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Cinema and the War on Drugs (video)

A look at the film Kingdom of Shadows which considers the human face of the war on drugs through three individual stories.

Theme of Carnaval 2016 Revealed

Mazatlán’s 2016 Carnaval, the biggest party of the year, will be take place February 4-9.

Artist Abraham Cruzvillegas on Mexico City (video)

Cruzvillegas explains how his practice of autoconstrucción evolved from the elements of life which give the city a new shape every day.

Mitsubishi Features Peralta Theater in Advertising Promo

Mitsubishi’s international campaign to promote its air conditioning system using the theater as an example begins in January and February, 2016.

National Artisan Festival Comes to Mazatlán

During the artisan festival, several activities are planned including performances of the deer dance and fire dance, regional dances and ulama games.

Music Students Win Día de Muertos Altar Competition

The judges evaluated the traditional Día de Muertos altar elements of decoration, personification of the person honoured and the presence of earth, water and wind.

Day of the Dead (The Underworld Threshold)

This year, the pre-Hispanic culture will be the topic that will flood the depths and main spaces of the Angela Peralta Theater.

Mexico brings ancient sport to first World Indigenous Games (video)

The world’s first Indigenous Games kick off in Brazil this week.

Fisherman’s Statute to be Repaired, but When?

The Secretary of Tourism office has already invested six million pesos in upgrading the Malecón this year.

Artist uses paint to protest US-Mexico border wall (video)

Ana Teresa Fernandez paints the border wall sky blue to represent a fence that erases the border.

Fisherman’s Monument Falls into Disrepair – No One Accepts Responsibility

It has been two years since the monument has seen any significant restorative work.

‘El Wachavato’ on Urban Art (video)

Mexican artist el Wachavato discusses his recent artistic expressions, the differences between graffiti and street art, and the cooptation of street art by “sponsors.”

Life on Stage, Regina Orozco (video)

Orozco talks about her ability to associate reality with humor and transform tragedy and human pain into something funny.

Top 20 Creepiest Mexican Urban Legends (video)

This list will mainly feature legends from mexico as well as some from more Latin America.

Chile, Chili, Chilli or Chile Pepper?

Long before someone coined the term “Tex-Mex” Americans have been flavoring their food with chilies found in México.