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Doctors and Teachers Join in Protest March

As the protesters made their way from the Fisherman’s Monument to Valentino´s, they were joined by teachers.

Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2016 Contestants Visit Mazatlán

The complete beauty contest program will be broadcasted on Saturday, June 25th at 7pm on channel 7 in Mazatlán.

Yoga and Meditation Help Keep Brains Sharp

Yoga and meditation can both help to prevent the memory loss that is a precursor to dementia.

Rescue Existing Public Spaces, says Urban Architect

Sidewalks in Mazatlán are sacrificed to public telephone poles, CFE transformer boxes and trees.

“El Chapo’s” Mother’s House Raided

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán’s hometown of La Tuna, Sinaloa was targeted by an armed group that raided his mother’s home and forced families to flee, local authorities said. Mexican media… Read more »

Mexico implements new police reforms (Video)

Justice reforms aimed at making Mexico safer are due to come into effect.

Millions Stolen from Bansefi in Mazatlán

The money stolen, media reported, is presumably funds set aside for the “Prospera” program, formally known as “Opportunidades.”

The Star of David in Mazatlán’s Cathedral

The Star of David is not limited to synagogues. It is found on numerous religious temples and buildings, many of which were constructed long before the 19th century.

Mazatlán City Council Line-up for 2017-2018

Of note is the election for the first time in Mazatlán of a Morena party candidate to the council.

11,000 Students in Town for Sports Event

The students, from 32 states in the country, will compete in basketball, soccer, athletics, Taekwondo and volley ball, among other sports.

Mexico Buckling as Migrants Leave for U.S. (video)

Last year Mexico detained 190,000 migrants — a number that has doubled since 2012.

PRI Candidate Pucheta Wins by 65 Votes

After three days of vote recounts, the announcement was made yesterday at 2pm.

New Residential Community Approved by Council

The new community, to be named Ciudad Fotur, is located in front of Fraccionamiento Quintas del Mar in Cerritos.

Dia de la Musica 2016 this Saturday, June 11th

One of the most “looked forward to” events of the summer will take place this Saturday, June 11th.

Mainsails, Mizzenmasts And Mazatlan

Where do these nautical sayings we use in everyday language originate? As beachoholic devotees of the historical port by the bay and sea, it might be fun to find out.