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Mayor Shuffles Cabinet, Reduces Staff

The departments most affected will be Investments, Public Works and Jumapam.

Armed Men Shoot Fleeing Driver

The incident occurred on Libramiento Óscar Pérez Escobosa.

Local Fishermen Dropped from Temporary Employment Program

The Propesca program closed in March.

Aquarium Animals to be Donated to Culiacán Zoo

The members of the aquarium board of trustees voted unanimously to donate them to the Culiacán zoo.

Police Stop Reveals Arms Cache in Sabalo Country

A search of the vehicle revealed two pistols, a 9mm and 38mm, along with several spent and live bullets.

Resident Murdered while Exercising on Boulevard Median

Police said the man was identified a 50-year-old Manuel Loaiza Gutiérrez.

Popular Park Bulldozed for Renovation

Martiniano Carvajal Park located across from Playa Norte has been dismantled in preparation for a 13 million peso upgrade.

Mazatlán Old Folk’s Home Asks for Help

At the moment milk is the most urgent necessity for the 25 residents.

Police Interrupt Transfer of Stolen Gasoline

Five men were detained in possession of 61,500 liters of stolen gasoline and diesel.

Mazatlán Mayor Minimizes Recent Violence

In the first 25 days of May, nine people were murdered in the municipality of Mazatlán.

One Quarter of Urban Land Sits Idle

The problem, says Imapam, is that these spaces are serviced by water and electricity and could be used to generate economic development.

Crocodile Spotted in Laguna del Camarón

A crocodile was reportedly spotted on the bank of the Laguna del Camarón.

No Takers for Free Vasectomies

One of the most common doubts men have concerning vasectomies is that they will no longer be men.

Chihuahua to Export Powered Milk through Mazatlán Port

This will be the first cargo that will be using the new Mazatlán-Durango highway.

Councilman Proposes Increase in Members’ Obligations

One of his proposals includes Council members adhering to the municipal working hours of 8am to 3pm.