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Mayor Defends Purchase of LED lights

He said they are necessary in order to save up to 70 percent on the 6.5 million pesos monthly that the municipality pays for electricity.

Greenpeace Ship “Esperanza” arrives tomorrow

The crew will hold a press conference on board on Sunday at 11am.

Jumapam applies for increase in water rates

Domestic users will see their next month’s water bill rise from 41.14 pesos to 49.37 pesos.

UPDATED: Rescued Dolphin Dies

The dolphin was taken to the aquarium for observation and veterinary attention.

Heat Getting to You? It’s to be Expected, says Psychiatrist

The extreme climate provokes irritability, apathy, bad moods and affects a person’s energy level.

Municipal Police Operate Tourist Information Modules

Five tourist information portable stands are installed in the most popular tourist areas of the city.

Municipality Purchases Equipment for Jumapam

The municipality invested over eight million pesos in new vehicles and safety equipment for the water department.

Business Owners Question Use of Breathalyzer

Business owners said they considered the breathalyzer operation to be a method of garnering money for the municipality.

Municipal Tactical Squad Receives Camouflage Uniforms

121 camouflage uniforms costing approximately 220,000 pesos were handed out to the members of Mazatlán’s Tactical Squad.

Rescuers Return Dolphin to the Ocean

The marine mammal appeared on Cerritos beach at approximately 9am and was discovered by personnel from a nearby rehabilitation centre.

Sinaloan Beach Volleyball Medalists Receive Recognition

The gold winners of the Pan Am beach volleyball competition held in Toronto were honoured at a ceremony at municipal hall yesterday.

Fábricas de Francia Celebrates 52nd Anniversary

Department store Fábricas de Francia celebrated its 52nd year since opening its doors in Mazatlán on July 27, 1963.

Report Confirms Hotel Contaminating Laguna del Camarón

A fine by the National Water Commission against polluters could be between 20 and 20,000 minimum salaries.

Luche Libre Wrestlers Unhappy with Mazatlán Mayor

Fifty-three luche libre wrestlers in Mazatlán are demanding Mayor Carlos Felton honour his promise.

200 Mazatlán Police Graduate from High School

Sixty to seventy percent of the 1,000 Mazatlán police have a high school diploma or higher.