Pet of the Week – Miss Piggy – Adopted!

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett January 12, 2020 11:47

Pet of the Week – Miss Piggy – Adopted!

Meet Miss Piggy

This week we highlight Miss Piggy, a medium-sized, female, black and white beauty.  Miss Piggy has some pit bull in her lineage.  She is about a year and a half old.  Miss Piggy was discovered one Sunday morning tied up outside the shelter door.  She is in good health.  She has a lot of energy and gives great kisses.  Miss Piggy loves to go for long walks.  She does not require any medication or a special diet.  She is scheduled for her spaying operation within a couple of weeks and will be ready to find a loving Forever Home.


Adoptions – Daphne, Dolores, Lancelot and Siri

This week four lucky doggies found their Forever Homes.

Daphne came to the shelter as “Bonita”, which translates to “Pretty” but her name was later changed to Daphne.  Daphne lived at the shelter for almost a year before her adoption.  She is a medium-sized, mixed breed, female doggy – light tan and white in color.  Daphne was rescued from Colonia Burócrata by a neighbor of her former owners.  The owners separated and left Daphne alone in a cage almost all day.  Daphne arrived at the shelter very malnourished but regained her health at the shelter.  Daphne was adopted on a trial basis.  She won the hearts of her adoptive family, which includes two young children who will be her new playmates.  The family decided to make Daphne a permanent member of their household.

Dolores is a medium-sized, black, female doggy, with a few white markings.  She is about a year old.  Dolores was found on the streets of Villa Unión – a suburb of Mazatlán on the way to the airport.  She was rescued by a family who saw that she was being attacked by other dogs on the street.  This week Dolores was adopted by a family with a four year-old child.  She will adapt nicely to this quiet environment of her new home.

Lancelot left the shelter on a trial-basis adoption.  After just a week, his new owner reporte that Lancelot adapted very well to the family and the house.  They returned to the shelter to make the adoption permanent.

Siri is a medium-sized, tan and white doggy.  She is another long-term resident.  Siri had puppies at the shelter.  Once they were old enough to be weaned, all of the puppies were adopted.  This week Mama Siri was adopted by a mother and her three daughters – once of whom has special needs.  Siri will fit right in to this all-female household.



NO Monday Happy Hour BINGO at Friends Diner in the Golden Zone on Monday, January 13, 2020

There will be a one-week break from BINGO this coming Monday, January 13th.  Friends Diner has scheduled a special event that day and the space will not be available.

Weekly BINGO games will resume on Monday, January 20th.

Green Bean Diet for Doggies

Have you been keeping your New Year’s resolutions??  Did one of them include eating healthier and losing a few pounds??

In recent news there have been stories about dogs who have lost a considerable amount of weight by supplementing their diets with green beans.  Senior dog, Pearl, arrived at an animal shelter in Montana last year, weighing 50 pounds.  She is a beagle who suffers from Cushing’s disease, which added to her weight gain woes.  Pearl also had a dislocated hip that prevented her from walking more than 4 or 5 steps at a time.  Pearl’s adoptive mom, Jessie, who works at the animal shelter, started her on pool therapy – gentle water exercise that was easier on Pearl’s joints.  In the beginning Pearl was only able to swim for 10 seconds at a time before resting.  But after swim sessions six days a week and weight loss of 25 pounds, Pearl’s endurance increased dramatically to 15 minutes a day.  In addition to the water exercise, Pearl now eats a veterinarian-prescribed diet of low-fat dry food, baby carrots, frozen green beans and bananas.  After 11 months and following successful hip surgery, Pearl has lost a total of 30 pounds and can easily walk a mile or go paddle boarding on a lake with her mom.  This healthy, happy doggy has a personality that really shines through as she greets visitors at the shelter where she and Jessie go to work every day.  What a difference a year makes!!

In the simplest form of a “Green Bean Diet” for dogs, owners replace 10 percent of the volume of their pet’s regular meal (wet or dry food) with fresh or frozen green beans.

Canned green beans may contain high levels of sodium, which may not be a healthy choice.  The amount of green beans is increased a little bit every few days until the dog’s meal consists of 50% green beans and 50% regular diet.  This continues until the doggy reaches its ideal weight at which time regular food is reintroduced and the amount of green beans is reduced – being careful not to allow the dog to regain any weight.  This plan decreases the number of calories consumed while maintaining the volume of food eaten.  The pet feels full while eating fewer calories.

