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Pacífico Marathon, Festival de la Luz this Weekend

As of yesterday, 9,000 athletes had registered to take part in the various marathon categories.

Crime Down, Interfamily Violence Up in Mazatlán

274 cases of family violence have been registered in the municipality so far this year, a six percent increase over last year.

Mazatlán Municipality owes Jumapam over Three Million Pesos

The Mazatlán municipal government has become one of the biggest debtors to its water department, Jumapam.

New 335 Unit Residential Project in Nuevo Mazatlán

The 335 unit project is divided into “lofts” and residences.

Contrary to Rumours, Convention Center is Profitable

Mazatlán’s convention center, Mazatlán International Center (MIC), is stable and growing.

Study of Harmful Effects of Chamoy takes Students to Holland

The aim of their project is to make citizens, in particular children and young people, aware of the effects of eating chamoy.

Hip-Hop Contest in Mazatlán this Weekend

The rap fest will feature local groups Cuartro44, Sucursal 7, Broken Felas Gang and others from surrounding towns and Culiacán.

State Offers Free Services in Colonia Urías

Hundreds of Mazatlecos from different colonias took advantage yesterday of the Fourth Institutional Services Fair held in the plazuela of Colonia Urías.

City Targets Empty Lots, Billboards

The Mazatlán municipal government will begin its third campaign to enforce laws and regulations long tolerated throughout the city.

Final Details for Aquarium Shark Tank to Cost 31 Million Pesos

In the director’s opinion, the most scandalous omission from the project plans was the capacity required to filter the water.

U.S. Consular Agent Reports Violence in Mazatlán

Internal discussions have been had about the growing violence in the city.

Plaza Sendero Mazatlán Opens

The shopping center contains 198 shops as well as parking for 1,600 vehicles.

Cruise Ship Passengers Praise El Centro

They favorably commented on Plaza Machado, the Cathedral, and strolling down the Malecón.

Meteorologist Predicts Cold Winter for Mazatlán

If the intense cold fronts continue Mazatlán can expect a very cold Christmas and even chillier New Year.

Federal Gov’t Budgets Infrastructure Funds for Mazatlán

The Mexican federal government has budgeted 300 million pesos for urban infrastructure projects in Mazaatlán for the year 2015.