Gender Bender

Spanish. More particularly, Latin American Spanish. One of my ongoing, enduring, adversaries. You see, there I go, immediately anthropomorphizing an inanimate object, or concept. Maybe that is one of many clues as to my abysmal Spanish attention and retention. Or not. In my typical, oblique … Continue reading

Teenage Terrors and Tourists

We settled into our seats in the Mexicana Airlines Boeing 727, I, completely oblivious to the terrorists onboard. Mexicana Airlines. I miss Mexicana. Always enjoyed that short (sometimes impromptu) jaunt from San Francisco to Mazatlán. The carrier did experience a terrible crash in 1986 due to … Continue reading

Oysters, Tequila, Toilets And Time-Outs

“Hey David”, my amigo Roberto intoned, “I’m going to visit my brother in Dimas You want to come with us? I have three days off but I think we will go over and back in one day because he does not have very good places to sleep. It’s only a little over a one-hour drive. He is going to get … Continue reading

Border Crossing

Several families were milling around at the border crossing checkpoint, each with sheaves of papers ready for inspection by officials. Typically, moms and dads with three kids in tow - ages about four, six and nine. Looking across the fencing and wire and barricades to another country, a country … Continue reading

Mainsails, Mizzenmasts And Mazatlan

or 300 years of history in the cerveza Pacifico label Weary of writing about depressing (though maybe mildly interesting and sometimes informative) stuff like US politics, the relative safety of life in the US vs Mexico or comparing the oligarchies of north or south (separated by the Rio Grande … Continue reading