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One lion and one lynx were rescued

A citizen in Culiacan voluntarily turned in a male African lion to the conservation life unit (UMA) according to a report from the environmental protection secretariat (Profepa) UMA explained that the animal… Read more »

First snowfall of the Mexico!

The first snowfall of the year started yesterday, December 4.  With strong winds and weather below 5 Celsius degrees, 110 kilometers of the Mazatlan Durango highway was closed from 11… Read more »

Who is “Lady Trump”?

In the Mexican state of Zacatecas, Iris Aguirre a young congresswoman publicly defended Donald Trump’s immigration statements. Since then, Aguirre has been nicknamed “Lady Trump”. What did she actually say?… Read more »

Grupo Modelo goes for the wheat beer market

The brewery Grupo Modelo seeks to improve its position in the Premium segment with the launch of Modelo Trigo a new segment for them. The brand’s Company manager Rodolfo Vargas,… Read more »

Crocodile alert at Marina

A crocodile was reportedly seen at the condominiums located at La Marina yesterday. Civil Protection authorities arrived at the scene and confirmed the initial report made by the the security… Read more »

Supermoon tonight!

The November “supermoon” is extra close to Earth today  (Nov. 14), providing an extraordinary sight for skywatchers — but exactly what makes this month’s full moon so special? November’s supermoon —a… Read more »

The Biggest Aguachile

A Guinness record has been set in Culiacan for the world’s biggest Aguachile weighing more than 1,800 kilos. Thousands of eager onlookers tasted the finished product at the Paseo del Angel… Read more »

Shark Tank is almost ready…

This time it looks like it’s going to happen. After 8 years of construction and structural failures, the opening of the shark tank at the Aquarium is scheduled for December 20. The… Read more »

Sinaloa Botanical Gardens

At the end of the 19th Century, U.S. entrepreneur Benjamin F. Johnston arrived in Sinaloa and established a Sugar Mill. Mr Johnston also built “Casa Grande” a luxury residence in front of his… Read more »

Marching Bands gather in Mazatlan.

If you see many groups of youth on Mazatlan’s streets than the usual its because the 3rd gathering of Marching bands was held in Mazatlan this weekend. Hundreds of young students… Read more »

Sinaloa’s Luxury Cemetery

The Humaya Gardens cemetery in Culiacan is famous for the  extravagance of its tombs and mausoleums that resemble miniature cathedrals. Construction of the tombs  cost between $400,000 and $8 million pesos…. Read more »

Mazatlan 2016 video

Deborah Rodriguez: ‘Kabul Beauty School’ author turns to Mazatlan

Deborah Rodriguez spent five years living in Afghanistan helping to run the Kabul Beauty School, empowering local women and equipping them with skills in hair and makeup.

Mexicans Celebrate Diá de la Candelaria

Throughout México on February 2nd people dress up figures of baby Jesus and take it to the church to be blessed.

Pipe-smoking rebel who took on Mexico state (video)

On New Year’s day in 1994, rebels from Mexico’s indigenous community seized several towns in the south of the country, taking the government by complete surprise.