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Cultura presents…

  OSSLA Orquesta Sinfonica Sinaloa de las Artes Thursday, November 3rd 8 pm Angela Peralta Theater Tickets: $300, 250, 200, and 150 pesos The Angela Peralta Theater will host a… Read more »

Love Dancing? What about Liquid Lead…

Tango, waltz, foxtrot … these classic ballroom dances quietly perpetuate an outdated idea: that the man always leads and the woman always follows. That’s an idea worth changing, say Trevor… Read more »

Mazatlán’s Cultural Festival

From October 6th to December 16th 2016 Mazatlán’s Cultural Festival will be showcasing music, theater, dance, ballet, opera, literature and various other artistic events. This annual happening started in 1993… Read more »

Hundreds Honor ‘Santa Muerte’ In Mexico (video)

Hundreds of people gathered in Tepatepec, Mexico for the last day of the pilgrimage in honor of Santa Muerte.

Free Ballet Performance at the Angela Peralta Theater

The Opus Ballet company presents “Codices,” a tribute to the history, tradition and worldview of the ancient civilization “Mexica.”

Eco-village in Mexico boasts a sustainable lifestyle (video)

In the mystical mountains of Sierra del Tepozteco outside of Mexico City, an alternative community was created by a traveling artistic group.

Mexican inmates use tattoo skills for purse designs (video)

Using homemade tattooing equipment, inmates of six Mexican prisons take part in a rehabilitation project called Prison Art.

Mexico in WW1 – The Mexican Revolution (video)

After the decoding of the Zimmerman Telegram it was clear that Germany wanted to bring Mexico into the war.

Mexico’s sign painters fight to keep tradition alive (video)

Although it’s labour intensive, hand painted signs and advertising are still a part of the landscape in Mexico’s cities.

Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2016 Contestants Visit Mazatlán

The complete beauty contest program will be broadcasted on Saturday, June 25th at 7pm on channel 7 in Mazatlán.

Chinese food becoming more popular in Mexico City (video)

The appetite for Mexican-Chinese food is growing as fancy restaurants open in Mexico City fueling a boom in Asian eateries.

A guide to the largest “Chinatown” in Mexico: La Chinesca (video)

Mexicali has one of the largest Chinese communities in Mexico.

Dia de la Musica 2016 this Saturday, June 11th

One of the most “looked forward to” events of the summer will take place this Saturday, June 11th.

Mexican theater company helps inmates reintegrate into society (video)

In a country with one of the highest imprisonment rates in Latin America, a theater company has been working with inmates to organize plays for the general public.

Art exhibit honors Mexican drug war’s missing (video)

A new exhibit in Mexico City tells a story from Mexico’s drug war.