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Road from Airport to Stone Island Finally Funded

The work would be put up for bids on September 2 and is expected to begin the same month.

52 Grenades Turned in during Arms Donation Program

Among those who turned in their weapons, 19 received computers and 294,500 pesos in exchange.

Pangas Return to Stone Island

The pangas were stopped because the owners of the 12 pangas plying the waters to Stone Island had failed to renew their permits.

Stone Island Boarding Dock Closed by Port Captain

Port Captain Gustavo Gómez Rangel said the 12 panga owners operating from the dock had not renewed their permits which were now five months in arrears.

Who Needs Cones to Save Parking Spots?

Street car washers use the bottom half of store mannequins to save parking spots for potential clients.

Ecology Department to Plant 2,000 Trees

In a city the size of Mazatlán, there should be 12-16 trees per person, but there are only four per person.

Sub-Sec of Tourism Minimizes Damage on Stone Island

The Sectur authority said the Island suffered minor damage to palapas and restaurants but did not categorize it as a catastrophe for tourism trade.

City Honours Fisherman Lost in Hurricane Ismael with Monument

Following a mass, the unveiling ceremony will take place on September 14.

18 Stolen Vehicles recovered this Month

Chief Murillo Rojo commented that thefts of vehicles are declining in the port and more are being recovered.

Shrimp Fishing Season to Begin September 14

On September 14 the high seas 2014-2015 shrimp season begins, while on September 5 it starts for pangas capturing shrimp in streams and lagoons.

High Contamination Levels Detected in Tidelands

The most severe is El Infiernillo, including at the Juárez bridge and surrounding zone.

High Waves from Hurricane Marie Hit Stone Island

Waves six to seven meters high provoked by Hurricane Marie hit Stone Island damaging 27 beachside restaurants and three hotels.

Sports Fishermen Capture Rare Find

Sports fisherman reported yesterday capturing a rare catfish not generally known to local Mazatlán fishermen.

Civil Associations Accuse DIF of Keeping Federal Funds

DIF cut the budgets of non-government organizations who attend to people with diverse physical and mental incapacities.

Mayor Presents New “Citizens Security Center”

Six public service departments will be installed in the center located on one of Mazatlán’s main thoroughfares.