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The Ducks Are Coming, The Ducks Are Coming

For only 300 pesos you receive entrance to the event, delicious food, music, silent auction and sponsor one duck.

Black Swans Find a Home at the Aquarium

The aquarium has two new residents, a male and female black swan.

First Zika Case in Sinaloa Detected

The first case of the Zika virus in Sinaloa was confirmed yesterday by the Sinaloa Health Department.

Let the Party Begin!

The Sinaloa Secretary of Tourism announced hotels are fully booked for Carnaval and he expects over 50,000 tourists will flock to the city for the event.

Parents Endure Cold Night to Register Students

Pre-enrollment for all federal schools in Sinaloa begin today and end on February 15.

What’s Next for the Malecón? Telescopes?

Employees of an unnamed company attempted to install various telescopes yesterday along the Malecón.

México’s New Criminal Justice System Part II of II

In 2008 the Mexican Legislature sought to change the problems in its criminal justice system by creating the New Criminal Judicial System.

Mexican President Vacations in Mazatlán

Federal police, army and navy personnel formed a cordon around the golf resort where the family was vacationing.

Mexican ambassador to China: Mexico welcomes Chinese tourists (video)

The ambassador of Mexico in China Julian Ventura said he expected over 100,000 Chinese tourists this year.

Former US DEA Michael Vigil on the US-Mexico drug war (video)

Michael Vigil, the former chief of international operations for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, spent 13 years working in Mexico.

“Surgery” for Mazatlán’s Fisherman’s Monument

The project has been designed to expand the area, not to remodel nor restore the monument.

Pueblo Bonito’s Armonia Spa Fifth Best in the World

Mazatlán’s Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Hotel was named by the international magazine Condé Nast Traveler as the fifth best in the world.

Shrimp Season to Close Early this Year

As predicted by the federal fisheries department, this season´s shrimp catch has been considerably less than previous years.

They are the Champions!

The Venados won the Liga del Pacífico championship by beating the Águilas of Mexicali 4-3 at the bottom of the 10th inning of overtime.

Who is “El Buto”?

El Buto’s health deteriorated and a home was finally found for him this year in the homeless shelter, “Una Gota en el Océano.”