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Chile, Chili, Chilli or Chile Pepper?

Long before someone coined the term “Tex-Mex” Americans have been flavoring their food with chilies found in México.

Cultura Latina (video)

The women’s hip hop collective Batallones Femeninos use their art as a tool of dissent.

Councilman Wants Raise in Policemen’s Salaries

There is a deficit of police officers in the municipality which currently employs approximately 1,000 agents.

Mazatlán: Fourth Best City to Live in Mexico

Mazatlán has been named one of the “Most Habitable Cities in México in 2015″ in a recent national poll.

Mazatlecan Ready to Compete in Mr. México

Mazatlecan Isaías Páez, recently won his seventh Mexican competition this year in bodybuilding.

Construction Assn. President Wins Police Station Contract

The Centre will be located on land in Colonia Huertos Familiares purchased by the municipality at end of 2014.

Contemporary Cuisine Meets Country Culture

Roberto made a lobster pizza one time and during the first few bites and several fleeting seconds I thought it might be better than sex.

500 Take Part in Community Exercise Class

500 exercise enthusiasts took part in “Muévete en 30.”

Sinaloa Presents Cuisine at National Traditional Food Fair

Each State was invited to present six regional dishes.

The Fruits of Mexico’s Cheap Labor (video)

In northern Mexico, farm workers who pick produce bound for US supermarkets earn as little as $7 a day.

Angela Peralta Chorus is Looking for You

The Angela Peralta Chorus is offering a course just for you directed by Maestro Antonio González.

Mazatlán Loses One of its Prominent Citizens

Ing. Humberto Rice Rodríguez, 50 years old, died of a heart attack in Mexico City where he was speaking on behalf a naval project.

Westin Hotels & Resorts Coming to Mazatlán

Westin Hotels & Resorts are ready to begin construction of its first hotel in Mazatlán with an investment of 130 million dollars.

Pedestrians Need Passport to Enter México

Pedestrians and motorists have generally entered México unencumbered along the 1,954-mile border with the United States.

Regional Intelligence Center to be Located in Mazatlán

In the northwestern zone the center will be located in Mazatlán and as with other regional centers it will be connected a national intelligence centre.