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Mazatlán 5th Most Popular Beach Destination

The arrival of the tourists doubles the population of Mazatlán and puts stress on public services, in particular garbage collection.

Security Council Meets to Discuss Strategy

A meeting of the Sinaloa Security Council took place in Mazatlán to define new strategies to contain the recent violence.

14 Murdered in Municipality of Mazatlán Last Week

Mazatlán Mayor Felton commented that the murders are the result of criminal gangs fighting for a base in Mazatlán.

Mayor Fights Back Against Dissident Council Members

Mayor Carlos Felton has ordered the Secretary of the Municipal Hall to ask the Justice Department to review not only the declarations of council members but also the reporting of local media.

The Mural Man Part III of III

Whether Kahlo’s affair with Trotsky was the cause of Kahlo’s and Rivera’s divorce is open for debate.

Free Ballet Performance at the Angela Peralta Theater

The Opus Ballet company presents “Codices,” a tribute to the history, tradition and worldview of the ancient civilization “Mexica.”

300 Police Searching for El Chapo’s Son

Three hundred members of the Mexican army, navy, federal and Nayarit State police are combing Nayarit looking for the Sinaloa Cartel leader’s kidnapped son.

Teenage Terrors and Tourists

Yes, there are terrorist threats in the world today; but not from my family – anymore.

16 Sinaloa Men Abducted in Puerto Vallarta

The Jalisco Attorney General denied rumors in the local media suggesting that the son of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán was one of those abducted.

Mexican Foreign Minister: Mexico Paying for Trump Wall ‘Absurd’ (video)

Mexico’s top diplomat in the U.S., Claudia Ruiz Massieu, discusses Donald Trump and the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

Federal Transport Office Promises Funds to Update Port

Gerardo Ruiz Esparza announced new plans to invest 1,000 million pesos in the modernization of installations in Mazatlán’s port in 2017.

Criminal Gang Detected in El Habal says PGJE

The PGJE also reported that this cell of an organized criminal group probably participated in murders that have occurred in Mazatlán during the past few weeks.

Fisherman’s Monument Gets Complete Overhaul

It was the Sinaloa Secretary of Tourism who finally stepped in to provide two million pesos for its complete overhaul.

Former Rosario Mayor Murdered

At the time of his death Rodríguez Ontiveros, a civil engineer, was employed by the National Water Commission.

Tropical Storm “Javier” Drenches Mazatlán

The intermittent squalls began at 10am Monday morning and brought two hours of torrential downpours.