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80 Million Pesos for Mercado Pino Suárez Slipping Away

The failure of the Mercado tenants to reach an agreement as to the utilization of the funds has prompted Mazatlán’s mayor to look elsewhere for a place to spend the money before it slips away.

Five Family members Saved from Drowning

Life guards on jet-skis and a speed boat came to their rescue as they were being washed out to sea.

Jalisco Women Rule Triathlon Podium

Three women from Jalisco took the podium for first, second and third in the Elite category.

Mexican Deportees and Outsourced Labor (video)

Tijuana, Mexico, is a limbo for deportees from the United States. People keep showing up in the city while U.S. immigration policies get tougher.

Investment Bonanza in Private and Public Works

Sedeco announced 11,000 million pesos will be invested by the Federal, State and municipal governments in public works projects.

Mayor’s Message: Don’t Abuse Tourists

Mazatlán cannot continue with the attitude of recovering income from bad times because the port no longer has a slow season, says the Mayor.

City Prepares for Pacifico Triathlon

Beginning tomorrow morning streets will be closed in anticipation of the 14th Pacifico Triathlon to be held on July 18 and 19.

Small Business Goes Underground in Face of Fiscal Reform

The president of Canaco attributes the new reporting regulations as the reason for approximately 4,000 businesses in Sinaloa leaving the formal sector this year.

Will the Real Pancho Villa Please Stand Up? Part II of II

During the revolution, Pancho Villa was responsible for thousands of deaths: some directly, some indirectly. He had a quick fuse and had murdered many men in cold blood.

Parents Complain of “Voluntary” School Fees

Although the Secretary of Education does help financially the funds are not enough to maintain and repair schools.

Illegal Fishing Nets 8 to 10 Tons Daily

Members of the fishing cooperative estimate there are 350 illegal fisherman operating in El Rosario and Escuinapa.

UPDATED: Police Rescue Tourist Kidnapped in Zona Dorada

On being advised of the abduction, police immediately began an operation to block all exit roads from the city.

Mexican government approves telecommunication reform (video)

Mexico’s congress has approved landmark reforms to their telecommunication industry.

Mexico’s Calakmul now UNESCO World Heritage Site (video)

The ancient Mayan city of Calakmul in southern Mexico was recently designated as a “mixed natural and cultural” World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Drivers Flee Accident on Av. Cerritos

The driver of the car fled and the bus driver could not be found at the site.