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Summer Weather in the Forecast

Predictions for a hot week proved correct when yesterday in Mazatlán the temperature reached 33.5°C at 3pm.

Pirated Videos and Audios Seized

The seized items will remain with the federal Ministerio Público pending an investigation.

Business Premises of PAN Party Mayoral Candidate Attacked

Stolen were 10 computers and a safe containing cash and cheques.

Urban Bus Drivers Complain of Excessive Bribes

Where previously inspectors would board the bus to check its condition, now they are boarding to check the drivers’ appearance.

Secondary School Students Sell Drugs to Classmates

School supervisors and teachers say they have their backs against the wall and have asked for the intervention of education authorities.

Kindergarten Roof a Danger to Students

The ceiling of the school´s auditorium is in such disrepair it is falling down piece by piece.

Half of Mazatlán Without Water

The break in the 36 inch pipe occurred Sunday afternoon leaving the entire northern zone without water service.

Election Ballots Distributed under Tight Security

Ballots were delivered yesterday in Mazatlán and surrounding municipalities accompanied by a convoy of at least seven patrol cars.

Sinaloa “Mr. Model” Competition to be held in Mazatlán

A total of ten men from various Sinaloa towns and cities remain in the competition.

Candidates Suspect their Phones are Tapped

When using their personal phones, they often hear an echo.

Annual Day of Music Set for June 11th

Mazatlán’s annual Día de Música will take place this year on June 11th.

Mayor Meets with Hotel Investors

Felton stated the hotel would be built within 3 to 5 years at a cost of $150 million dollars.

50 New Municipal Police Sworn In

Mazatlán’s Secretaría de Seguridad Pública y Tránsito and the municipal council were present.

Three Men Abducted, Survive Ordeal

Police also reported today the discovery of an unidentified, semi-clad fourth man left at the side of a clinic in Colonia Ricardo Flores Magón.

Mangos in Abundance this Year

A fifteen percent increase in the harvest is expected despite hail damage earlier this year.