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Council Members Question Leasing of 77 Vehicles

Prices offered by local and national dealers for the 77 vehicles amounts to over 48 million pesos.

Councilman Calls for Investigation of Director of Planning

The last time the Director was questioned was this week when a telephone antenna appeared on Zaragoza Street.

Traffic Police to Crack Down on Passenger Overload

If they carry 8-12, they will be fined, more than 12 the vehicle will be seized.

Police Prohibited from Carrying Cellphones

Municipal police and traffic police in Mazatlán are prohibited from carrying cellphones while on duty.

Owners of Land Fear Expropriation for New Museum

Owners of Land Fear Expropriation for New Museum

Controversial Overpass Begins Construction

The overpass is tentatively scheduled to be complete at the end of this year.

Recently Planted “Old” Palm Trees Retired

Beginning yesterday morning, workers from the Official Mayor’s Office and Public Services began chopping down the problematic palm trees.

Upkeep of Road Signs in Mazatlán Ignored

Transito detected eight intersections where “Stop” (Alto) signs are missing which could result in an accident.

Caution if You Bank on Avenida Rafael Buelna

Police report at least two assaults on clients of different banks minutes after leaving the building.

Crew of “Black Wind” Wins International Fishing Tournament

Eleven fishing boats took part this weekend in the 9th edition of the International Fishing Tournament.

Oxxo Program Donates 491,000 Pesos to Casa Down

The municipality has donated land and plans have drawn up to build a home to care for 50 children.

CFE Cuts Electricity of Escuinapa, Again

The Comisión Federal de Electricidad cut service to the municipality of Escuinapa for non-payment.

New Zealand Livestock Boat Arrives in Mazatlán

The New Zealand ship “Nada” arrived in port yesterday carrying 50,000 head of livestock.

Central Park Museum Design Unveiled

The museum will consist of 20,000 square feet on two floors, including a terraza with ocean views.

Airport Inaugurates “VIP Lounge”

There are only two OMA Premium Lounge rooms in Mexico offering VIP services.