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Here’s What to do with Your Old Furniture

The workshop is located at 503 Kena Moreno Street in Colonia Periodistas.

Free Televisions Cannot be Pawned or Sold

Last month Mayor Carlos Felton and staff handed out the new-in-the-box TVs to qualified recipients at the Multiple Use Center.

Governor Suggests Cruise Ships Overnight in Mazatlán

Cruise ships now arrive in port between 6am and 7am, and depart between 5pm and 6pm.

Coepris Recognizes Six Local Restaurants

These establishments are providing smoke-free environments and offering healthy menus with less calories.

Sandra’s Rain Changes Marathon Schedule

The morning events, including the 10 kilometer race for handicapped participants, will now begin at 2:30pm, and the 3, 5 and 10 kilometer general public (amateur) race at 2:40pm.

Mayor Inaugurates Children’s Park at Parque Lineal

The first stage of the project is a 900 meter athletic track along Avenida Óscar Pérez.

Artificial Christmas Trees to Line Malecón

It was decided to add a “personal touch” by installing two artificial Christmas trees.

Council Approves 2016 Income Budget

The city’s major income in 2016 will be from property taxes which are expected to increase over last year.

Immujer Takes Proactive Stance on Violence Against Women

Dressed in orange T-shirts, Immujer staff were taking part in the 16 day United Nations campaign to put an end to violence against women.

Codesin Citizen’s Council Outlines Three Year Project List

Codesin is a non-profit association of citizens, academics, specialists, businessmen and representatives of service organizations.

Beached Dolphin Returned to Sea

The sighting of the dolphin was reported at 11:30am yesterday morning.

Restaurants in Centro Historico Suffer Economically from Drainage Upgrades

Several restaurants have been closed for days due to the lack of customers.

Two Found Guilty of Murder of Young Woman

Yesterday a judge found two Mazatlecans guilty of the murder of a 26-year-old woman in January, 2013.

Without Public Services, Housing Development at a Standstill

Programmed for the third phase of El Palmar are 287 homes.

Tropical Storm Sandra Heading our Way

If “Sandra” reaches its predicted category 2 hurricane status, it will become the strongest hurricane recorded so late in the hurricane season.