Last Art Walk day!

Today, April 7 is the last Artwalk of the Season. Shop all of your favorite galleries and visit the artist´s studios. It is a unique and fun evening in Centro Historico! Artwalk Friday, April 7 Centro Historico 4 - 8 pm … Continue reading

Meet Sergio a talented Mexican kid

Sergio Vargas Escoruela asked for three Christmas presents: a piano, a battery and a guitar. Instead of all that, he received a keyboard and took lessons with teacher Mariana Chabukiani. Only a couple of months later he had his first piano recital - in June 2013 at a theater in Torreón. He was … Continue reading

El Sinaloense song

Sinaloense is the song that represents Sinaloa and has been interpreted by hundreds of local and international artists. The composer is Severiano Briseño, a musician from San Luis Potosí. In 1943 Briseno arrived in Sinaloa with some friends that in the middle of a drinking session demanded … Continue reading

Spring Equinox in Las Labradas

Sinaloa's Government  invites everyone to the Spring Equinox celebration at Las Labradas  on March, 19 and 20,  with various tourism, scientific and cultural activities taking place. On Sunday March 19, starting at 6:00 pm will be a welcome to the beach camp, astronomical observation through … Continue reading