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Five Things to Consider When Selling a Property With the Purpose of Immediate Reinvestment

If you plan to sell property in Mexico and use the proceeds to immediately acquire another property in Mexico, the US or Canada, there are a few important points to take into consideration.

480,000 Tourists Expected in Mazatlán for Holiday

The Secretary of Tourism predicts 2015 will be a record year for tourism in Sinaloa.

Tragedy Befalls Two Brothers on El Crestón Hill

The area in which the brothers were walking is prohibited for recreational and is one of the most dangerous and least accessible places in the city.

101 Claussen

The restaurant opened its doors for business over three months ago without any fanfare whatsoever, so reviewer Bill Demmer went to investigate.

Work on Saltwater Swimming Pool Advances

Although it will not be ready for Semana Santa holidays, work on the Carpa Olivera saltwater swimming pool in Olas Altas has advanced approximately 60 percent.

Coconut Telegraph

The Gringo community in this beachside enclave is acutely aware that the ‘coconut telegraph’ is alive and well here in Mazatlán.

Injured Farm Workers Test Emergency Room Protocols

The emergency room of Mazatlán´s General Hospital has only eight beds necessitating the transfer of half of the accident victims.

Bicycles Encourage Students to Stay in School

Among some of the communities that benefited from the donation of new bicycles yesterday were Palmillas, Tecomate de Sigueros and Villa Unión.

33 Percent of City Water Supply Lost

Replacing the entire outdated water pipe network in the municipality would cost Jumapam 400 million pesos annually for the next six years.

New Trust (Fideicomiso) Documentation Requirements

Although this may seem rather intrusive, the requirements were established to meet new legal requirements to prevent the illicit movement of funds.

Horses Removed from Cerritos Beaches

Seizure of the horses and detention of the owner were the result of an official notice from the Clean Beaches Committee.

City Council Changes Road Name, Honours Three Mazatlecans

At the most recent meeting, Council members unanimously approved honors for three Mazatlecans.

Port Tariffs Lowered to Equal Lázaro Cárdenas

Nissan car company officials had advised Japan would not permit moving their operation from Lázaro Cárdenas to Mazatlán due to high port costs.

Carnaval in Semana Santa

New this year will be two parades with luminous floats and a spectacular fireworks display in the bahía del Viejo Mazatlán.

Want to be Happier? Try What This Town Did

Happiness is being regarded by some researchers as a skill, and a skill that can be learned by anyone.