Breaking Through Barriers

Greg Evans
By Greg Evans July 16, 2019 22:10

Breaking Through Barriers

U.N. set to train newly formed Mexican National Guard

The U.N. has promised training to thousands of the newly formed National Guard of Mexico made up of Mexican National Police and armed forces. The training is intended to educate the force on the proper treatment of civilians in an attempt at avoiding the human rights abuses that have become all too common.

At first it seems preposterous that human beings would have to be trained on how to treat other human beings. But abuses by people in power on civilian populations especially in fractured societies or those experiencing conflict is as old as time. Go to any civil war for example, or war in general: Liberia, Chechnya, Namibia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexican Revolution, American Civil War, Bosnian War, on and on there are horrific stories of human rights violations.

In societies controlled by militant leaders, dictators and warlords like in Cuba, North Korea, Uganda, Ukraine, abuse on the civilian population runs rampant and Mexico doesn’t get a free pass.

But the fact that the National Guard is willing be trained is where the spotlight should be focused. That is a huge step in rebuilding trust, reputation, the dignity of the people and working toward a better more productive social fabric.

For all of us that love Mexico and have roots deep in the haciendas, deserts, mountains, seaside villages, farms and cities, we are excited about reports like this. It isn’t going to happen over night, but nobody expects it too. This kind of giant step being taken is going to push for radical change for the better, and it won’t just be noticed in Mexico.

It is going to echo across the globe and the reward is going to be seen in the form of pesos/dollars/euros/pounds/yen, you name it. Stability creates economic growth and economic growth creates opportunity, a high standard of living, hope and most importantly a future for the children all across Mexico today and tomorrow.

The training hasn’t yet begun but it will. Regardless of criticism and controversy generated due to past abuses, the positive repercussions will help to overshadow what will be left behind in the past.

This training effort isn’t isolated to only Mexico. In May of this year, 3,000 uniformed personnel traveled to Indonesia to help improve quality of life there. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said during a debate in New York on United Nations operations: peacekeeping training and capacity-building,

“Improving training is a major shared commitment of the ‘Action for Peacekeeping’ initiative. Training saves lives.”

The United Nations has indicated that they continue to improve and develop the use of mobile training teams that go to unstable and hostile environments in an effort to help those that can’t just pack up and leave in the wake of war and civil unrest. The courage of those that go to the frontlines and provide training and services can’t be understated. The United Nations says, “We have made notable progress, but much still needs to be done.”

One of the key successes this year was engineering training in Kenya. In 2020 engineering training will also take place in Vietnam and Indonesia. Every positive action is a small piece to a very large and complex puzzle. And the more countries that invite such training and welcome the improvement and continue growing in the right direction the better off the world will be, day by day, year by year.

There are currently fifteen major peacekeeping operations led by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations around the world. Under Secretary General For Peace Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix stated on 10 July 2019,

“Strong cooperation (of host nations) enables us to better identify the gaps and define solutions to the challenges our peacekeepers face on the ground.”

The future is bright and Mexico looks ready to move into 2020 with a strategy that has proven to work in countries with far less of an infrastructure. It will be interesting to follow the progress and to quote Bob Dylan,

“The Times They Are A Changing.”

Greg Evans
By Greg Evans July 16, 2019 22:10