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Mexico: No country for journalists (video)

Caught between drug cartels and widespread corruption among police and government officials, violence against journalists goes largely unpunished.

No Funds for Dredging Mazatlán’s Harbor

No funds were allocated for the dredging of the harbor this year, but the federal government’s budget for 2016 also lacks funding for the harbor’s dredging.

“A New Culture of Service” for Cruise Passengers

The Secretary of Tourism said that disagreements among those in the service industries must be solved in a professional manner.

WestJet Kicks Off Winter Season

The Minister of Tourism announced that a delegation from Mazatlan and his office will begin a tour of Vancouver, Calgary and Seattle.

Could History Repeat Itself? Part II of II

I do not believe the mistake was made in permitting foreign investors to exploit its resources, but in the government’s failure to regulate that exploitation.

Centro Historico OXXO Store was Approved by INAH

The Sinaloa College of Civil Engineers has endorsed the a project as representing the growth of commerce in the area.

Major Advance in the Treatment of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and other health problems.

Cars Stolen at Gunpoint on Mazatlán-Tepic Highway?

Sinaloa Secretario de Seguridad Publica stated rports of the vehicle thefts were only rumours.

Unintended Consequences

I’ve known about this “law” for much of my life yet only in the last few years have been giving it a smattering of the attention it deserves.

San Antonio Squatters Surprised at 618,000 Peso CFE Bill

After six years without paying for electricity, the CFE will cut power to the town at the end of this month.

Mexico’s fight for the future (video)

For decades, rampant violence and poverty have denied the youth of Mexico’s southwestern state of Guerrero a stable future.

Vincent Fox: Walls between countries do not work (video)

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox weighs in on Donald Trump’s immigration plans and Mexico’s energy plans.

Hermosillo US Consul General Visits Mayor Felton

Mazatlán Mayor Carlos Felton was visited yesterday by the United States Consul General in Hermosillo, Karen Ogle.

Legislators Demand Investigation into IMSS Neo-Natal Deaths

Last week, media reported that 12 babies in the IMSS Culiacán neo-natal nursery had died recently and others were in serious condition.

UAS Inaugurates New Faculty of Medicine in Mazatlán

UAS Rector Dr. Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera said the birth of the Faculty of Medicine in Mazatlán was the result of the collaboration between education authorities and the municipality.