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Combating human trafficking..

In an effort to prevent and eliminate human trafficking  Mazatlan’s Municipality along with the Human Rights Commission(HRC) have announced a program called “Behind what you see”. It is focused mainly on young… Read more »

Expedia names Mazatlan in its list of Top 10….

Expedia has named Mazatlan as one of Mexico’s top 10 destinations! Through assessments and opinions of hundreds of clients Mazatlan was considered among the ” 10 Favorite cities of Mexico… Read more »

The New World’s First Feminist

Who would have thought that the first feminist in the New World would come from México, and especially in the 1600s?

Former Ambassador to Mexico discusses Importance Of US-Mexico Relationship. (video)

Former Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne discusses the latest statements from Donald Trump stating that Mexico will pay for a wall.

Gender Bender

Most of the gender language rules make no sense at all. Many of you, obviously, already know this.

Could More Fruits and Veggies Make You Happier?

It seems that eating more fruits and vegetables can make you a happier as well as a healthier person.

Mexican President Inaugurates Mazatlán Military Hospital

The military spent 539 million pesos to complete the hospital which opened five months after it took possession.

Child labour in Mexico (video)

Mexico has one of the largest child labor forces in Latin America, second only to Colombia.

Hundreds Honor ‘Santa Muerte’ In Mexico (video)

Hundreds of people gathered in Tepatepec, Mexico for the last day of the pilgrimage in honor of Santa Muerte.

Mazatlán’s Cliff Divers’ Plazuela gets a Scrub Down

The scrub down is a result of complaints from Mazatlecans and tourists of garbage and general uncleanliness in the area.

Mazatlán 5th Most Popular Beach Destination

The arrival of the tourists doubles the population of Mazatlán and puts stress on public services, in particular garbage collection.

Security Council Meets to Discuss Strategy

A meeting of the Sinaloa Security Council took place in Mazatlán to define new strategies to contain the recent violence.

14 Murdered in Municipality of Mazatlán Last Week

Mazatlán Mayor Felton commented that the murders are the result of criminal gangs fighting for a base in Mazatlán.

Mayor Fights Back Against Dissident Council Members

Mayor Carlos Felton has ordered the Secretary of the Municipal Hall to ask the Justice Department to review not only the declarations of council members but also the reporting of local media.

The Mural Man Part III of III

Whether Kahlo’s affair with Trotsky was the cause of Kahlo’s and Rivera’s divorce is open for debate.