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Mexican Artists: Agustin Lara (video)

In the city of Tlacotalpan you can found the museum of Agustín Lara: the famous mexican singer and songwriter.

Canirac Seeks Cultural Heritage Designation for Sinaloa Cuisine

The project is an offshoot of the recognition of Mexican food internationally, in particular diverse dishes from specific States.

UPDATED: Salt Sculptures on Olas Altas a First in Mazatlán

Six artists are putting their creativity towards sculptures made from salt on the Malecón in Olas Altas.

Teenage Bullfighters (video)

By age 14, Michelito Lagravere officially turned into the youngest bullfighter ever.

Are Summer Blockbusters Trying to Tell Us Something?

As Hollywood moves along with the zeitgeist to make as much money as possible, I wonder if they think about why the movies they make are so popular with a particular generation.

El Quelite Produces its Own Regional Videogame

The object of the game is to introduce children to rural life.

Mexico’s popular ‘Lucha Libre’ turns 80 (video)

Go into the ring for a look at Mexico’s “Lucha Libre” wrestling to find out why it’s so popular.

Film about disgraced Catholic priest shocks Mexico (video)

‘Perfect Obedience’ is a biopic about disgraced priest Marcial Maciel who used drugs, abused boys, and fathered children.

Music, Music, Music

Four stages have been set up in Olas Altas for musical groups ranging from rock, salsa, pop and banda.

El Komander under surveillance in Mexico (video)

El Komander is popular for his violence-drenched “narco-corridos”, songs about drugs, violence and women.

A Mexican Buffalo Feast (video)

How to prepare and cook buffalo in a method unique to a Mexican ranch.

Keeping traditions alive at a top mariachi school (video)

“Mariachi is everywhere. It is all over the world.”

Mexican Muslims (video)

Cheb Cheb Ibrahim is one of the first Mexican Indians to convert to Islam and a member of the only indigenous Muslim community in Mexico.

1,500 Attend Spring Equinox Celebration

Approximately 1,500 people dressed in white gathered at the Las Labradas archeological site to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

Luna Art Gallery to Close May 31

Glen Rogers announced at the opening of her new exhibit yesterday that the gallery will be closing permanently on May 31.