Movies in Town – Feb 15-21

Michael Renouf
By Michael Renouf February 19, 2019 09:40

Movies in Town – Feb 15-21

Green Book Film Review

By Michael Renouf


Green Book: una Amistad sin Fronteras is the wonderful true story about two very different characters being brought together and how they influence each other and their view of the world around them.

The year is 1962 and Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) or Tony Lip as he is more commonly known, is a white Italian-American who works as a nightclub bouncer. When the establishment where he works is closed for renovations he is hired by the African-American piano player, Dr Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) as driver cum security for a musical tour of the Deep South. Lip who has a quick temper, fast fist and a bundle of street smarts is the polar opposite of his new boss who is highly educated, speaks several languages and is a classically trained pianist.

Mortensen’s character has some racial prejudices but as they travel through the south using The Negro Motorists Green Book – so they can find safe havens for Dr Don to lay his head at night – the two men educate each other and Tony’s earlier views soften, especially when he sees what his new boss is forced to deal with.

Director Peter Farrelly, who normal works in the comedy genre, does an excellent job of capturing the time and places the film was set, highlighting this disgraceful period in America’s history (how far have they actually come?) Farrelly treats the subject matter with the respect it deserves but does not abandon his comedic roots altogether and includes plenty of light-hearted moments.

The film has rightly been nominated for 5 Oscars including nods for best picture, Ali and Mortensen and it is the actor with the Danish name who is this week’s star of the show. I believe it will win at least one of these three major awards.

The film contains a few scenes in Italian and a couple in Russian but with basic Spanish you will get the gist of the subtitles.

If you like buddy films, historical films, dramatic films, true stories, or just well-made movies – go and see Green Book, tell ‘em Tony Lip sent you.

8.5 out of 10.

Continue playing at the cinemas:

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Green Book – Platino/ Galerias / Gran Plaza

Escape Room – Platino / Gran Plaza / Gaviotas

Blackkklansman – Galeria

211 – Gran Plaza

Glass – Gran Plaza

Movies at Recreo

Mon. Feb. 18: La Bamba (1987) 108 min. Biographical story of the rise from nowhere of early rock and roll singer Ritchie Valens who died at age 17 in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper.

Thurs. Feb. 21: Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) 105 min. Several strangers meet by chance at a rundown hotel with a dark past, Lake Tahoe’s El Royale. Over the course of one day everyone shows their true colors – before everything goes to hell.

Mazatlan Movie Theaters

Cinemex Galería and Cinemex Platino are both in the Liverpool Galerias Shopping Center in La Marina. Cinépolis is at the Gran Plaza.  Senderos is at  Avenida Oscar Perez 8201. Gaviotas is on Camaron Sabalo in the GZ

Movies could change during the week. Websites for show times are:

Cinepolis (Gran Plaza, Senderos) :

Cinemex (Galeria, Platino):


Michael Renouf
By Michael Renouf February 19, 2019 09:40

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