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Sunday Market Deserted

Stall owners who braved the heat to open told reporters they were considering closing early.

Even Private Transport Raises Prices in Tourist Season

The Director of Roads and Transport stated people should not pay one peso more than the tariff.

Theft in Mazatlán Down 50% from 2013

Crime in Mazatlán in all of its forms is down 50 percent from that reported in 2013.

Unemployment Drops in June

Although the unemployment rate beat the prediction of analysts, it still remains high.

Yaquis Resume Blocking Highway 15

A spokesperson for the Yaqui Tribe said the blockage of the highway would not interrupt automobiles or buses, only trucks.

México’s Elite Back Owner of Raided Youth House

Support for Mama Rosa appears to be based on the belief that she was not complicit in any abuse.

Mexico’s War on Smog (video)

The “Pro-Aire” programme aims to rid the city of smog.

Mexican Artists: Agustin Lara (video)

In the city of Tlacotalpan you can found the museum of Agustín Lara: the famous mexican singer and songwriter.

Angela Peralta Theater Closed for Renovations

Mazatlán’s iconic 140-year-old Angela Peralta Theater in Centro Historico closed its doors on Thursday evening to begin renovations.

Return Bonuses or Face Legal Consequences, says AG

Public employees have a right to apply for an amparo or other judicial defense to avoid reimbursing the municipalities.

Mayor Hints at Other Uses for Pino Suárez Funds

The government has allocated to rescue the aging Mercado Pino Suárez.

Proposal to Decriminalize Marijuana in Jalisco

The proposal is scheduled for discussion in September.

Coca-Cola to Invest $7 Billion in México

The money Coca-Cola will invest will go into production lines, refrigeration equipment, trucks and distribution centers.

Toyota to Build New Car in México

Production will begin in July or August of 2015 with about 50,000 units.

Study to Begin on Garbage Dump Options

The study will cost five million pesos.