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Ladies, Let’s Talk about Getting Lucky

As long as we’re on the topic of sex, let’s talk about orgasms.

Startups in Mexico get more investment cash (video)

Mexico’s business climate is undergoing a profound transformation as financial backing for small start ups and entrepreneurs is increasingly available.

Mexican Political System Faces Growing Public Distrust (video)

Some social activists are involved in a campaign to remove President Enrique Peña Nieto from office and others are calling for a boycott of the upcoming elections.

Collapsed Pipe Releases Thousands of Litres in Lázaro Cárdenas

Heavy excavation machinery broke a subterraneous pipe resulting in thousands of liters of water forming a pool.

Governor Talks “Straight” with Pulmonia Drivers

Pulmonia drivers said they would protest in front of the Secretary of Tourism offices if their demands were not met.

Laconic Local Logic

Does everyone know to not walk into the water at Stone Island? The safest way to enter the water is to slide your feet forward across the bottom.

Teachers Walk Out over Demands

In total, 8,335 teachers took part in the one day strike affecting 156,754 students.

Carnival Cruise Line Clarifies “Ultimatum” over Taxi Blockade

Carnival Cruise Line denys threatening to discontinue arrivals in Mazatlán.

Wheat Farmers, Ejiditarios, Block Culiacán and Durango Highways

Drivers on the Mazatlán-Durango autopista or Mazatlán-Culiacán toll highway may encounter considerable delays.

Health Department Announces “War” on Illegal Cigarettes

The Federal government stated Sinaloa is sixth in the country for the consumption of illegal cigarettes.

Cruise Ship Companies Give Mazatlán Ultimatum

Cruise Ship company reps stated one more blockade and they will automatically and without notice remove the city from their itineraries.

Financial Times Names Mazatlán a “City of the Future”

Mazatlán was placed second in Mexico in the category of medium sized city with best economic expectations and profitability.

‘Mexico’s Jon Stewart’ reboots the news on YouTube (video)

Inspired by his hero Jon Stewart, Chumel Torres is making up for lost time with his satirical YouTube channel Pulse of the Republic.

City Asks for Control Over Federal Zones

The municipality wants more control to guarantee the areas are maintained and function irrespective of which administration is in power.

Taxis, Tour Operators Come to an Agreement

State representatives and tour and taxi leaders met and finally confirmed an agreement among all parties based on six points