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Shooting at Culiacan Bar

An argument between patrons at the Bar “El Pirata” in Culiacan ended up in gunfire and three dead with 9 wounded yesterday. Raul Otero, known as “El Cubano” died at… Read more »

Carnaval Program

Mazatlan  is ready to welcome more than 600,000 visitors for the 2017 Carnaval celebrations from February 23 to 28. Mazatlan’s Carnival is labelled the most important in Mexico and the 3rd… Read more »

Violence in Navolato

February 21, 2017 Fear and uncertainty runs rampant in Villa Juárez, Navolato, after a bus used by farm workers was set ablaze by an armed group. Navolato is one of the most fertile regions… Read more »

Another train tragedy….

Another train-related accident took place in Villa Union last Saturday. According to witnesses a Nissan Frontier driving towards “El Walamo” and a Grand Torton Truck  both both sped up at the railway… Read more »

Water treatment

JUMAPAM is promoting the reuse of hundreds of liters of water that are treated daily at Mazatlan’s seven treatment plants with a lower operational cost than potable water. José Ramírez… Read more »

Detention of “El Chimal” responsible for Military ambush

The Mexican army detained Francisco Zazueta, also known as “El Chimal”,  last Saturday. He is the leader of a gang known as Los Chimales and was the main suspect of… Read more »

Mazatlan voted one of Mexico’s Best beach destination

For a 4th consecutive year, Mazatlan was ratified as one of the eight best sun and beach destinations to visit in Mexico, according to U.S. News & World Report. The ranking… Read more »

Sharks head to Guadalajara – for now…

After analyzing the damage to the shark tank in the Acuario, the authorities were advised by several ocean biologists and the decision was made to transfer the 200 fish specimens to the Michin… Read more »

DIF looking for City Bosque Sponsors

“Since mid-January we have been working to improve the abandoned areas of City Park (“Bosque de la Ciudad”)” said Teresa Gallo DIF President. “We are looking for sponsors to improve or renovate children’s… Read more »

An Investment boost in Mazatlan

The investors Alfredo Soria Ramos, Construcciones y Arquitecturas del Pacífico S. A., Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Lizantos, Desarrollo Inmobiliario Sacramento S.A. de C.V., held a meeting with Mayor Fernando Pucheta to present… Read more »

There was a new ship in town..

The Saga Sapphire cruise ship was in Mazatlan yesterday on one of her stops on a  67-day voyage that started in in Southampton.  The ship carried  507 international passengers. The… Read more »

Mazatlan’s Athletes ready for State Competitions

Athletes and coaches that will be represent Mazatlan in the 2017 Sinaloa Sport Competition, got together in a event led by Mayor Fernando Pucheta. 622 athletes and 90 trainers in 22 sports represent… Read more »

Chemical spill in Rosario

On Tuesday February 7 a truck loaded with chemicals overturned on the  Mazatlán -Durango highway dropping thousands of liters of Calcium nitrate that also spilled into the Magistral river in Concordia . Manuel Pineda,… Read more »

100 Anniversary of Mexican Constitution Ceremony

Mayor Fernando Pucheta, accompanied by military, naval, educational and civil authorities,  led the ceremony of the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Constitution enacted in 1917. The Ceremony began with the Mexican flag  raising ceremony… Read more »

Long weekend boosts tourism

An estimated 50,000 national visitors came to Mazatlan during this for the past long weekend with hotel occupancy above 70%. They are estimated to have spent $102 million pesos. Restaurants and other… Read more »