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Banda: Music to your ears?

I remember listening to ‘Banda’ music in Mazatlán 25 years ago and it didn’t make me want to throw beer bottles at the band.

High Waves from Hurricane Marie Hit Stone Island

Waves six to seven meters high provoked by Hurricane Marie hit Stone Island damaging 27 beachside restaurants and three hotels.

Sports Fishermen Capture Rare Find

Sports fisherman reported yesterday capturing a rare catfish not generally known to local Mazatlán fishermen.

Mayor Presents New “Citizens Security Center”

Six public service departments will be installed in the center located on one of Mazatlán’s main thoroughfares.

Port Closed in Wake of High Waves from Hurricane Marie

High swells are affecting Mexico’s Pacific coast shoreline as hurricane force winds from Marie extend up to 60 miles from the storm’s center.

‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’s’ unique, genre-defying music (video)

Rodrigo Sanchez of the Mexican duo ‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’ talks about how he writes their unique, genre-defying music.

Canadian to Attempt Record Bungee Jump from Baluarte Bridge

Nelson hopes to break the world platform bungee jumping record of 300 meters by dropping 370 meters from the bridge.

Process to Retract “Gag Law” Begins

Legislators met yesterday in an extraordinary meeting with the sole purpose of examining the three initiatives proposed to retract the law.

City Invests in Emergency Generator for Los Horcones

Each time there is an electrical storm and electricity is lost the Los Horcones plant, which pumps 70 percent of water to the municipality, ceases to function.

City Hall on Alert for Flooding

In response to the deluge, the Civil Protection monitoring program was put into action beginning 11pm on Saturday night.

Cruise Ship Itineraries Include Mazatlán for Five More Years

The 2014 winter season is expected to bring 20 ships to Mazatlán with a further 68 in 2015, most carrying 2,200 passengers.

Profeco Suspends Three Airlines

Profeco initiated the investigations following complaints from tourists at their three modules located in Mazatlán.

Booming boutique love hotels in Mexico

In Mexico a new hotel sector has emerged, transforming the country’s lucrative but stigmatized sex hotel market.

Multi-Use Complex to be Ready this Year

The center will have a 6,000 seat capacity for events but could be expanded to 8,000 seats if necessary.

New Mega Transmission Tower on Icebox Hill

I was very saddened and concerned (as all should be) to discover the more or less “Top Secret” plans to install a new “Mega” transmitting tower on Cerro de la Nevería (Icebox Hill).