Green beans can be part of a healthy diet.  They provide fiber, vitamins A, C and K and magnesium.  Green beans also contain omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, folic acid, iron, potassium and beta-carotene.  Most dogs seem to like the taste and texture of green beans.

Maintaining your dog at a healthy weight can add enjoyment to walks, hikes, swimming and chasing a ball in the back yard.  Studies done by the American Veterinary Medical Association show that keeping your pet at a healthy weight can increase its life by two years, which is a huge percentage considering that the average dog lives 10-13 years.

But as with any major decision, do your own research and consult your veterinarian before making significant changes to your pet’s diet to ensure that all of its nutritional needs are being met.

Annual Champagne Brunch Fund Raiser – January 26, 2020

Don’t forget our annual Champagne Brunch fundraiser.  Amigos de los Animales is pleased to announce that our annual Champagne Brunch will be held on Sunday, January 26, 2020, starting at 9:00 a.m.  This year the Brunch will be held at Marina El Cid Beach Club.  This is El Cid’s beautiful event center located on the beach peninsula just north of Marina El Cid hotel and south of La Marina Yacht and Tennis condominium complex.  From the north end you can drive directly to the venue.  If you choose to enter from Marina El Cid hotel, you can take the (FREE) five-minute, water taxi ride to the event center – which is kind of a fun way to start the day.

This annual event is more than an ordinary brunch.  Our event features a tasty buffet with many hot and cold food choices, unlimited mimosas (sparkling wine and orange juice) and a Silent Auction with dozens of items to bid on.  In addition, there will be raffles for two booze baskets and a separate 50/50 raffle draw, where the winning ticket holder takes home half of the pot of pesos.

The cost for a ticket is $550 pesos.  There are only 230 tickets available at this smaller venue, so buy yours early and save some pesos.  All proceeds benefit Amigos de los Animales, Mazatlán’s Humane Society.

Tickets are available from:

-Peggy – Wednesday Food and Craft Market at La Catrina restaurant in Sabalo Country from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.  – OR – at First Friday Artwalk at El Recreo from 4 to 7 p.m. – OR – email;

-Valerie (El Cid area) – 669-913-3630;

-Lila (El Centro area) – 669-441-7798 or email;

-Nancy (El Centro area) – 669-446-5243;

-ADLA Animal Shelter during business hours – telephone 669-986-4235.

Monday- Friday – 11 to 2 and 4 to 7; Saturday from 11 to 2.  Bicentenario Juarez #3, Colonia Francisco Villa.

See you there.

Mazatlán’s FREE Spay and Neuter Truck – Programa Pro-Sanidad Mazatlán – Location and Services Provided

Each week a mobile truck funded by the city of Mazatlán travels to a different colonia to provide FREE spay and neuter services.  This week from Monday – Friday, January 13 – 17, the truck will be on Stone Island – Isla de la Piedra – at the Secondary School – la Escuela Secundaria, Técnica No.  88.  The hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day.

The veterinary services provided include sterilization services for dogs and cats – both male and female animals; anti-rabies vaccinations; deworming of cats and dogs; and medicine for flea and tick control.

The location of the truck changes weekly and can be found on their Facebook page: Mazatlán -710138112381188/

There is also information available in English and Spanish about preparing your pet – for example, restricting access to food and water several hours before surgery.  Please share this information with friends and neighbors who might benefit from this FREE service.

What We Need Most Urgently

We still need food and kitty litter trays for out cats.  Our cats eat Purina Gatina, which comes in a red bag.  Our kittens eat Purina Cat Chow Gatitos (kittens), which comes in a blue bag.  Our puppies eat Purina Campeon Cachorros (puppies), which also comes in a red bag.

Thank you for supporting the animal shelter.

Please contact the animal shelter during business hours:

Amigos de los Animales
Phone: 669-986-4235

Shelter Hours:
Monday – Friday – 11am-2pm and 4-7pm
Saturday – 11am-2pm
Bicentenario Juarez #3
Colonia Francisco Villa (Colonia Pancho Villa)
Mazatlán, MX 82190

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett January 12, 2020 11:47