Pet of the Week – Toska

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett February 4, 2020 17:16

Pet of the Week – Toska

Meet Toska

Our featured pet this week is Toska.  She is a large, 3-year-old female doggy with a sleek, black and brown mottled coat.  Toska was rescued from Villa Unión, a town just outside of Mazatlán, on Highway 15 towards the airport.  She arrived at the shelter with a swollen lump on one ear, which was filled with fluid.  A simple operation removed the lump and Toska is recovering nicely.

Toska is in good physical condition.  She does not require a special diet or any medication.  Toska is very affectionate with people and loves to be petted.  She is not fond of cats and would do best in a feline-free home.  Toska is scheduled for her spaying operation next week and then will be available for adoption.  Toska will be a loving pet for one lucky family.

Adoptions – Domino and Yelly

This week two pets were adopted – one doggy and one kitty cat.

Domino is a tall, two-year-old, male, black and white doggy.  Several weeks ago, he was found north of town in the Cerritos area. Concerned animal lovers from the Costa Bonita condominium complex brought him to the shelter.  This week Domino was adopted by a man who lives in the Lomas area near the Golden Zone.  He was looking for a calm and loving animal that would be a companion for his children.  Despite his large size, Domino is calm and extremely friendly.  He loves to be petted and in contact with people at all times.  He will be a good pet for this family.

Yelly is an adult, yellow tabby cat, who has been at the shelter for several months.  This week he was adopted by a young woman looking for a cat to keep her company.  Yelly was the first kitty to run to the door of the Cat Condo to greet her.  His new owner picked him up and he was immediately comfortable and affectionate with her.  Good choice.

Champagne Brunch 2020 – An Addendum

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who made our Champagne Brunch fund raiser at Marina El Cid’s Beach Club events center such a big success.   We want to especially thank Joyce and David Friedman.  David held the winning ticket for the 50/50 raffle drawing, which amounted to $10,950 pesos.  In an extremely generous gesture, Joyce and David chose to donate their winnings back to the shelter.   As a point of reference, this money is enough to pay for more than THIRTY-FIVE sterilization operations for our shelter animals, which has the effect of keeping hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats from being born on the streets of Mazatlán.  Muchisimas gracias to David and Joyce.

Upcoming Event – Pasarela de Perros en Adopción

On February 20th, Amigos de los Animales will once again participate in the Pasarela de Perros en Adopción at Plaza Acaya shopping mall – formerly known as Plaza Sendero.  This monthly event is a joint initiative of the Municipal Government under the Department of Ecology and Environment and the Acaya shopping center.  The goal is to encourage citizens to view animals differently, to consider adopting a dog before purchasing one and, most importantly, to ensure that pets are sterilized, provided with proper nutrition, love, affection and a chance to live a decent life.  Citizens are encouraged to unite against the serious problem of abuse and abandonment of dogs and cats that is still pervasive in Mazatlán.

At this adoptable-pets-on-parade event, local animal rescue organizations showcase their animals to the public.  There is a stage set up and chairs for the viewing public.  Each pet is introduced and paraded for all to see.  The event is held on the third Thursday of each month.  At and after January’s event, several animal shelter pets found their Forever Homes.  Hopefully this monthly event will help change people’s attitudes towards street animals in Mazatlán.

Donation – Shoes, Shoes, Shoes – We Have Shoes!!

During the past two weeks at our bazaar / thrift store, we have received a donation of dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes – many of which are beautiful, fashion heels.  If you are looking for a special pair of shoes to complement your Valentine’s Day outfit or for any other occasion, make the animal shelter bazaar your first stop.  Sizes, styles and colors vary.  These shoes are in near-new condition and are priced from $40 to $100 pesos.  The bazaar is open Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.   We have clothing, SHOES, kitchen items, golf clubs and other sporting goods, linens, children’s toys, CDs, DVDs and on and on and on.  Stop in for a fun and unique shopping experience AND support the rescue efforts of the animal shelter all at the same time.

A Reminder – Buy Your Thunder Shirt BEFORE Carnaval – Special Pricing

A reminder that we have Thunder Shirts on sale at the animal shelter.  Living in Mazatlán is a noisy proposition – even more so during the upcoming Carnaval celebration.  Amigos de los Animales is offering special pricing on Thunder Shirts – just $200 pesos – with sizes available from XXS to XXL.  If you aren’t familiar with Thunder Shirts, please visit their website.  There are also numerous videos on youtube demonstrating their benefits.  Basically, a Thunder Shirt “swaddles” a doggy and reduces anxiety during stressful, noisy situations.   Results vary from dog to dog, but there have been some miracle cures from anxious behavior with the proper use of a Thunder Shirt.

Thank you for supporting the animal shelter.

Please contact the animal shelter during business hours:

Amigos de los Animales
Phone: 669-986-4235

Shelter Hours:
Monday – Friday – 11am-2pm and 4-7pm
Saturday – 11am-2pm
Bicentenario Juarez #3
Colonia Francisco Villa (Colonia Pancho Villa)
Mazatlán, MX 82190

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett February 4, 2020 17:16