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Mexico farmer innovates for production boost (video)

Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Plaza Sendero Mazatlán Opens

The shopping center contains 198 shops as well as parking for 1,600 vehicles.

Compañía Minera

Reviewer Bill Demmer gives a thumbs up to Chef Diego’s new venture, the Compañía Minera in Centro Historico.

Artwalk Celebrates 10 Years!

Artwalk is a visual feast, a roving street party from studio to gallery within a 10 block area of Mazatlán’s Old Town with its colorful ‘tropical neo-classical’ architecture.

Meteorologist Predicts Cold Winter for Mazatlán

If the intense cold fronts continue Mazatlán can expect a very cold Christmas and even chillier New Year.

Federal Gov’t Budgets Infrastructure Funds for Mazatlán

The Mexican federal government has budgeted 300 million pesos for urban infrastructure projects in Mazaatlán for the year 2015.

The Saga of Icebox Hill Transmission Towers Continues…

We residents of the Hill do not expect any exceptional favoritism; yet we do feel the Administration should adhere to the law and place us in a position that we can rely on what we have been told which to this point has certainly not happened.

Good Year for Investments, Employment in Mazatlán

Hilda Inukai Sashida, Municipal Secretary of Economic Development, said the numbers are historic for the city.

Municipal Debt to Double with Paving Project

The paving project at a cost of 300 million pesos will increase the community’s debt to approximately 574 million pesos.

Real Estate Assoc. Proposes Regulatory Laws – Again

For the last two legislatures AMPI has proposed a real estate law in Sinaloa, but each time the proposal has been put on the back burner.

Association for the El Centro Project Presents Plan to Mayor

The El Centro Plan includes adequate parking in the Historic Center as part of the mobility plan.

Taxi Drivers Protest Against Union Leader

Their complaints included paying what they consider an elevated amount of monthly for dues and insurance.

I’m Done Dead Already

Three ladies, who had been planning the night for some time, cajoled me into the caldron of craziness called Día de los Muertos.

Is Horse Meat being sold in Local Markets?

Merchants say that many of these cases are reported to local authorities, but because of corruption nothing is done.

Mexico City swamped by “Skeleton Ladies” (video)

Hundreds of men and women dressed as “The Skeleton Lady”-a famous image by late Mexican printmaker Jose Posada.