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Cruise Ships Brighten Mazatlán Economy

The most significant day for cruise ships will be December 16 when four are scheduled to dock in port simultaneously.

Tropical Storm Sandra Heading our Way

If “Sandra” reaches its predicted category 2 hurricane status, it will become the strongest hurricane recorded so late in the hurricane season.

Cinema and the War on Drugs (video)

A look at the film Kingdom of Shadows which considers the human face of the war on drugs through three individual stories.

Remembrance Day Ceremony Resurrected in Mazatlán

The response to this event was overwhelmingly positive, so plans for next year are already in progress.

Fish Dying in Cerritos Yugo Estuary

The primary cause to be investigated are illegal discharges of contaminated water from nearby hotels.

Iconic López Sainz Baseball Statue to be Relocated

The “Beisbolista” statue by native born sculptor Antonio López Sainz was gifted to the municipality in 2006.

Theme of Carnaval 2016 Revealed

Mazatlán’s 2016 Carnaval, the biggest party of the year, will be take place February 4-9.

Implan Identifies 800 Families in High Risk Areas

High risk locations are areas of annual floods and landslides, such as the Jabalines stream zone and the Infiernillo estuary.

Sinaloa Among Top States for Pemex Gas Thieves

The States of Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Sinaloa and Jalisco are responsible for 5.5 illegal taps a day, representing half the amount of gas stolen in the country.

Families Spent Average of 7,500 Pesos during Buen Fin

Of the purchases recorded during Buen Fin, 49 percent were in cash.

Some Frank Talk for Men about Sex after Fifty

Dr. Ruth Westheimer has written a book Sex after Fifty and she has some things to say about the stages men go through in their sexuality as they age.

Who are the Normalistas?

Students attending Escuelas Normales see as their purpose not only “to bring education to the poor rural population, but also to combat social injustice and maintain the dignity of the poor.”

Three Teachers Arrested at Protest Against Evaluations

In total, nine of 90 Mazatlán teachers scheduled to write the evaluation exams were able to complete the tests.

Artist Abraham Cruzvillegas on Mexico City (video)

Cruzvillegas explains how his practice of autoconstrucción evolved from the elements of life which give the city a new shape every day.

100 Children Evacuated from IMSS Daycare

The gas, smoke and fire detector alarm went off at approximately 10:30am yesterday morning.