Pet of the Week – Flor – Adopted!

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett February 17, 2020 05:07

Pet of the Week – Flor – Adopted!

Meet Flor

Flor, which translates to “Flower”, is our featured pet this week.  Like so many of our animals, Flor was abandoned at the front door during off-hours when the shelter was closed to the public.  Flor is a 3-year-old female of medium size.  She has a shiny black coat with tan markings on her feet and face.  Flor is an active doggy.  She loves to go on walks and is obedient.  She is healthy and needs no special diet or medication.  Flor has had her vaccinations and her spaying operation.  This pretty doggy is ready to find her Forever Home.


Adoptions –  Miss Piggy, Dori and Dulcinea

This week one doggy and two kitty cats found their Forever Homes.


Miss Piggy is a black pup with white markings.  She is a strong but sweet and affectionate doggy with some pit bull in her background.   This week Miss Piggy was adopted by a family in Mazatlán with 3 children.  She will have a lot of fun at home with her new playmates.


Dori is an adult, tri-colored calico kitty, who is very alert and playful.  This week Dori was adopted by a young man who was pleased that she ran to greet him when he approached the door of the Cat Condo area.


Super Supporters, Elena and Sandu, decided to adopt another kitty to add to their family that already includes two mastiff dogs and Lolita – another cat they rescued from the shelter.  They purposely chose a cat that was older and had less of a chance of being adopted.  Dulcinea is a white, orange and black calico.  She is very thin.  When she was taken to the vet, it was discovered that she had parasites that were quickly treated with oral medication.  Dulcinea is in excellent hands with Elena and Sandu and will do well in their home.



Legacy Donation – Brenda Babbitt – Founding Member of Friends of Mexico, Humanitarian and Animal Lover

This week Amigos de los Animales learned about a $3,000 legacy donation from humanitarian and animal lover, Brenda Babbitt, who passed away in July 2018, following a two-year battle with cancer.  Brenda had a huge impact during the years she lived in Mexico.  For more than a decade she taught at the university level in Mazatlán.  In 1998, Brenda and Chester Tesarowski were the original founding members of Friends of Mexico – a social and school support non-profit organization still in existence today.  Brenda also supported the indigenous Tarahumara people, who live in Creel near the Copper Canyon, by sending monthly boxes of food, medicine and educational supplies and by encouraging others to do so as well.

Brenda was an animal lover and adopted two dogs from the shelter – Buddy, and later, Dollie.  These two pups were adored and spoiled by Brenda every day of their lives.  We are grateful that Brenda recognized the work of the animal shelter and chose to honor Amigos de los Animales with this legacy gift.

Zumba Class Members Give Generously

Margaret Haynes’ Zumba class members have raised $3,000 pesos from class fees and donations so far this season.  This week they used the money to purchase several H-U-G-E bags of Purina cat and dog kibble, which is always needed at the shelter.  We wish to thank every member of this FIT AND FABULOUS group of dancers for supporting Amigos de los Animales.  They continue to inspire us with their positive health practices and charitable giving.

Keep Your Pets Safe During Carnaval and Other Noisy Times

It has been reported that dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans.  They can hear sounds from further away.  They can hear higher frequencies and can more easily pin point the exact location of a sound.

During the upcoming Carnaval celebration and during other noisy times – including thunder storms – it is important to be aware if your pets are stressed.  If so, there are strategies to use to ease their discomfort and to keep them safe.

Be aware of the warning signs that your dog is afraid of loud noises or anxious because different animals react differently.  Your dog might shake, tremble or look for a place to hide.  At other times your pet might seem overly restless, be destructive (e.g. try to dig a hole in the carpet) or be clinging anxiously to your side.  Your pet might pant, pace incessantly, whine or bark loudly.  All of these behaviors are signs that your pet is suffering.

