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Sinaloa’s Development Secretary apologizes to LGBT community

“I’m human and I made a mistake and I apologize from my heart” Said Javier Lizarraga, Sinaloa’s Economic Development Secretary. Last Friday at a meeting with businessmen, the Secretary highlighted the… Read more »

Mazaltan’s Carnaval history

Carnival has been celebrated in Mazatlan since Colonial times. During the 19th Century, prior to Easter Mazatlecos indulged in excesses that were prohibited the rest of the year and most were considered… Read more »


This year the Carnival theme is “Alebrijes and Dragons“, and the malecon (boardwalk) is already decorated with numerous Monigotes.  But can they really be labelled as “Alebrijes”? The answer is “No”…. Read more »

Living with the Sinaloa’s Cartel….

On January 8, 2016 “El Chapo” was detained while David Beriain, a Spanish journalist and DMAX Channel were finalizing a report about Chapo and how the Sinaloa’s cartel works as… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day is an old tradition thought to have originated from a Roman Festival known as Lupercalia. It was held on February 15 as a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus,… Read more »

Mexican Student will be in Analogy Mars mission

Yair Piña, a student form UNAM (Mexico University) was selected by The Mars Society as astronaut for the simulated mission to Mars. The young student is studying the sixth grade… Read more »

How Topo Chico went from a taste of Mexico to a Texas cult favorite

The year was 1981, the place Pennsylvania. As a young Mexican exchange student, Gerardo Galván wanted to treat his American host family to an exotic delicacy from his homeland. So… Read more »

Artists protest with humor in Mocorito

Three young artists from Mocorito expressed their disagreement with President Trump’s racists comments by unfolding a large mural. The Urban Art Mural at Los Álamos incorporates  mixed techniques and graffiti… Read more »

February 5th, Anniversary of the Mexican Constitution

February 5th is a national holiday to commemorate the Constitution of 1917, the legal document drawn up to embody the ideals of the Mexican Revolution and which still governs the… Read more »

Aquarium comic relief..thank you Photoshop!

Mexicans are characterized by their humor and creativity even when facing troubling situations. Mazatlecos are no exception and after the shark tank collapsed social media were inundated with hunoros memes. Here… Read more »

Aeromexico will charge for checking luggage

AeroMexico announced that starting from  February 1, they will charge for the first piece of luggage checked in on flights between Mexico and  the US or Canada. The cost will be 500… Read more »

Sinaloan kids win first places in Math Competition

A group of young Sinaloan students  won the first places in the National Mathematics Competition held in Acapulco, Guerrero. Isaac Jiménez won a gold medal; Fernando Medina won silver; Angel… Read more »

“Dreamers” in the U.S.

In the United States there are more than 2.1 million undocumented young people that came to live there when they were very young not realizing that they were traveling to another place where… Read more »

Prize-winning environmental activist shot dead

An Indigenous activist who protested against illegal logging in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains, has been killed. Isidro Baldenegro López, 51, a leader of the Tarahumara people and fervent environmentalist —… Read more »

Grupo Modelo will invest in a new plant

Grupo Modelo announced an investment of 70 million US$ to increase 40% of its production capacity at Cerveceria Yucateca. The opening of Cerveceria Yucateca, will bring back to Modelo Group the… Read more »