acceptable lightweight alternatives to a heavy Harley. So I did.


A couple weeks ago, after a lifetime of lusting after a Harley Davidson motorcycle, I had an epiphany. Now I’m shopping for a Big Wheels with training wheels. What happened?


How does one tell if memory is failing? Is it self-apparent? Or does the universe naturally nudge us into some form of compliant reality just before the roof caves in?

“Texting testing”

Now that Telcel is jamming Skype’s computer/phone use over its monopolistic communications system, I was forced to buy a real telephone…with unforeseen results.

Digital hang-ups

It was my lot in life to be born mechanically disinclined and digitally impaired. A left-handed, dyslexic incompetent with the memory bank of an eggplant. Fortunately this was the perfect mix for a career in advertising…but no more.

Moving On

Is there a difference between a shift in perspective…and having to choose a fork in the road? Or between taking a detour…or taking a quantum leap? Either and all can change a life. Or not.

Hari-kari Karaoke?

For those of you who had hoped the Karaoke craze had faded with the demise of the Milli Vanilli debacle…think again. For those of you who enjoy this type of aural flagellation, be glad, as it is alive and happily festering on a little island in the middle of Marina Mazatlan harbor.

Terror in Suburbia

Have you ever, on the spur of the moment, inadvertently stepped out of your habitual comfort zone…and found yourself in a cultural pickle? No? Really? Well, it can be an educational experience. Or not.

“Check Please.”

What would it feel like to be a hardworking Mazatlecan waiting on tourist filled tables in a local restaurant? Hey, if George Plimpton can do his book writing research like this…why can’t I?

Problems in Paradise

There is an on-going problem in the only overnight anchorages available to yachts both visiting and home-ported here in Mazatlán. It is scary and possibly only a matter of time before someone is badly hurt…or worse.

“You drive a…what?!”

We’ve all heard, clothes make the man/woman, right? But, what about the car each owns? What does that say about the driver? Well, now there’s a new study that clears this up for us…or not.

Implants R us?

What has been happening within the science of medical technology over the last several decades? What’s the next ‘big thing’? Are we ready? Are you?

‘ears lookin’ at you, babe’

It’s visa renewal time again, folks and there’s now a new game in town. Have you heard about it? The new immigration card photo regulations? You know…the ‘ears’ thing?

“The SPAM legacy.”

Long a favorite of blue-water, passage-making sailors with no refrigeration, canned SPAM has now gone beyond haut cuisine fame and is reaching new heights in the rarified field of higher education.