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Mazatlán Shines at Tourism Fair in Guadalajara

This year, the Sinaloa display featured seafood from Mazatlán and the presence of this year’s Carnaval Queen and Floral Games Queen.

Election Campaign Propaganda Hits the Streets

One sign after another line sidewalks, banks of canals, bridges and highways despite strict placement guidelines from the Sinaloa Instituto Electoral.

A Very Precarious Ocean View

30 families who have built their houses on the edge of a cliff on Cerro del Obispado above fraccionamiento Los Pinos.

A Look inside Zuarth’s Proposed Marijuana Legislation

The initiative introduced by the senator proposes three types of use: medical, therapeutic and personal. Personal use would be regulated through three modes of supply.

Mexico’s President Changes His Tune on Marijuana (video)

President Enrique Peña Nieto became the first sitting president in the country to propose a partial regulation of marijuana use.

Pertinent Info Lacking on Municipal Cheques

The incomplete cheques as published on the website were a result of a technical fault which went unnoticed since December last year.

Bicyclists Take Night Ride to Demand Bike Paths

The bicycling community pointed out the need for municipal authorities to rescue designated bike paths that have been taken over by vehicle traffic.

ISSSTE Employee Detained for Stealing Meds

The employee worked for the hospital for ten years in charge of receiving monthly pharmaceutical deliveries.

PGJE to Investigate Attacks on Mazatlán-Tepic Highway

The common denominator among the stolen vehicles was each had out-of-State license plates.

Bet You’re Pooping All Wrong

If you’re spending a lot of time sitting on the john, give squatting a try.

Armed Gang Steals Five Vehicles on Mazatlán-Tepic Highway

The victims were threatened with guns, abducted, tied up and left in the surrounding hills to be released a few hours later.

Film festival puts Mexico’s moviemakers on the map (video)

The Latin American film industry is growing with some of its brightest stars winning major movie awards around the world, including two Oscar-winning film directors from Mexico.

Music helps a community in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains (video)

A world-class concert pianist made a visit to Mexico’s mountains in the 1980’s and loved it so much, he never left.

Malinalli: Friend or Foe

Malinalli has been cast as traitor, victim, survivor, a bridge between two cultures and the mother of México.

No Budget to Finish Major Projects, says Councilman

The councilman stated the reality is that Mazatlán has considerable debts that should be paid.