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“Mi Buena Suerte” Wins Mazatlán DOCK 7 Dorado Derby

Over 30 sport fishing vessels took part in the 4th Annual Dorado Derby.

Passengers from Norwegian Jewel Arrive to Party and More…

Visiting passengers had to step across puddles of putrid brown water with the fetid smell of backed up and overflowing sewers.

Pichachos Dam Five Years Later

Five years after beginning operation, the much anticipated Pichachos Dam has failed to provide its two main objectives.

Expats defend paradise in hurricane-hit Los Cabos (video)

Armed with nothing more than an air horn and walkie-talkie, expats protect their piece of paradise from thieves after Hurricane Odile.

Mazatlán Beaches “Swallowed” by the Sea

The areas most affected are Cerritos and La Marina where the sea continues to lap against retaining walls.

Jumapam Responsible for Fish Kill in Estero El Infiernillo

Despite the damage to the ecology, Conaqua did not issue sanctions against Jumapam as it was considered a “minor accident.”

Supreme Court Approves Same-sex Marriage in Sinaloa

The First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) ruled as unconstitutional sections of the Family Code of Sinaloa.

Dorado Derby Fishing Tournament on Saturday

The fourth edition of the Torneo de Pesca Dorado Derby Mazatlán takes place in Mazatlán on September 27.

Mazatlán Needs Coast Conservation Study

Now that Mazatlán is expanding it is urgent to have a study concerning where new hotels can and cannot be constructed, says conservationist.

Angelo’s Restaurant

Reviewer Bill Demmer returns to Angelo’s after several years and finds the ambiance still seductive.

Mazatlán Tourism to get “Sweet” Deal

Beginning next year, Mazatlán and its tourist attractions will be publicized on sugar substitute packages for coffee drinkers.

It is Getting Harder for the Migrants riding “La Bestia” North

Officials say that more than 6,000 people had been removed from freight trains in recent weeks.

Mental health may free Marine in Mexico (video)

Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who is currently in jail in Mexico, is “highly despondent” says his mother.

Cruise Line Changes Port of Call to Mazatlán

The devastation seen by Baja California Sur may end up having a positive effect on Mazatlán.

Chaos in Los Cabos after Hurricane Odile

Los Cabos is still without electricity, food and water causing unrest and fights among those trying to obtain the basic necessities for their families.