A sudden, loud noise can be terrifying, especially if the dog doesn’t understand the origin of the banging and bright flashes of light. The pet’s first instinct might be to run away from the danger.  Your dog could escape from your home, be involved in a car accident, get lost or become injured.  In the United States, more dogs are lost on the Fourth of July (FIREWORKS!!) than on any other day of the year.

Prepare ahead of time to keep your doggy calm and safe during these noisy and highly stressful times.  Before the stressful event (e.g. scheduled fireworks show, a thunder storm in the forecast), take your dog for a long walk or play ball so your pet is tired and relaxed during the evening.  You might want to feed your doggy earlier than usual and go out for an early evening bathroom break before the noises begin.

Whenever possible, stay at home with your pet or find a reliable doggy sitter.  Being alone during stressful episodes will only make the anxiety worse.  Create a calm atmosphere.  Close doors, windows and drapes to minimize the effects of lightning or flashing lights or the acrid, burning smell of fireworks.

Give your dog the comfort and attention necessary to help calm anxiety.  Try petting or a gentle massage to help your dog relax.  Use plug-in adaptors or a specially treated collar that releases chemicals that can help your dog relax.  Do an internet search on “dog calming remedies” for recommendations.  Rub a drop of therapeutic grade lavender or valerian oil on your doggy’s ears.  Until you understand your pet’s reaction to the essential oil, dilute it with vegetable oil to be on the safe side.  Bach’s Rescue Remedy and CBD oil are other possibilities.  Offer your pet a peanut butter kong or give your doggy a chew treat to keep him engaged in a positive activity and distracted from the noise.

Prepare a safe place for your doggy to escape.  Your pet’s crate or a couple of chairs draped with a blanket will make a dark, quiet den.  Use other distracting sounds to compete with noisy fireworks or thunder.  Play a radio, television or white noise machine to help hide the scary noises.  Leave the television on all night if necessary.  Swaddling your pet in a Thunder Shirt, which are on sale at the animal shelter bazaar for only $200 pesos, or scarf or Ace bandage might have a calming effect.  Do an internet search on anti-anxiety wraps to learn how to position the strapping correctly for best effect.

Some pet owners have had success desensitizing their dogs to the sound of thunder and other loud noises.  You can find tracks and play lists of fireworks and thunder storms.  Play these for your pet at a low volume initially.  Gradually increase the volume and the time your pet is exposed to these noises until the offending sounds no longer cause anxiety.  Take time and be watchful to ensure that your pet doesn’t become more frightened of loud, erratic noises during the desensitization process.  When all else fails and as a last resort for an extremely anxious dog, a trip to your veterinarian to discuss medication might be necessary.

On the days following a noisy, stressful event, keep your doggy on leash during his walks.  The smell of fireworks or a thunder storm may linger and still frighten your pet.  At all times, the primary goal is to keep your pet safe, calm and happy.

FINAL Mazatlán Rocks the Beach Concert – Monday, March 2, 2020

This season’s FINAL Mazatlán Rocks the Beach concert will be on Monday, March 2nd.  The concert, featuring SIX of your favorite local bands including Los Cryps, Adiccion, Beach Seekers, Kannon, Kraken, and Rex Unplugged, will be held at SUMBAWA in the Golden Zone located just north of Valentino’s.  Tickets for this event are just $250 pesos.  Food will be available for purchase from European Sausage Kitchen.  Beer and other drinks will be for sale.  Tickets for a 50 / 50 raffle drawing will benefit three local non-profit organizations, Amigos de los Animales animal shelter, Refugio de Mazatlán – a residential home for troubled teenage boys and the Vineyard Church.  Doors open at 10:30 a.m.  The music begins at noon.  Tickets are available at Pacific Pearl office, Mazatlán Book Store (inside Margaritas restaurant), European Sausage Kitchen in El Centro and Surf’s Up Cafe in Cerritos.  For more information, please visitán-My-City-com-383055698379523/.  See you there!

Thank you for supporting the animal shelter.

Please contact the animal shelter during business hours:

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Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett February 17, 2020 05:07