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Michael Renouf
By Michael Renouf February 1, 2019 14:30

Movies in Town – Feb 1 to 7

A Dog’s Way Home Film Review

By Michael Renouf

A Dog’s Way Home or Mis Huellas a Casa to give the film its Spanish title is the latest film to be based on a book from W. Bruce Cameron who previously treated us to A Dog’s Purpose.

The story is about Bella – voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard – and her journey to get back to her human -Lucas (Jonah Hauer-King), after they get separated thanks to the local dog warden’s vendetta against the innocent pooch.

Lucas found Bella as a puppy- played by an extremely cute Shelby – after her mum has been snared by the dog catchers and as dogs and humans have done for centuries the world over, form that special bond.

While she is a puppy, they play all sorts of games such as “A tiny piece of cheese” and “Don’t chew shoes”. One day one of their other games “Go home” goes wrong and she is picked up by the dog catchers.  Lucas retrieves her but is warned that if she is picked up again in the city limits that will be the end of her because she is classed as a pit-bull by the city of Denver, so is sent away to reside with some friends until Lucas and his mum (Ashley Judd) can find somewhere else to live that does not have such draconian laws.

Bella decides she must “Go home” to her human and along the way we meet a myriad of characters both human and animal and get to see how different people see the same dog and what they give and take from a relationship with man’s best friend.

My only criticism of the film is the overuse of CGI (which itself could have been better) but had to be done because of the direction the story went. I would have preferred a slightly different tale that used more live action shots.

A lovely, uplifting film that dog lovers will adore and if you can, take that friend or neighbour that says to you when you are talking about your four legged friend “It’s only a dog” – in the hope that this might open their minds to why we have the bond we do with our dogs.

If your eyes don’t well up at least once with tears during the 96 minute runtime you have no heart or soul.

This film fetches 7.5 out of 10. (It would have been an 8 but for the CGI).

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Michael Renouf
By Michael Renouf February 1, 2019 14:30

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