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Life on Stage, Regina Orozco (video)

Orozco talks about her ability to associate reality with humor and transform tragedy and human pain into something funny.

Top 20 Creepiest Mexican Urban Legends (video)

This list will mainly feature legends from mexico as well as some from more Latin America.

Chile, Chili, Chilli or Chile Pepper?

Long before someone coined the term “Tex-Mex” Americans have been flavoring their food with chilies found in México.

Cultura Latina (video)

The women’s hip hop collective Batallones Femeninos use their art as a tool of dissent.

Sinaloa Presents Cuisine at National Traditional Food Fair

Each State was invited to present six regional dishes.

Angela Peralta Chorus is Looking for You

The Angela Peralta Chorus is offering a course just for you directed by Maestro Antonio González.

Frida Kahlo’s private letters exhibited in Mexico (video)

A new exhibition in Mexico City presents Frida Kahlo’s private correspondence with Diego Rivera and others, to shed light on the day-to-day aspects of her life.

Between God & The Devil: Mexico’s Land of Sorcerers (video)

Catemaco in Veracruz, Mexico is known for two things: It’s the place where Mel Gibson directed Apocalypto, and it is full of self-called witches that work either for God or the Devil.

Young Mazatlecan Wins International Award

Otto Wiedfeldt García, was the first place winner in Mexico of the fifth Olympiad of Art.

Government Sponsors Artisan Craft Displays

The program will benefit 40 artists, mainly women.

Musicians Honour “The Father of Banda”

Don Cruz Lizárraga was honoured yesterday by the 17 members of his banda and an evening of free music.

Seniors Gather to Celebrate being “Young at Heart”

Participants competed in different cultural and sports activities including athletics, swimming, chess, dominoes and ballroom dancing.

Looking for Artists to Exhibit in Mazatlán’s Artwalk

Artwalk increases the visibility of its artists and gives them the opportunity to exhibit, sell and promote their work.

Blood For Water: Fighting for the Rainy Season in Mexico (video)

In the state of Guerrero indigenous people have the tradition of fist-fighting each other in order to ask the gods for a good rainy season.

Día de la Musica, June 13 in Centro Historico

The music marathon will start at 7 pm and guarantees live music for almost six hours continuously.