Mazatlan Tourist Aides recognized by City of Mazatlan

By Staff February 27, 2019 11:17

Mazatlan Tourist Aides recognized by City of Mazatlan

On Monday, February 25 the City of Mazatlan organized an event at the Aquarium to recognize the contributions of  the volunteers of Mazatlan Tourist Aide (MTA), also known as “The Blue Shirts”.

The event was attended by Mazatlan Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez, Roger Culbertson Founder of MTA, David Torrentera Secretary of Municipal Economic Development, Pablo Rojas Director of Mazatlan Aquarium and US and Canadian Consuls in Mazatlan.

About 50 members of the blue shirts attended the event.

Roger Culbertson, said:

“Nine years ago we volunteered to provide orientation to Mazatlan Tourists because we love where we live. There are two kinds of tourists: The first are the ones who have no idea about the City of Mazatlan and come off a cruise ship. The second are those who stay at the all-inclusive hotels and do not have the chance to experience the city. In the case of the cruise ship passengers, we always encourage them to leave the ship and explore the City, The Mercado, Plazuela Machado, the Malecon and so on…”

David Torrentera, Secretary for Municipal Economic Development said:

“Thank you for all your hard work, your assistance is priceless. In Mexico, we are the only cruise ship destination who has a group of volunteers to assist foreign tourists. Some years ago we faced hard times with the cruise ships but a lot of them are back now and you have been great allies for that.

We are working on a project to improve the “Blue Line”, we want to make it more inclusive with handicap accessibility.

The expat community is very important for the City, which is why the Mayor also instructed us to have an English version of the City App, that will be available very soon.”

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez said:

“I’m related to you, we are probably the same generation and we share the same goal of having a better Mazatlan. Luis Spota a very famous writer referred to the City of Mazatlan as “almost a Paradise” but we want to be a 100%  Paradise, that is why we have to improve public services, guarantee safety and increase the life quality of the citizens. Thank you again for your assistance”

The City recognized these individuals who have been Blue Shirts since the program started 9 years ago:

  • Roger Culbertson
  • Nancy Goldstein
  • Tracy Laughlin
  • Katy Taylor
  • Bill Taylor
  • Gerrie Boice
  • Steve Boice
  • Pete Larson
  • Nancy Morgan

At the end of the event, the blue shirts enjoyed a show of the sea lion Tito followed by a reception provided by CANIRAC (Mazatlan restaurant chamber).

By Staff February 27, 2019 11:17

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