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Zona Dorada and El Centro to Receive Spruce-up

Remodeling work in the Zona Dorada includes the installation of “vertical walls.”

Hog Trailer Flips, Ties up Traffic for 10 Hours

Police reported due to the speed and weight of the cargo, the truck flipped onto its side.

Transito to Enforce Respect for “Handicapped Parking” Spaces

The fine is 12 minimum salaries.

Leader of Taxis Rojo Dies of Gastrointestinal Complications

David Medina Tirado passed away yesterday from gastrointestinal complications.

Oil Sales Fall Almost 23% in July

Oil revenues fell 22.6 percent in July compared to July 2014.

Two Police Officers Killed by Fuel Thieves

The two officers were killed near the city of Huejotzingo.

Ex-Cop Arrested in Murder of Photojournalist

A former police officer was arrested in connection with the murder of a prominent photojournalist.

11 Human Traffickers Arrested in México

The arrests took place in the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Puebla.

México Intervenes in “Anchor Baby” Lawsuit

The parents argue that the 14th Amendment automatically grants citizenship to babies born in the United States.

México’ Exports of Organic Produce Tops $600 Million

Coffee accounts for 50 percent of organic exports.

Babies Sold in México

16 arrest warrants have been issued, which appear to cover some of the adoptive parents.

32 Tons of Drugs Seized in July

Other seizures during the month of July included 5,210,058 Mexican pesos and $11,573,278 U.S. dollars.

No Room for Crocodiles at Aquarium

13 baby crocodiles were born at Mazatlán’s aquarium, an addition to the 11 born last year.

Fifth Grade Students Receive Free Tablets

Local fifth grade students in Mazatlán, Concordia and San Ignacio are now using computer tablets for research and homework.

Municipal Slaughter House Shut Down Again

Once again the Mazatlán municipal slaughter house located in Colonia Rafael Buelna has been closed down.