Pet of the Week – Lucky

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett April 20, 2019 18:55

Pet of the Week – Lucky

Meet Lucky

Lucky is a 7 year-old, male, Chihuahua-mix doggy with a lot of personality –

once he gets to know you.  Lucky was surrendered to the shelter along with a second dog.  Their former owner was elderly and could not care for them.  When this man moved, the dogs were turned out into the street.  Luckily for Lucky and his companion, after a few days a kind neighbor saw the dogs and brought them to the shelter.

Lucky has the run of the office at the shelter and is not in a traditional pen or kennel.  He is very domesticated and quiet.  Lucky is shy at first but quickly becomes friendly and just wants to be close to his person.  Even though he is older, Lucky has a lot of years of love to give and is looking for a caring Forever Home with people who will take good care of him.

Adoptions – Preciosa

Adoptions have been very quiet during the holiday season of Semana Santa (Easter), when families are busy visiting with friends and spending time at the beach.  Last week only one doggy was adopted.  Her name is Preciosa, which translates to Precious.  Preciosa was adopted by a couple from Mazatlán who have a daughter.

A Special Venados Visit from the Toledo Family

This week, Snr. José Antonio Toledo Ortiz, Chairman of the parent company of the Venados baseball franchise, and his son, Snr. José Antonio Toledo Pinto, Executive President of the team, visited the animal shelter.  This celebration was organized to thank the Toledo family and the team for their generous support in raising more than $40,000 pesos this season at events sponsored by the Venados Booster Club.  Since taking ownership of the Venados in 2014, the Toledo family has committed to supporting community social programs and not-for-profit organizations in Mazatlán.

This was the first visit to the animal shelter by the Señores Toledo.  They were interested in the operation and asked many questions.  Snr. Toledo made a donation, toasted the shelter volunteers and staff and thanked them for their important work in the community.  José Antonio said the Venados organization will look for more ways to help the animal shelter in the future.  Thank you, Venados!!

Special Amigos Spay and Neuter Fund – 175 Sterilization Operations Funded

Thanks to support from many folks who bought artwork, jewelry and donated money, I was able to raise enough pesos this season to cover the cost of 175 spay and neuter operations for Amigos de los Animales.  Special thanks to Susan and Elizabeth, for creating jewelry and watercolor cards to sell; Chuy, Susan, Ursula and Frank, for being supportive art patrons; Katherine, for turning the sale of lightly-used clothing into enough pesos to pay for more than 15 sterilization operations; and Miss Otis, Dotty and Lily for being my dog-sitting companions.  The total amount raised of more than $50,000 pesos is earmarked exclusively to pay for sterilization operations for dogs and cats as they come to the shelter and are healthy and old enough for surgery.

The NUMBER ONE THING we all can do to save dogs and cats from the suffering and death caused by overpopulation is to spay and neuter them – preferably at a young age BEFORE they have any puppies or kittens.  Sterilization operations are routine and affordable.  Sterilization prevents THOUSANDS of unwanted animals from being born – left to struggle for survival on the streets, to suffer the abuse of cruel people or to be euthanized or poisoned because of the lack of caring Forever Homes.

It has been estimated that ONE unspayed female dog and her litters can produce 67,000 puppies in just six years.  ONE unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens in just seven years!  Most dogs can have TWO litters each year.  Small dogs can have THREE litters each year.  Cats can give birth to three litters of kittens each year.  The result is MILLIONS of unwanted dogs and cats.

Muchas, MUCHAS gracias to all who supported the Amigos Spay and Neuter Fund.  You are part of the solution to this widespread problem of overpopulation.  Remember to spay, neuter and always adopt.

Ranch Cat Enclosure Update – Moving In

During the past few weeks volunteers have been carefully relocating our adult cat population from the Cat Condo enclosure at the animal shelter to the newly-built, gigantic, cat enclosure at a ranch north of Mazatlán.  The cat enclosure at the ranch was constructed by a crew of very dedicated volunteers, who turned one end of a large barn into a secure home for felines.  This project was funded from generous donations collected at our Champagne Brunch in January, and from $10,000 pesos in matching funds donated by Valerie and Jack Moreau.

Our adult cats have been living (too) closely together at the shelter for months – sometimes for years – but now have much more room to exercise and explore.  After all of these cats are relocated to the ranch, the Cat Condo at the shelter will be used for the 6 to 12 month-old kitty “teenagers”, who are currently living in small cages.  About 15 kittens, delivered from pregnant cats dropped at the shelter that have spent several weeks growing up at the ranch, are now weaned and will return to the shelter to HOPEFULLY find Forever Homes.

Thanks to all for supporting the animal shelter.



Please contact the animal shelter during business hours:

Amigos de los Animales
Phone: 669-986-4235

Shelter Hours:
Monday – Friday – 11am-2pm and 4-7pm
Saturday – 11am-2pm
Bicentenario Juarez #3
Colonia Francisco Villa (Colonia Pancho Villa)
Mazatlán, MX 82190



Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett April 20, 2019 18:55