Pet of the Week – The Pits

Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett January 28, 2019 11:16

Pet of the Week – The Pits

Meet the Pits

Currently we have four pit bull mix doggies at the shelter.  Laica (formerly known as Chapis) has been at the shelter for the longest amount of time.  Three months ago she was found tied to a tree in front of the shelter.  She was very sick.  She was bleeding a lot from her uterus and had a serious, smelly, internal infection.  She may have been used as a puppy mill breeding female.  With proper care and attention, Laica is fully recovered and ready for a Forever Home.

There is no specific breed standard for “pit bull”.  This is a generic term that encompasses several different “bully breeds” including the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Bull Dog and the Bull Terrier.  These doggies are typically short-haired, have boxy-shaped heads and strong, stocky bodies.  Unfortunately, in many cases these dogs have gained a reputation of being overly aggressive and dangerous – when in fact, they can be loving, companion animals and perfect family pets.  For example, in England the Staffordshire bull terrier is so good with children that it is known as the “nanny dog”.

Mazatlán’s own Cesar Millan (“The Dog Whisperer”) has taken on the cause of reversing the poor reputation attributed to pit bulls.  In the one-hour show, “Cesar Millan – Love My Pit Bull”, he very clearly makes the case that the dogs AND their human owners both need training for a proper relationship to develop.  Because of misinformation, improper training and neglect, pit bulls are euthanized at a far greater rate than other breeds.  Nearly a million pits per year – more than TWO THOUSAND pits PER DAY – are euthanized in the United States alone.

Come to the shelter during business hours to visit these loving animals.  One of our pits might be the perfect pet for your family.

Adoptions – Kenia, Kiara, Thor, Archie, Puppy, and two Adult Cats

This was another good week for adoptions at the shelter.  Five doggies and two adult cats found their Forever Homes.

Kenia, one of the aforementioned pit bull mixes, and Thor were adopted together by a man and his son.

Kiara, who was our featured pet just last week, found a loving home with a young woman willing to give her a nice life away from the streets.

Archie, a beautiful husky, was adopted by a family including a young son, who will love romping with his new buddy.

One of our little puppies went home with a family with a teenaged daughter.

Best of all, two of our ADULT cats housed in the over-crowded Cat Condo were adopted by two different young adults, looking for low maintenance, loving pets.

Thanks to all of these adoptive families for giving these pets a second chance at a good life.

2019 Champagne Brunch – VERY SUCCESSFUL Job Well Done!!

We would like to thank everyone who made Sunday’s Champagne Brunch fundraiser such a big success.  About 230 animal shelter supporters ate, drank, purchased auction items and donated to our special projects.  Because of a purchasing error, some of the CHAMPAGNE that was purchased – was actually white wine.  We apologize for this.  At a CHAMPAGNE brunch, there should be lots of CHAMPAGNE available to drink.

We are pleased to report that at this year’s event, our Special Project donations were especially generous.  The amount of $10,300 pesos earmarked for our cat enclosure project means that we are able to tap into 100% of the MATCHING FUNDS of $10,000 pesos very generously donated by Valerie and Jack Moreau.  Thanks so much to Jack and Valerie – two of the people who founded Amigos de los Animales more than twenty years ago.  With the total money collected, we will go forward with a plan to safely enclose a large barn area at a ranch several miles north of Mazatlán.  Many of our adult cats will be relocated there and will be able to safely enjoy much more living space.

Thanks to all of the restaurants, businesses and individuals who donated items for our auctions and donation boxes.  Thanks to those who bought tickets and attended the affair. Thanks to shelter staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to pull this event together.  Aguamarina Hotel provided a beautiful location, great service and tasty food.  The money raised should be enough to cover 4 to 6 months of operating expenses – barring any large, unexpected expenses, which is a HUGE benefit to the animal shelter.


Zumba in Mazatlán Gets You Kitty Litter

Thanks to a FABULOUS group of Zumba dancers, this week we do not need kitty litter.  Instructor, Margaret Haynes, teaches Zumba toning classes in Sabalo Country.  The lesson fees she has collected so far this season amounted to more than $2,000 pesos.  With this money, the group purchased more than 170 kilos (370 pounds) of kitty litter.  Our feline population and the cleaning crew at the shelter are DELIGHTED.  It is so much more hygienic when we can use proper kitty litter – rather than shredded newspapers – in the cats’ litter boxes.  THANK YOU.  Your support is greatly appreciated.



Please contact the shelter during business hours:

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Peggy Brackett
By Peggy Brackett January 28, 2019 11:16