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500,000 Tourists Expected for Semana Santa

The economic impact to the city from the tourists will be an estimated 300 million pesos ($22.8 million).

UPDATED: Municipality Decides on Traffic Flow for Semana Santa

The plan also includes opening the avenue that passes through the Marina golf course to relieve traffic congestion on Av. Sábalo Cerritos.

Pirated Goods Confiscated in the Golden Zone

The raid stemmed from a complaint filed by the sunglasses brand Ray-Ban.

Giant Soccer Balls Adorn the Malecón

The soccer balls will be on display along the Malecón until April 14.

Michoacán and its “Green Gold”

Locally the fruit is known as oro verde (“green gold”), as the avocado yields greater revenues than any other cash crop, including marijuana.

120 Colonias Suffer from Medium to Extreme Poverty

120 colonias in the Mazatlán municipality need an injection of diverse social assistance from federal, state and municipal governments.

Rescue Planned for La Carpa Olivera

La Carpa Olivera is a public salt water swimming pool on the Malecón close to Olas Altas.

Mayor Promises Public Tennis Courts, Olympic Pool

Two municipal tennis courts will be constructed at Kilometer Zero beginning in June this year.

High Probability Traffic Directions will Change during Semana Santa

Business representatives unanimously agreed a change is necessary to avoid traffic chaos in the Golden Zone during the holidays.

Mazatlecans Dislike Rerouting of Traffic

Traffic police acknowledged that traffic was backed up in places like Rafael Buelna as motorists inched their way along the heavily congested street.

Mexico lime industry soured by disasters (video)

Mexico’s lime groves have been hit by disease and bad weather, forcing the price of the fruit to spike.

Maz Beaches Clean and Ready for the Holidays

This year the Secretary of Health will place mobile units to attend to medical emergencies at beaches where there are no health services nearby.

Semana Santa Traffic Flow Pilot Project Tomorrow

A proposal to redirect traffic to avoid bottleneck congestion in the Zona Dorada during Semana Santa has been approved by the State Governor and federal security officials.

Bus Company Forced to Increase Fares

Beginning this coming Saturday, the price of diesel fuel will increase to 13.6 pesos per liter.

12,000 Paid Teachers Not in Sinaloa Classrooms

The list of education workers included 3,350 who had quit, were about to retire, were pensioners or who had died.