Pet of the Week – Astro – Returned to Owner

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett October 2, 2019 19:34

Pet of the Week – Astro – Returned to Owner

Meet Astro

Astro is a good-natured, brown and white, male doggy from mixed ancestry.  He has a very large scar along his back from a wound he suffered at some time in his past.  Astro is medium-sized and about two years old.  He was brought to the shelter by a local woman who found him running on Avenida Sabalo Cerritos.  Astro must have escaped from wherever he was tied, because he was found with a long rope around his neck.  He was dashing in between cars on that busy road and was almost run over several times before being picked up.

Astro has a friendly personality.  He is obedient and quiet.  Astro is in good health.  He does not require a special diet or any medication.  Astro is scheduled for his neutering operation and will be ready to find a safe Forever Home – away from busy streets.  If anyone in the Sabalo Cerritos area recognizes Astro, please contact the shelter immediately.

Adoptions – Laika, Chiquita and Vodka

This week three doggies found their Forever Homes.  Unfortunately, two previously adopted doggies were returned to the shelter – filling the kennels that were just vacated.

Laika was rescued earlier in the summer from the streets of Villa Union – a small town outside of Mazatlán on the way to the airport.  This week Laika was chosen by a beautiful family who read her story on-line.  Laika will have a home in Fracc. El Cid – enjoying the good life she deserves after living on the street for such a long time.

Chiquita was adopted by an extended family including a young girl.  The mother was especially affectionate with Chiquita – holding her throughout the adoption process and whispering calming words in her ear.

Vodka is a six-month old puppy.  He was rescued by a young man on a bicycle who found a cardboard box with four puppies in it that someone had thrown from a car.  Vodka was adopted this week by a woman and her young son.  The boy was very gentle with Vodka.  Puppy Champagne found his Forever Home several weeks ago.  The other two sibling puppies, Wisky and Cider, are still at the shelter waiting to be adopted.

Siri and Spike were returned to the shelter.  The woman who adopted these two medium-large dogs found that she does not have the conditions for providing a safe home for these two animals.  Siri escaped and was found loose in the streets of El Centro.  She was returned to the shelter by folks from our foreign community. It was decided that Spike should also return to the shelter until a safer home can be found for him.

Volunteer Opportunities at Amigos de los Animales Animal Shelter

Snowbirds are slowly returning to Mazatlán for “the season” ready to escape the cold that is settling in up north.  Earlier this week parts of Montana received snowfall of more than twelve inches.  We are barely into fall, but winter is on the horizon.

As seasonal residents of Mazatlán, what is there to do with all of that free time??

The animal shelter can use your help.  Amigos de los Animales is a non-profit organization.  We receive no government or private foundation funding, but rely on help from our supporters.  Our community of volunteers is essential for running a successful shelter.

Volunteer jobs at the shelter only require a time commitment of 3 – 4 hours per week.  Here are some ways you can help:

Walk dogs;

Cuddle and socialize cats;

Be a clerk at our bazaar (thrift store).  The thrift store is air-conditioned;

Help with maintaining our building – painting, electricity, plumbing;

Evaluate, diagnose and repair small appliances, computers and other electronics for sale in our thrift store;

Use your seamstress and crafting skills to make pet blankets and toys;

Plan, organize and execute a fundraising event;

Pick-up and transport donated items;

Wash / groom dogs;

Assist our vet with pet care;

Help at an adoption fair;

Facilitate an international pet adoption;

Use your office skills to help with record keeping and data entry;

Promote education about the importance of proper pet care and the need for pet sterilization;

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to volunteer at Amigos de los Animales.

Whether you help by adopting, volunteering, or donating cash or items to sell at our thrift store, your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

A REMINDER, PLEASE – Urgent Request for Donations

I am repeating our URGENT REQUEST FOR DONATIONS needed at the animal shelter to cover our extraordinary summer expenses.

We are halfway to our goal of raising $4,000.

PLEASE use this link to make your donation:

Thanks to all who have previously donated.  Please talk to and email your friends and family to ask others to help support Amigos de los Animales.

THANK YOU.  THANK YOU for your donations and for sharing this urgent request with others.

If you are in Mazatlán, PLEASE remember to put out a big bowl of fresh clean water EVERY DAY to help the helpless street animals.

Please contact the animal shelter during business hours:

Amigos de los Animales
Phone: 669-986-4235

Shelter Hours:
Monday – Friday – 11am-2pm and 4-7pm
Saturday – 11am-2pm
Bicentenario Juarez #3
Colonia Francisco Villa (Colonia Pancho Villa)
Mazatlán, MX 82190

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett October 2, 2019 19:34