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Mayor says the OXXO for the Centro Histórico is “Closed”

Carlos Felton said he was grateful to Femsa, the parent company of OXXO, for its sense of social awareness.

Transit Police to Ticket Uninsured Motorists

Motorists who do not have third party liability insurance will be fined six times the daily minimum wage or 420 pesos.

Criminal Charges Filed Against Leaders of CNTE

The IEEPO has filed two criminal complaints against the leaders of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE).

Morelos 3 Transmits First Signal

The Morelos 3 will cover the entire country, its territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone of México.

New Car Sales up Almost 25% in September

The September new car sales represented a 24.9 percent increase over the new car sales reported in September of 2014.

Gross Fixed Investments up 4.5%

The INEGI data revealed that investment in machinery and equipment during July of this year rose 9.8 percent.

Tourism Industry to Fight Human Trafficking

Sinaloa has joined the fight against trafficking by those involved in the state’s tourism industry.

International Airline Traffic up 10%

The Mexican airlines had the greatest percentage increase in international travelers with a 26 percent growth.

México’s Morelos 3 Satellite Placed in Orbit

The satellite will operate on the L band, which is ideal for mobile communications.

August Remittances up 13% over Prior Year

Money sent home by Mexicans living abroad totalled $2.27 billion in August.

1 in 5 Mexicans are the Victim of a Crime

Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed considered the Policía Tránsito corrupt.

Car Exports from Mazatlán Port to Increase this Month

The Nissan automotive company will begin exporting cars from Mazatlán’s port this month.

Two Tons of Marijuana Found in Tractor Trailer

The drug was wrapped in 256 packages, 156 of which contained five kilos each and 100 of 10 kilos each.

70 Homicides in Sinaloa during September

During the administration of Sinaloa Governor Mario López Valdez, the number of homicides has reached 6,298.

200 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Sonora

Authorities told reporters the discoveries were made as the result of overflights, intelligence, and investigative work.