Pet of the Week – Huesos

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett March 25, 2020 16:56

Pet of the Week – Huesos

Meet Huesos

This week our highlighted pet is Huesos, which translates to “Bones”.  He is a medium-sized, male pup – about 2 years old.  Huesos has a handsome brindle coat – mostly brown with black highlights.   He was abandoned – left tied to the shelter door on a Saturday afternoon during lunch break.  Huesos arrived at the shelter very skinny – with many ticks and fleas.  He is being treated for Ehrlichiosis – a tick borne disease – and he is receiving nutritional supplements in additional to his regular food.  Huesos has a sweet personality.  He loves to go for walks and seems grateful to be in a better environment.  Huesos is scheduled for his neutering operation this week and then will be looking for a loving Forever Home.


Adoptions –  Midna and Cholo

This week one puppy and one cat found their adopted families.

Puppy Midna was adopted by a volunteer at the shelter.  This young woman loves animals and had become especially fond of Midna while working at the shelter.  Midna is on a regime of anti-diarrhea medication that her new owner will administer – along with good food, daily walks and lots of love and attention.

Cholo is a handsome white cat with orange markings.  He was chosen by a local man who had wanted to adopt a cat for a long time.  He brought his wife to the shelter to meet Cholo and they both decided that he was the kitty cat for them.


Zumba Dancers – A Final Gift for the Season

The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY with snowbirds scrambling to find flights home under ever-changing circumstances.  Before leaving town, the wonderful Sabalo Country Zumba class members, led by Margaret Haynes, tallied up their final donation of $7,000 pesos – for a total of $10,000 pesos for the season – and went shopping for the shelter.  These wonderful women purchased 300 pounds of kibble for our dogs and 12 large pails of kitty litter to help keep our cats clean and more comfortable.  We want to say THANK YOU to all who supported the animal shelter from your class fees and extra donations.  We hope everyone stays healthy and active during the summer months and that we see you back in Mazatlán next season.


Special Spay and Neuter Fund – An Additional 100 Sterilization Operations Funded

Thanks to the generous support from many people who bought artwork, jewelry and donated money, I was able to raise enough pesos to cover the cost of 100 spay and neuter operations – in addition to the 50 operations funded at the beginning of this season.  I would like to express special thanks to Susan and Elizabeth, for creating jewelry and watercolor cards to sell, and to Super Supporter, Ursula, who donated pesos every week – including all of her winnings from our BINGO games.  The total amount raised of $45,000 pesos is earmarked exclusively to pay for sterilization operations for dogs and cats as they come to the shelter and are healthy and old enough for surgery.



The NUMBER ONE THING we can do to save dogs and cats from the suffering and death caused by overpopulation is to spay and neuter these animals – preferably at a young age BEFORE they have any puppies or kittens.  Sterilization operations are routine and affordable.  Sterilization prevents THOUSANDS of unwanted animals from being born – left to struggle for survival on the streets, to suffer the abuse of cruel people or to be euthanized or poisoned because of the lack of caring Forever Homes.

It has been estimated that ONE unspayed female dog and her litters can produce 67,000 puppies in just six years.  ONE unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens in just seven years!  Most dogs can have TWO litters each year.  Small dogs can have THREE litters each year.  Cats can give birth to three litters of kittens each year.  The result is MILLIONS of unwanted dogs and cats in countries worldwide.

Muchas, MUCHAS gracias to all who supported the Amigos Spay and Neuter Fund.  You are part of the solution to this widespread problem of overpopulation.  Remember to spay, neuter and always adopt.


Prepare a Plan for You and Your Pets


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Organisation for Animal Health have issued statements saying there is no evidence at this time that companion animals can spread the COVID-19 virus.  That being said, all pet owners should prepare for the unexpected and have a plan in place that includes our beloved four-legged family members.


Consider these recommendations:

Keep a two-week supply of pet food and medications on hand in order to limit unnecessary shopping trips.

Have a crate or carrier available in case it becomes necessary to relocate your pets.

Establish a support network of neighbors, friends and family members to provide care for your pet in the event that you become ill.

Be sure that your pet’s identification tags and microchip (if available) are legible and contain current and accurate contact information.

Be sure your pet’s vaccines are up to date and that you have copies of those records available in case it becomes necessary to board your pet.

Prepare an instruction sheet on how and when to administer food and medicine to your pets.

Always have current photos of your pets in the event they are lost.

Ask for help from local animal shelters if necessary.  They might be able to help with temporary housing for pets, donated food and supplies and subsidized veterinary services.

What We Need Most Urgently – Summer Volunteers – Dog Walkers

We are still looking for summer volunteers to walk dogs and work in the bazaar / thrift store located on the second floor of the shelter.  The time commitment for any volunteer job is just four hours a week and is hugely rewarding.  The dogs love visitors and the twice daily walks are the highlight their day. Please volunteer even if you leave Mazatlán for a portion of the summer.  Any assistance is welcome.  Please call the shelter or stop by if you would like to join our team.

Thank you for supporting the shelter.

Please contact the animal shelter during business hours:

Amigos de los Animales
Phone: 669-986-4235

Shelter Hours:
Monday – Friday – 11am-2pm and 4-7pm
Saturday – 11am-2pm
Bicentenario Juarez #3
Colonia Francisco Villa (Colonia Pancho Villa)
Mazatlán, MX 82190

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett March 25, 2020 16:56