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City Reinstitutes Breathalyzer and Proposes Increased DWI Fine

Municipal Transit Police have proposed that the fine for drunk driving be increased to 100 to 300 times the minimum daily wage.

Bikers Dash Across Mexico City in Illegal Alleycat Races (video)

There are few rules and no set race course in the dangerous bike races invented by bike messengers.

More Bus Accidents in Mazatlán than Culiacán

The drivers of a total of 13 city buses were pulled over yesterday by inspectors of the Sinaloa Direción de Vialidad y Transportes (DVyT) for driving with their doors open…. Read more »

Half of Southern Sinaloa Municipal Police to be Laid Off

Mario López Valdez said the termination of the 3,798 police officers who failed the confidence control test will cost the state 280 million pesos.

Financial Requirements for Visa Reduced

Changes to the “asset” test for both Permanent and Temporary Residents visas went into effect this week.

Conapesca Beefs Up Illegal Fishing Surveillance Fleet

The purchase of the four Defender boats was the first installment of a total of 30 the commission has ordered.

Damaged Palapa Restaurants Undergo Repairs

The restoration of the palapa restaurants will cost between 50,000 and 100,000 pesos.

US Marine Jailed in Mexico

While I truly consider that the primary culprit to be the USA in this matter, I cannot understand why Mexico is so determined to keep this marine in prison.

Tourists from Cruise Ships are not Spending

The economic benefit to the city from the last three cruise ship arrivals was 7.220 million pesos ($556,000).

Local Activist Assassinated

Octavio Tirado Atilano Román was gunned down Saturday during the weekly broadcast of his radio show here in Mazatlán.

U.S. marine jailed in Mexico seeks medical release (video)

Former U.S Marine jailed for allegedly driving into Mexico with guns and ammunition seeks a medical release from prison.

“The Mayor Lives in another World”

The mayor said he had heard no complaints from the cruise ship tourists about the putrid smell in the Golden Zone.

Estrella Del Mar to Expand its Facilities

A new hotel will be constructed on the site with a large salon or meeting room to host large conventions and meetings

Earthquake Rattles Sinaloa

The earthquake occurred 80 kilometers off the coast from Navolato, Sinaloa and lasted four minutes.

Faculty of Medicine to be Built in Mazatlán

Upon completion, the faculty of medicine will be comprised of three buildings housing the six different disciplines.