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Sinaloan Beach Volleyball Medalists Receive Recognition

The gold winners of the Pan Am beach volleyball competition held in Toronto were honoured at a ceremony at municipal hall yesterday.

Summer Tourism Hits High Gear in Mazatlán

This past weekend all 10,000 available hotel rooms in the city were taken forcing some visitors without reservations to look for accommodation in outlying motels.

Between God & The Devil: Mexico’s Land of Sorcerers (video)

Catemaco in Veracruz, Mexico is known for two things: It’s the place where Mel Gibson directed Apocalypto, and it is full of self-called witches that work either for God or the Devil.

Bugs In My Eyes

I imagine that each of us feels and knows, somewhere deep down within, that we are unique individuals and no matter how we got there this is one helluva a special ride.

Rain Damage Slows Durango-Mazatlán Highway Traffic

What would normally be a 2.5 or 3 hour drive from Durango City to Mazatlán is now taking 4 to 4.5 hours.

Good Reasons to get a Massage

Massage is very relaxing and reduces the stress hormone cortisol that can compromise our immune system.

Council Members Appeal to State Deputies to Deny LED Lights Purchase

The two PRI council members questioned the proposed expense for the lights in the amount of 353 million pesos.

Vecinos Con Cariño Food Fight

Vecinos Con Cariño A.C. (Neighbors Who Care) is seeking volunteers to help champion a food drive within their condo/organizations.

CFE Cuts Off up to 350 Customers Daily

The suspension of service is implemented when a customer is delinquent in paying his or her account or if an anomaly is detected in their electrical system.

5.1 Earthquake Felt in Northern Sinaloa

The epicenter of the 5.1 earthquake was in the Gulf of California.

And Then the Rains Came…

The five hour rainfall measuring 25mm was accompanied by thunder and lightning and wind gusts up to 45kph.

Discharge of Sewage by Hotels Cause of Lagoon Contamination?

Preliminary evidence suggests three hotels were discharging residual water from their complexes into the lagoon.

Why foreign retirees are flocking to Mexico (video)

A boom of foreign retirees have begun moving to Mexico to live out their years, paying much less for independent and assisted living than in other countries.

Playa Norte Fishermen Stuck on Land

Since Thursday this week, pangas have been sitting idle on a concrete abutment high above the shore.

Citizens Protest Purchase of 30,000 LED Lights at Council Meeting

The acquisition of LED lighting is estimated to save the municipality 65 percent on electricity.