Carol Griffin

Lois Croly
By Lois Croly July 16, 2019 21:52

Carol Griffin

Carol Frankie Griffin, a long-time resident of El Cid and founder of the local chapter of “Rally For The Cure” – an organization dedicated to helping women of Mazatlan afflicted with breast cancer- passed away on June 30th, 2019 in Mazatlan.

Carol launched the Rally for the Cure with a ladies’ golf tournament and luncheon, similar to the fundraising format in Canada and in the USA. January 2020 will be the 17th annual Rally golf tourney at El CID Golf and Country Club. She worked tirelessly and lovingly for the ladies of Mazatlan diagnosed with breast cancer. In the early years of the Rally, the limited funds raised were used for women to have mammograms, including the cost of required film. The mammograms were done in a mobile unit which moved from colonial to colonial around and in Mazatlan. She was always supremely caring, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to accomplish what was needed to assist those less fortunate.

Hospice Mazatlan was introduced to Carol in 2015 as she wanted to develop a program to help the most vulnerable women have access to care when they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We interviewed local doctors about the barriers to care, and what population most needed intervention.

Mexico has a national program through Hospital General and Seguro Popular providing chemo/radiation for breast cancer treatment at a location in Culiacan. They found that primary reasons why treatment was delayed included:

1) the cost of breast biopsy needles;

2) long waits for access for treatment;

3) long waits for mammogram appointments; and,

4) the cost of travel to Culiacan to treatment.

Another barrier is cultural – no support system providing encouragement and emotional support from even their own families during the treatment process. Open discussions of breast cancer is taboo.

With the help of the Rally for the Cure, Carol Griffin and Hospice Mazatlan, a program was developed to overcome these barriers to treatment. Biopsy needles, financial support for travel to treatment, and surgical packs costs were covered by the annual fundraising golf event. Hospice Mazatlan negotiated discounted bus fare for traveling to Culiacan and monitors each woman by verifying treatment dates. Hospital General has provided a volunteer psychologist (also a breast cancer survivor) who conducts motivational talks and group support. This group is called “Desafio” which translates to “Challenge” in English.

Since 2015, one hundred and thirteen women have received support from the Rally for the Cure. In the first 6 months of 2019 six new patients have entered this supportive program.

Thank you, Carol Griffin, for your generous heart and vision helping make Mazatlan and the world a better place. We are going to miss you.

Thank you Rally for the Cure organizing committee and all the lady golfers who support the Rally year after year for your hard work and generosity. This fundraiser is made possible through the generous support of the owners, management and staff of El CID Golf and Country Club. They have provided two nine-hole courses for the tournament, golf carts and the venue for the luncheon every year since its beginning.

In addition to Carol’s devotion to the Rally, she was also extremely dedicated to organizing volunteers to be announcers, scorers, spotters, closest-to-the-pin measurers, etc. for golf tournaments held at El CID Golf and Country Club. Many tournaments including the Canadian Open were held yearly. The Canadian Open, as it was known a few years ago, brought young golfers to Mazatlan from Canada, USA, and Mexico to play golf hoping to qualify for the next level of competition. Carol’s time commitment to the tournaments was huge and at the end of each tournament, her comment was “We did it!!!”


NOTE – the next Rally fundraiser event will be January 27, 2020 at the El CID Golf and Country Club. Please support this worthy cause.

Lois Croly
By Lois Croly July 16, 2019 21:52

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