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Thieves Steal Therapy Horses

The horses belong to the Asociacón Padres y Compadres IAP, a non-profit organization.

Popular Oasis Interactive Park Sits Idle and Rusts

Merchants around the park say their business is down as much as 70 percent since the park closed.

Officials Crack Down on Bus Drivers

11 bus drivers affiliated with the Alliance and two affiliated with the Eagles of the Pacific were disciplined.

City at Risk of Losing More Federal Money

Unless renovation of the Golden Zone and El Quelite does not begin immediately, the State risks losing the federal money appropriated for these projects.

Shootout Between Criminal Gangs Panics Residents

A shootout between rival gangs around 6pm on Sunday left various vehicles and homes in Fraccionamiento Jardines del Toreo riddled with bullets.

CFE Issues Request for Proposal for Smart Meters

The smart meters would provide two way communications between the customer and the local CFE office.

City Reinstitutes Breathalyzer and Proposes Increased DWI Fine

Municipal Transit Police have proposed that the fine for drunk driving be increased to 100 to 300 times the minimum daily wage.

Plaza Sendero Offers 1,500 Job Opportunities

Hopefuls lined up around the block yesterday with their resumés in hand.

More Bus Accidents in Mazatlán than Culiacán

The drivers of a total of 13 city buses were pulled over yesterday by inspectors of the Sinaloa Direción de Vialidad y Transportes (DVyT) for driving with their doors open…. Read more »

CFE Subsidy ends October 31

The CFE subsidy for residential electric bills ends October 31.

Living from Paycheck to Paycheck

73.9 percent of a person’s paycheck goes for food and medicine.

Mazatlecan Writer First Mexican to Win Premio Planeta Award

Zepeda Patterson is the first Mexican to be awarded the prize.

Health Dept. to Screen for Ebola in Mazatlán

The screening coincides with the beginning of the winter tourist season in Mazatlán.

Conapesca Beefs Up Illegal Fishing Surveillance Fleet

The purchase of the four Defender boats was the first installment of a total of 30 the commission has ordered.

Damaged Palapa Restaurants Undergo Repairs

The restoration of the palapa restaurants will cost between 50,000 and 100,000 pesos.