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Ruedas Fest 2014 Begins Friday in Mazatlán

The 2014 Ruedas Fest (Wheels Party) will open in the vacant lot beside Sam’s Club on Friday, October 31

Golden Deer Awards at Fiesta Amigos de Mazatlán

The highlight of the evening was the Golden Deer Awards given to major Mazatlán promoters.

Citizen Association Petitions for Open Cabinet Meetings

The Mayor and cabinet members have 72 hours to respond to the petition.

Therapy Horses Found and Returned

The horses were located yesterday morning in the town of Puerta de Canoas.

Balloon Release on Dia del los Angelitos

This is the first time such a ceremony has taken place in Mazatlán.

Youth Brigade to Disseminate Traffic Rules to Pedestrians and Drivers

The brigade will take to the streets tomorrow and continue until February next year.

Breathalyzer Roadblocks Nab 40 Offenders

Despite the police roadblocks, one person died and five were injured in car accidents in the city during the weekend.

Jumapam to Replace 15,000 Water Meters

The meters will be installed at no cost to the Jumapam customer.

A Place to Donate those Broken Electronics

You can now donate them to information students at the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa.

Student Dancers Demonstrate for Ayotzinapa Missing Students

The protest will continue today the Plazuela República and will include students and teachers of other disciplines from the Centro Municipal de Artes de Mazatlán.

Thieves Steal Therapy Horses

The horses belong to the Asociacón Padres y Compadres IAP, a non-profit organization.

Popular Oasis Interactive Park Sits Idle and Rusts

Merchants around the park say their business is down as much as 70 percent since the park closed.

Officials Crack Down on Bus Drivers

11 bus drivers affiliated with the Alliance and two affiliated with the Eagles of the Pacific were disciplined.

City at Risk of Losing More Federal Money

Unless renovation of the Golden Zone and El Quelite does not begin immediately, the State risks losing the federal money appropriated for these projects.

Shootout Between Criminal Gangs Panics Residents

A shootout between rival gangs around 6pm on Sunday left various vehicles and homes in Fraccionamiento Jardines del Toreo riddled with bullets.