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Going to El Centro? Best to Take Public Transport

The complete overhaul of approximately 4,000-5,000 meters of water lines is expected to cost approximately 39 million pesos.

Heat Index Reaches 48°C Yesterday

Mazatlecans suffered one of the hottest days so far this summer.

UAS Checks Students for Syphilis

In anticipation of the recommencement of classes after summer holidays, students began lining up for the free blood tests on August 19th.

Victims of Phone Extortion Found Safe

Police reports state the couple, 60 and 70 years old, after receiving a telephone call on Tuesday left their home in their car and disappeared.

Centro Store Fire Alarms Market Stall Holders

That fire has caused consternation among stall holders in the El Centro market.

Mexican President to Inaugurate New Military Hospital

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will be in Mazatlán on August 29th for the official inauguration.

Bigger Water Pumps Will Improve Water Distribution

The upgrade will increase water production for the municipality from 1,500 liters per second to 1,950 liters per second.

Aquarium Shark Tank to Open in December

In total, approximately 100 million pesos has been invested in the shark tank since October, 2010.

Security Council Meets to Discuss Strategy

A meeting of the Sinaloa Security Council took place in Mazatlán to define new strategies to contain the recent violence.

PokemonGo Fest First in Mazatlán

The first Pokéfest was held in Mazatlán last Saturday, August 20th in Olas Altas.

14 Murdered in Municipality of Mazatlán Last Week

Mazatlán Mayor Felton commented that the murders are the result of criminal gangs fighting for a base in Mazatlán.

Mayor Fights Back Against Dissident Council Members

Mayor Carlos Felton has ordered the Secretary of the Municipal Hall to ask the Justice Department to review not only the declarations of council members but also the reporting of local media.

Winner of Mazatlán Mayoral Election Still Undecided

Mazatlán’s Consejo Municipal Electoral is still waiting for a decision from the Sinaloa State Electoral Tribunal.

Elimination of New License Plates Every Three Years Proposed

The Sinaloa transit law requires vehicle owners purchase new license plates every three years.

Local Tenor with Vienna Opera to Give Performance in Mazatlán

Mazatlán tenor, Carlos Osuna, recently renewed his contract with the Vienna State Opera.