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Jellyfish Season Off to a Painful Start

Between 200 and 300 weekend swimmers and bathers have reported being stung by the small blue bottle jellyfish.

Passengers Uninjured When Train Hits Car at Railway Crossing

The driver of a Volkswagen Jetta with Estado de México plates did not see the train approaching.

Businesses Lose 50 Percent of Sales from Road Closure

Business owners on 21 de Marzo Street between Aquiles Serdán and Benito Juárez say they understand the replacement of aging sewage and water pipes is necessary.

Housing Prices in Mazatlán Increased 29 Percent in Five Years

Real estate is tied to tranquil and secure conditions for investors and tourists

Sinaloa Schools in Sad Condition

In second place is Mazatlán with 121 schools in serious disrepair.

Beaches Re-Open after Mar de Fondo Closures

Mazatlán’s Port Captain gave the green light yesterday to reopen beaches and resume water sports activities.

Health Department Says Avoid Raw Seafood

During weather of high temperatures, humidity and rain, the risk of contracting typhoid, parasites and diarrhea escalate.

Municipality Offers Moratorium on Fines for Property Taxes

The moratorium is in effect from now until December 31st.

Defeated PAN Mayoral Candidate Continues Call for Recount

PAN should have won by 655 votes said the defeated candidate.

Ecology Department Steps Up Issuing Fines

If someone is warned and continues to ignore the warning, they are fined the amount of 20 to 20,000 minimum salaries.

Student Chefs Whip Up Gourmet Dinner for Old Folks’ Home

A very special midday lunch was prepared yesterday for the residents of Mazatlán’s Asilo de Ancianos old folks home in El Centro.

Rescue Existing Public Spaces, says Urban Architect

Sidewalks in Mazatlán are sacrificed to public telephone poles, CFE transformer boxes and trees.

DIF Begins Purified Water Donation Drive

Anyone wishing to donate bottled purified water can do so at the Bosque de la Ciudad.

Decapitated Bodies of Seven Found in Rosario Sierra

The Director of Municipal Public Security stated the bodies were located inside a corral about two hours from the town of Cacalotán during an airplane reconnaissance of the area.

Central Park Project Still Perking Along

The Mazatlán Central Park project will be presented to the Federal Secretary of Tourism on Monday.