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Flood Alarms Disabled by Thieves

Two years ago the municipality installed three alarms in Fraccionamiento Jacarandas.

Two Murdered in El Rosario

Two men were murdered in El Rosario yesterday and one woman was injured.

54 Mazatlecans Receive New Eyes

There are no age or condition restrictions to receive the help.

Hotel Association Personnel Clean Beaches

70 employees and guests at various hotels combed the sand and empty lots carrying large, black garbage bags.

Truck Crashes into Kindergarten, Two Children Dead

An out-of-control truck laden with bottles of purified water rammed into the wall of a kindergarten.

Lucha Libre for Kids this Weekend

Pacífico Extremo Kids is presenting a Lucha Libre exhibition and party for kids.

Lack of Public Works Affects Contractors

Local construction companies are experiencing a difficult year so far.

91 Percent of Government Corruption Cases Unresolved

Accusations against public officers and departments for mishandling funds has increased.

Mazatlán Police Chief Suspended

Juan Antonio Murillo Rojo, has been suspended from his position following the “arrest” of several teenage soccer players.

Health Department Inspects Local Chinese Restaurants

The Sinaloa Secretary of Health began yesterday to inspect raw and prepared foods in Chinese restaurants in south Sinaloa.

Four Million Shrimp Larvae Lost in Truck Accident

The accident left the water barrels of shrimp larvae strewn beside the highway.

Anglo Moderno Primary School Opens new Facilities

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of families.

New Schools Administration Building Lacks Phones, Internet

The regional services department is responsible for paying teachers, issuing certificates and student enquiries.

Meters for Electric Cars in México City

CFE announced that it will install separate meters in the homes of the drivers of electric cars.

Los Cuinis: Richest Drug Cartel

U.S. national security agencies officials stated the Cuinis are much stronger than the Sinaloa Cartel.