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Zika’s prevention awareness

The first Zika case in Mazatlán has been confirmed by the local health authorities who are working in the area of the affected 70 year old male. Fumigating and increasing… Read more »

The Key to Beating Alzheimer’s?

A landmark new study from Britain provides evidence that inflammation is the driving force behind Alzheimer’s disease. Treating that inflammation may be the key to fighting and even preventing the… Read more »

Can Mexico’s health program teach the U.S. to lose weight? (video)

With obesity levels rivaling those seen in the United States, Mexico has launched a rigorous campaign to combat the epidemic.

Top Ten Diseases in Sinaloa in 2013

Heart disease, diabetes, accidents, cancer and vascular disease were the five principal fatal diseases.

First Suspected Death from AH1N1 in Sinaloa

Two more people presenting similar symptoms were in intensive case in Culiacán.

Specialized Clinics Forced to Cut Hours

The National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV, the Chronic and Degenerative Diseases clinic and Centro Nueuva Vida will be affected.

Newly discovered diabetic prone gene in Mexicans

A team of researchers have uncovered a new genetic clue that contributes to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes for Mexicans..

Mazatlecan Receives Kidney Transplant

Six kidney transplants have been performed at Sharp Hospital in Mazatlán since 1997.

Nine Diabetes Cases Per Day in South Sinaloa

3,040 new cases of diabetes have been diagnosed in municipalities in southern Sinaloa so far this year.

Increase in Dengue Fever Alarms Health Dept.

In one week, 109 new cases were reported increasing the total to date from 851 to 960.

Mexican government plans on going after junk food

México’s strategy for fighting obesity and diabetes will include the imposition of new product labels and nutritional seals, as well as restrictions on junk food advertising.

Mexican households consume 310 liters of soda each year

The reports concluded by noting that 99.8% of Mexican households purchase at least one soda per year.

Sinaloa Dengue Cases Top 500

As of October 7th Sinaloa has seen 502 cases of dengue.

Where is the maker of Reumofan?

Even Mexican health authorities have been unable to track down the company.

Despite decline, strokes still higher among Mexican Americans

Work is underway to reduce strokes among Mexican Americans, one of the largest and fastest growing segments of the U.S. population.