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Angelina’s (New Location)

The restaurant itself is “down to earth classy” and is decorated with wall adornments that are restful and pleasing to the eye.

Officials Crack Down on Bus Drivers

11 bus drivers affiliated with the Alliance and two affiliated with the Eagles of the Pacific were disciplined.

CEO of Oceanografía Arrested

The fraud stemmed from about $585 million of short-term credit to OSA through Banamex.

Body of Banda El Recordo Missing Member Found

The body of the missing musician had been discovered on a country road in the vicinity of El Recordo.

Shootout Between Criminal Gangs Panics Residents

A shootout between rival gangs around 6pm on Sunday left various vehicles and homes in Fraccionamiento Jardines del Toreo riddled with bullets.

Facelift for Malecón Begins

A total of 700 pieces will be removed.

CFE Issues Request for Proposal for Smart Meters

The smart meters would provide two way communications between the customer and the local CFE office.

Agricultural Laborers Arrive in Sinaloa

The basic salary for a laborer is 100 pesos ($8.50) a day.

Sinaloa Continues to Violate New Criminal Justice Procedures

The state of Sinaloa adopted the new Criminal Justice System on July 31 of this year.

Life Just Keeps Getting Better

Rather than a time of decline, old age can be a time of decreased stress, happiness and deep fulfillment.

Mayor Wants Uniformity in Palapas

The Municipal Planning Institute has gotten involved the reconstruction of palapas located from Avenida del Mar up to Cerritos.

One of the Leaders of Knights Templar Arrested

Mario Alberto Romero Rodríguez was arrested by Federal Police in the Condesa area of México City.

Federal Government to Take Over Security in 13 Towns

México’s federal police and army will take over providing security in 13 central and southern towns.

Banda El Recodo Musician Missing

The family has not been able to reach the musician on his cell phone since Monday.

Plaza Sendero Offers 1,500 Job Opportunities

Hopefuls lined up around the block yesterday with their resumés in hand.