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Hospice Mazatlán Wins First Place Award

The award was given to Hospice Mazatlán by JAP at the annual meeting of Dia de Filantropia.

Mazatlán Central Park Project to Begin Next Year

Two new designs not incorporated in the plan presented to the public on August 11 are a cultural corridor of statues linking the museum with the aquarium and an aviary.

Halloween for Big Kids!

Neighbours in the El Cid community held their annual Big Kids Halloween party last week where costume creativity flowed. Can you guess what each costume represented? Me neither…

Mazatlán Students Triumphant in 2014 Robot Competition

The primary school children were greeted at the airport by proud parents and friends.

April 30th is Día de el Niño in Mexico

Children’s Day is now celebrated in almost 80 countries around the world.

Mazatlecan Displays Bicycle Design Ingenuity

A retired bicycle shop owner has turned his creativity towards unique bicycle models, some specifically for those with disabilities.

El Recreo Here to Stay

El Recreo’s founder and his wife leave behind a thriving local theater for the Mazatlán foreign community.

Mazatlán Writers Present Panel at Book Fair

FeliMaz is an annual event in Mazatlán, celebrated this year Friday, March 14 through Friday, March 21.

Mazalán Foreign Community Warned of Telephone Scams

The head of Sinaloa’s anti-kidnapping squad addressed a meeting of approximately 200 Mazatlán foreign residents.

Hospice Fundraising Booklet For Sale

Murry Page has written an invaluable booklet entitled “Planning For the Inevitable” and has donated this to Hospice Mazatlán IAP.

The Unexpected Hitchhiker

All hands on deck were trying to extract the boa constrictor from the engine of my car.

Sectur Honours Blue Shirt Volunteers

The Blue Shirts began by setting up information booths and sending out roving volunteers in the Centro Historico.

2014 “Farm To Table Mazatlán”

Local restaurants will feature special menus sourced from member growers of Mazatlán’s only organic farmers market, and other Sinaloa organic growers.

Touring the Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior is the first purpose-built motor-assisted sailing yacht owned and operated by Greenpeace.

Mazatlan – City with a Great Future

Another “must see” video from TravelSecretsMexico which appeared on the Family Net channel entitled “Mazatlán – City with a Great Future” produced by Herbert and Gitta Kelner.