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Film Stars Take a Break in Mazatlán

Actors Brendan Fraser and Ray Liotta are filming the western series “Texas Rising” in Durango.

Problems Continue to Plague Aquarium’s Shark Tank

As of yesterday the aquarium did not have a plan outlining the number of shark species for the tank.

10 Vacationers Rescued from Rip Currents

Large ocean swells have resulted in an uneven distribution of water onshore and the creation of rip currents.

Bus Fare to Increase

The fare for air conditioned buses will remain unchanged.

PROFECO Attacks Price Gouging by Hotels and Taxis

Some hotels were doubling and tripling their published rates.

Five Family members Saved from Drowning

Life guards on jet-skis and a speed boat came to their rescue as they were being washed out to sea.

Sunday Market Deserted

Stall owners who braved the heat to open told reporters they were considering closing early.

Even Private Transport Raises Prices in Tourist Season

The Director of Roads and Transport stated people should not pay one peso more than the tariff.

Theft in Mazatlán Down 50% from 2013

Crime in Mazatlán in all of its forms is down 50 percent from that reported in 2013.

Jalisco Women Rule Triathlon Podium

Three women from Jalisco took the podium for first, second and third in the Elite category.

Angela Peralta Theater Closed for Renovations

Mazatlán’s iconic 140-year-old Angela Peralta Theater in Centro Historico closed its doors on Thursday evening to begin renovations.

Return Bonuses or Face Legal Consequences, says AG

Public employees have a right to apply for an amparo or other judicial defense to avoid reimbursing the municipalities.

Mayor Hints at Other Uses for Pino Suárez Funds

The government has allocated to rescue the aging Mercado Pino Suárez.

Investment Bonanza in Private and Public Works

Sedeco announced 11,000 million pesos will be invested by the Federal, State and municipal governments in public works projects.

Study to Begin on Garbage Dump Options

The study will cost five million pesos.