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Kindergarten Roof a Danger to Students

The ceiling of the school´s auditorium is in such disrepair it is falling down piece by piece.

Half of Mazatlán Without Water

The break in the 36 inch pipe occurred Sunday afternoon leaving the entire northern zone without water service.

Election Ballots Distributed under Tight Security

Ballots were delivered yesterday in Mazatlán and surrounding municipalities accompanied by a convoy of at least seven patrol cars.

Baja Ferries Increases Mazatlán-La Paz Route

The addition of the new ferry signifies an increase of 10,600 passengers per month for the Baja Ferries company.

Better Mazatlán Than Mombasa

I think anyone who cavorts about Mexico, even with completely adequate language skills, would admit to occasionally stumbling into uncomfortable situations.

First Hot Air Balloon Festival in Mazatlán

The Globo Fest is organized by the Culiacán Revolucionario Eventos group with the goal to hold the event annually.

Mangos in Abundance this Year

A fifteen percent increase in the harvest is expected despite hail damage earlier this year.

What’s going on with the Mexican Peso? Part I of II

What caused the peso to drop almost 47 percent in a little over two years, what is the Mexican government doing about it and what about the future of the Mexican peso?

Remodeling Work Begins on Balboa Towers

Workers confirmed the hotel/time share business could reopen in September this year.

Bank Customers Robbed of 475,000 Pesos in Three Hours

Police are investigating whether two of the robberies were committed by the same men given the similar circumstances of the thefts.

The Rise of Mexican Black Tar (video)

As the rate of opioid addiction has surged in the United States, Mexico has become the world’s third-largest producer of opium used to process heroin.

Walk About in Aquarium Shark Tank Reveals Neglect

The walkabout was guided by the aquarium director in anticipation of the Sinaloa government issuing a national call for bids to bring the tank up to operational standards.

PGA Latin American Golf Tournament Returns to Mazatlán

Appearing at the Mazatlán Open will be 144 professional golfers from 25 countries.

Eleven Years Late, New IMSS Clinic Goes Ahead

The initial 2005 budget for the clinic was 180 million pesos but in 2015 the project fell under federal government budget cuts.

Work Resumes on The Mirador Restaurant

Some Mazatlán city councillors questioned the project last week stating the added extension blocks the view of El Faro for visitors.